Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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Can you survive in a world ruled by the dead?

  • 1
    You hear on the radio the dead are alive and are heading towards your town
    Gather supplies and some close friends/family and run
    Stand up and fight for your town
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
    Hide under your bed
  • 2
    You run into a pack of zombies but they don't notice you...what do you do?
    Run away to fight another day
    Kill them all...you're the boss!
    Walk right through them
    Throw a rock at them
  • 3
    You come across a baby hidden in a tree...but there is a wound on it that looks like a bite what do you do?
    Kill the baby...take no chances
    Stick your finger in its mouth to see if it bites you
    Take care of the baby and hope for the best
    Leave it there
  • 4
    You and your group have no food, what do you do?
    Kill someone in your group and eat him/her
    Eat a zombie
    Hunt/ fish/forage
  • 5
    You get bit on your shoulder, what do you do?
    Run away
    Cover it up and say you're fine
    Put a whole lot of random liquids on it and hope for the best
    Kill yourself you can't become a zombie and it's too high up to amputate
  • 6
    You are surrounded by zombies, what do you do?
    Pretend to be a zombie
    Hide under a blanket
    Use the force to knock them away
    Fight as hard and as long as you can...if you can't make it out, kill as many as possible
  • 7
    You need shelter, where do you go?
    In a destroyed one floor house
    On an open plain
    In a city
    Somewhere remote or secure
  • 8
    Your best friend gets bit on the arm while fighting zombies
    Let him fight a little longer then cut off his arm
    Leave him alone
    Cut off his arm right away
    Push him into the hoard of zombies as a distraction
  • 9
    You find a GameStop with all the new games you wanted before the apocalypse what do you do
    Stop and play
    Smash everything in rage
    Leave it alone and continue to move
    Just stare at it
  • 10
    You see a boy looking for his mom, but you know she is dead what do you do?
    Tell him she's dead
    Let him continue to wander
    Let him in your group and tell him you'll look for her whenever you move
    Kill him in case he was bitten
  • 11
    You and your group are being chased by zombies when someone in your group trips over a rock what do you do?
    Ignore him
    Shoot him and leave him behind
    Run back and help him
    Yell at him for tripping in his best shoes

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