The Ultimate Phantom of The Opera Quiz!

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A quiz for those who are Phans and LOVE Phantom of the Opera!

  • 1
    What colour is Christine's dress during the film version of Wishing you Were Somehow Here Again?
    She wears nothing
    Light Blue
    Dark Blue
  • 2
    How does Raoul nearly die during The Final Scene?
    Erik beats him with a cricket bat
    By Erik's Punjab Lasso
    He's left there to rot in Erik's coffin
    Wrecking Ball
  • 3
    What is the shape of Erik's bed in the movie?
    A Swan Bed
    Christine's body shape
    His mask
    His cloak
    Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • 4
    How does Raoul greet Christine in her dressing room?
    Cries like a girl
    Pretend to be Madame Giry
    By talking about their childhood
    Writes a note from O.G.
    He uses a Punjab Lasso
  • 5
    How does the Phantom know where Christine is going before Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again?
    She tells him
    He sings Don Juan Triumphant
    She sings
    He stalks her like the stalker he is
    He bribes the man who was originally going to drive her
  • 6
    How long is Raoul's hair in the movie?
    To his shoulders
    70 feet long like Rapunzel
    Normal like a boy's should be
    The size of the Universe infinity times over
    He doesn't have any hair
  • 7
    What type of Material is Raoul's coat during the scene where he orders the managers to bring soldiers in the film?
    He's naked
    Brown and Leather
    He wears the daily newspapers
    Army uniform
  • 8
    How does Raoul propose to Christine?
    Bribes Christine
    Makes jokes
    Shakes his girly hair about
    He terribly sings All I Ask of You
    Does it the old fashioned way
  • 9
    How does Erik propose to Christine?
    Acts gay and then hypnotises her
    Wait? He proposes?
    They have a child so they have to get married
    Does it like Raoul
    Hands her a ring and forces her in a wedding dress
  • 10
    What is Meg's dress like in the film for Masquerade?
    Looks like Santa Clause
    Wears a very revealing dress
    She looks like an angel
    Wears fishnet stockings
    Wears a Shirt and skirt
  • 11
    Where does Erik live?
    In a coffin
    He lives in a Cardboard box!
    In an underground lair
    I thought he doesn't have a home!
    Wherever Christine lives
  • 12
    What does Meg pick up at the end of the movie?
    The Phantom's mask
    A cloak
    Christine's clothing
  • 13
    What word or phrase is missed out before Christine rips Erik's mask off during Point of No Return?
    Raoul's wearing a wig!
    Ah screw this, I'll kidnap Christine!
    I love you Christine!
  • 14
    What does Erik do in his spare time?
    He composes
    Figures new ways on how to make Christine fall in love with him
    Follows Christine into Cemeteries
    Smells the essence of kidders
    He's a genius, what do you think!
  • 15
    What does Raoul do in his spare time?
    Keeps the hand at the level of his eyes
    Brushes his long, long, long girly hair all day
    Makes sweets for Christine
    Fails at saving Christine
    Shoots cats thinking it's the Phantom coming after him

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