Do you know The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

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Title says it all.

  • 1
    Who was Spider-Man chasing at the beginning of the film?
    Max Dillion
    Aleksai Sytsevich
    Harry Osborn
  • 2
    Who breaks up with who?
    Peter breaks up with Gwen.
    Gwen breaks up with Peter.
    None of the above.
  • 3
    What was the LAST thing Spider-Man did in his montage?
    Saved a bystander.
    Stopped kids from bullying another kid.
    Stop a thief in a store.
  • 4
    Harry comes back and encounters his father who has the disease.....
    None of the above
    Retroviral Hypodysplasia
    Retroviral Hypostrealizer
  • 5
    Harry Osborn sees Peter and says.....
    It's like seeing a ghost
    Leave me alone.
    What do you want?
  • 6
    Max Dillion has to stay to repair an electrical outage.He goes to repair and....
    He dies.
    He gets electrocuted and falls into a tub of eels.
    He fixes it.
  • 7
    Where does Electro first go?
    Harry Osborn's house.
    Times Square.
  • 8
    Where is Gwen moving to?
  • 9
    Why does Harry need Spidey's blood?
    It will save him.
    It will save both him and his dad.
    It will save his dad.
  • 10
    Close to done.

    What song does Peter listen to when he is in bed after his encounter with Electro?
    I don't know.
    Alicia Keys=Girl is on fire.
    Philip Phillips=Gone Gone Gone.
  • 11
    What does Electro use to shut down the city?
    I don't know.
    The Windmills.
    The Oscorp Power Plant
  • 12
    How do Gwen and Spider-Man defeat Electro?
    Throw him into the water.
    Overcharge him.
    I don't know.
  • 13
    So close to done.

    Where do Harry and Peter fight after he becomes the Goblin and steals Gwen?
    The Bridge.
    Clock Tower.
    Inside Oscorp.
  • 14
    When Gwen dies, how many months pass after Peter gives up being Spider-Man?
    5 years
    1 year
  • 15
    How does Spider-Man defeat Mega-Suit Rhino at the end?
    He punches him.
    He webs a sewer pad and punches Rhino in the face with it.
    He throws a missle back at him.
  • 16
    What is the post-credits scene?
    X-Men: Days Of Future Past Teaser
    Harry telling Gustav Fiers about the ''Small Team.''
    Norman Osborns head in a jar.
    Spider-Man defeating Rhino.

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Ravi shrivastav umesh ( 105.4 )
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Anand I am big fan than you being captain America's fan I've got 16/16 can you believe it babyyy,spidy fan