What would happen if you were taken by a vampire?

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  • 1
    You wake up in a strange room with a cute but creepy dude looking over you. You...
    Look at him confused but say nothing
    Rub your head and hide under the covers
    Simples... SCREAM!
    *GASP* look around and ask him who he is
  • 2
    He lifts you up and stands you in front of him. You...
    Tell him that he could have asked
    Shout at him not to touch you
    Say nothing but stay standing like your meant to
    You stubbornly sit back down on the bed
  • 3
    He leaves the room. He comes back with a green liquid in a black glass. The dude gestures for you to drink it. You...
    Don't say anything but drink it in small sips whilst looking at him the whole time
    Refuse to drink it... *He pinches your nose and tips it down your throat*
    Down it
  • 4
    He leaves the room and locks the door behind him. What do you think of him?
    He's scary
    He's cute but mysterious
    He kidnapped me... I HATE HIM
    I'd better do what I'm told if I want to live
  • 5
    He comes back in. "Hello (says your name) I didn't want to scare you but I had to bring you here." You...
    You speak?... Did not see that one coming
    Why am I here? There's no rainbows:(
    You know my name? You can speak? Who are you?
  • 6
    "Yes I speak" he replies "I am Alfie and I will be looking after you for... let's just say a while." You...
    Let me go. Why do I need looking after?
    I don't need looking after
    You knocked me out, kidnapped me and are trapping me in a dark house. That is NOT looking after me!
  • 7
    Alfie puts his hand on your head and you instantly fall asleep. You dream of...
    Can't remember
    Dead flowers
    Alfie; he's so cute
  • 8
    You wake up and he is gone. He has left a note saying he has gone to a meeting and will be back soon. You...
    Try to leave but you can't get out of the room you are in
    Lay there thinking
    Go back to sleep
  • 9
    After a few weeks you fall for him. You hate all the secrets he keeps from you but you love him. You...
    Give small hints but not flirting
    Stay quiet and give no hints
  • 10
    A year later you are a couple. He has to turn you into a vampire to stay with you. You...
    You let him because you love him
    You let him turn you into a vampire even though you don't want to
    Refuse and leave heartbroken

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