Elaborate Sex Quiz: What kind of girl are you?

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Let's find out in which stage your sex life is. Are you getting everything out of it, or do you need to come a bit out of your comfort zone.

  • 1
    What kind of relationships best describes what you are currently going through?
    Somewhat shorter relationships, until the romance fades, or the sex gets dull
    Single and exploring my sexuality
    Single but would like to see it different
    Long time relationship
  • 2
    Do you like sex games?
    Role playing and stripping, fake rape scenes, whatever we can imagine
    I never got past spin the bottle
    That's is why I'm taking this test with my lover right now, I love sexy games
    Sometimes we play for who can choose the sex act we will do
  • 3
    How long do you wait before having sex?
    Why wait, if you're into this person?
    Until we're married
    It can occur any time, after date 3
    3 months after our first date
  • 4
    How many times do you want to have sex?
    3 to 5 times a week
    Less than once a week, or I'm still a virgin
    More than 7 times a week
    1 or 2 times a week
  • 5
    Do you like to receive oral sex?
    I like it, but it's not something for every week
    I love it, It is a great way to orgasm!
    Fingers may enter, but oral seems a bit much right now
    Oral sex on me, it's just not my thing
  • 6
    Do you like giving oral sex?
    I love blow jobs, sometimes I even enjoy getting face fucked
    I don't do it
    I like giving head, because he enjoys it so much
    I do it, because you're suppose to
  • 7
    Where do you let your partner come after a blow job?
    In my mouth, and I swallow his semen
    On my ass, breast, stomach, in my mouth, on my face, Whatever he desires
    At best, in a towel
    On my body, or in my mouth without swallowing
  • 8
    Have you ever had a boob job? (a penis between your breast)
    Yes, but only for a laugh, not really as a sex act
    Yes, but only as foreplay, he can't come that way
    Yes, and I let the guy go on until he comes on my throat, mouth, or face
  • 9
    Do you enjoy something extra during the position doggy style?
    Hair pulling
    Spanking, hear pulling and from time to time he may slip a finger in my butt
    Nothing extra for this girl
    Some light spanking
  • 10
    Sex and bodily fluids.
    I would let him taste my breast milk
    I'm open to a golden shower
    Let's keep it clean
    I'm not opposed to almost anything that comes out of his body
  • 11
    What's the most exciting place you had sex?
    On a party, or other open public place
    At a concealed public place; a car, a toilet.
    In a bed
    At a hotel
  • 12
    Have you had any experience with anal sex?
    I take a penis up there, once in a while, on special occasions, only with a lover I trust to be that intimate with
    Nope, or I'll never do it again
    I tried it once, and decided it was something for the future, with a lot of lubricant so it can feel pleasurable
    I love anal sex, It's is real intense, and / or I love the idea of doing something taboo that only my lover and I know about
  • 13
    Now for the extreme girls, have you ever done:
    That's all a bit above my pay grade
    A blow job, while he was driving
    An orgy, threesome or a swingers party
    Masturbated with a girlfriend
  • 14
    Have you ever watched someone else masturbate?
    Yes, I've seen both a girl and a boy masturbate
    No, that seems weird
    A girl
    A boy, I just love the point when he orgasms and see his semen squirts out (on me)
  • 15
    Do you like to masturbate your lover?
    No, It seems something he can do himself
    I masturbate him until he comes
    I've played with his penis under the covers or as foreplay, but never made him come that way.
    Yes, I jerk him until he comes, sometimes while licking his balls, or a finger in his ass for his pleasure
  • 16
    Do you like dirty talk during sex?
    We kiss during sex, don't talk to me, there is another time and place for that
    No, that's a turn off
    Something in the trend of: fill me up big boy, but nothing extreme
    Call me a whore, a slut, whatever, it turns me on
  • 17
    Do you have tattoos or piercings?
    A tattoo at an intimate place, or nipple piercing
    A nose or navel piercing, or a tattoo on a non-intimate place
    Keeping my body as God made it
    A tattoo on my pussy, and a tongue piercing to give a good blow job
  • 18
    Have you ever been caught?
    No, I'm careful that such a situation doesn't occur.
    Yes, but we were covered up
    Yes, in the middle of the act with the lights on, or after with your face covered in semen
    Yes, full nude, but not while penetrating
  • 19
    Is there digital proof of your sexual exploits?
    Yes, a tape where I strip naked, or play with myself
    Yes, photos with some nudity
    No, I don't want to end up on a porn site
    Yes, nude photos and at least one sex tape
  • 20
    Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend?
    No, I'm as fateful as a swan
    Yes, one penis is never enough for me
    I kissed another boy, but never more than that
    Yes, one time
  • 21
    Do you watch porn?
    Yes, it's awesome to get off, or while having sex
    Yes, just from time to time
    Reading a sexual explicit novel gets me wet enough
    No, that's something for the guys
  • 22
    Have you ever experimented double penetration?
    Kind of, with a guy's penis in one hole, and his finger in another
    Yes, With two guys
    Nope, not my cup of tea
    Yes, With a guy's penis in one hole, and an object like a dildo in the other
  • 23
    What's your favorite position?
    Doggy style
    Anything I can imagine, and at least 3 position every time
    Me on top
  • 24
    Sex using a medium
    I have had cybersex
    I have had cybersex and phone sex
    I have had phone sex
    Don't need a medium for sex
  • 25
    Have you ever had sex on your period?
    When on a period, no sex acts will transpire
    He played with my clitoris, but sex is a bit much
    No, That's a time when my needs are put on hold, but I still please my guy.
    Yes, It's part of the female body, deal with it
  • 26
    Choose the most exciting unusual part of your body that has been licked, or that you have licked.
    Nothing that's stated here
    The butt hole
    The place between his anus and balls
  • 27
    Have you used attributes during sex?
    Whipped cream is always yummy!
    Some blindfold action, you spice things up
    No, I only use a penis
    I've used handcuffs, blindfold, toys, and eatables
  • 28
    Do you dress up for your lover?
    Yes, schoolgirl outfit, naughty nurse, playboy bunny, anything that will knock him out of his seat!
    Sometimes some normal lingerie
    Yes, very explicit sexy lingerie, or stockings
    Nope, that's not something I feel comfortable with
  • 29
    Have you ever stripped for your lover?
    Always lights out, he can't see my body
    I undress for him, but just to get to sex or to sleep
    Sometimes I undress myself completely, on a sexy manner while touching my body.
    Yes, taking my clothes off while dancing on hot music, and than a nice blow job to rock his world
  • 30
    It's all about you, has a lover ever only trying to give you the perfect orgasm? (choose the most special)
    No, that's not part of how I experience sex
    Yes, He has had his head buried between my legs, while I was reading a sexy novel, or watching something erotic
    Yes, He has played with my clitoris with his fingers until I got there
    Yes, He gives me oral pleasure until I came
  • 31
    What do you mostly do with your pubes?
    Trimmed for comfort
    Completely shaved
    A nice natural bush
    Every time something different, shaved, a strip, a triangle, a heart,...
  • 32
    How do you masturbate?
    I use this cute small vibrator
    I use my fingers or the good old shower head.
    I hardly ever, or never masturbate.
    With a dildo, vibrator, a banana, toothbrush, anything I can find
  • 33
    What are you going to do after This quiz?
    Time to masturbate!
    I'm so horny right now, let's find a boy to satisfy my needs
    I don't no, something unrelated, like homework
    Take another sex quiz
  • 34
    Where did you ever had sex in your house?

    In my bedroom, rolling on the floor, standing up against the wall,...
    Only in the bed, not the most exciting, but the most comfortable
    Kitchen, living room, bathtub, shower, and every surface in my room
    Every room imaginable, even the garden has been the scene of our lovemaking
  • 35
    With the position that you are on top (the Cowgirl position)
    You don't like this position, and if you do it, you let do him all the work
    You keep an upbeat tempo, and let him play with your breasts and your butt.
    You ride him with all you've got, play with his testicles, while he touches your vagina
    You keep it romantic, eye contact and kissing is what's important here.
  • 36
    Have you ever flashed your breasts?

    I do it all the time, but only for my lover
    All the time, especially when there is alcohol involved
    I do not really flash, but off course my lover sees them when I undress
    This one time on a dare
  • 37
    What are your sleeping habits?

    Butt naked, I love feeling his penis against my body
    Comfy pyjamas
    Sexy nightwear, just for him
    Wearing his boxer or shirt, it turns him on
  • 38
    Experience with girls

    Full on sex
    Not something I want to try
    A little bit of touching each others bodies, you know, being young and curious
    Kissing is always fun, even if it's only to turn on your lover
  • 39
    How open are you with your body?
    The bathroom is off limits, but during sex there is no taboo
    No shame here, he can explore every inch of it, he even has watched me sit on the toilet
    I'm very ashamed, so he never sees me fully naked, I hide under the covers with the lights out
    Not that open, but sex is always with the lights on
  • 40
    What gives you the best orgasms?
    His hand
    His hard penis
    Your hand
    His tongue
  • 41
    How spontaneous are you?
    Somewhat spontaneous, every now and then I wake him up with a blow job, so I can tasted him before he's well awake, or play out one of his fantasies now and then
    I should be more spontaneous.
    Not really spontaneous, He initiates the sex most of the time, but I send sexy texts and pictures of me during the day, so he can't resist me, once he sees me.
    Very spontaneous, I often initiate the sex, getting completely naked when he's a minute away, randomly start sucking his penis when he's cooking or watching television, I also try to do new, exciting things,...
  • 42
    Now choose from these 4 sex types, would you rather have a lover that's...
    Sporty, so he has a great sex condition
    Brainy, so he knows how my body works
    Healthy, so his semen taste great
    Serious, so he doesn't bother me with sex all the time, but when he does, he knows how to get me there

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