Are you bisexual or bi-curious?

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Hey! If you're wondering and questioning your sexuality, then this quiz is PERFECT for you!

  • 1
    Do you feel comfortable being with someone from the same sex?
    Eww! no way!
    Uhmm .. not really
    I'm scared of what others might say ...
    Omg yes!
    Maybe ...
  • 2
    Have you kissed or plan to kiss someone from the same sex?
    Maybe ...
    Uhm .. no I'm not gay wtf
    Lol no thank you
    YES! and I loved it
  • 3
    Do you like someone from the opposite sex as well as the same sex?
    No! I only like the opposite sex
    It could happen ...
    Uhm, I prefer the same sex
    YES! I'm totally cool with that .
    I guess ..
  • 4
    Have you ever fantasized about being with someone from the same sex?
    Most of the time, yeah
    Yes totally
    It happens time to time
    Not really ..
    NO! Not ever
  • 5
    Have people (friends, family, relatives) ever questioned your sexuality?
    They know I like the same sex!
    Once or twice ..
    Hardly ever
    No, everyone knows I'm fully straight
    Not really but I hope they won't ever
  • 6
    Do you care about what people say or might say if you were bisexual?
    It scares me to think of what they might say
    Omg yes!
    It's whatever, I don't really care what they think
    No way! I'm proud of the way I am!
    Why would I care? I'm straight .
  • 7
    Are you homophobic? (If so, get help)
    No way, we're all equal no matter what
    Not really
    It's kinda weird but I don't hate gays ...
    Yes! God hates gays!
    Ehhh I don't care
  • 8
    Do you ever feel the urge/desire to have sex with the same sex?
    It seems fun
    Already did! LOL
    Ew no that's gross
    I'd like to try it
    Not really
  • 9
    Do you ever check out people from the same sex?
    No that's just wrong!
    Only if they got them good goodies .
    Hardly ever
    Haha yes all the time
  • 10
    How did you like this quiz? (First time)
    I LOVEDDDD it!
    It was awesome thanks!
    It was alright .. pretty cool .
    It was terrible!
    It was whatever

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Dat 1 guy ( 6.166 )
Posted 42 days ago
I like a guy in my math class but I would never do any [BEEP] with him. I wouldn't mind kissing him. Idk if I'm by or not pls help
muke AF girl ( 5.137 )
Posted 72 days ago
All my friends are bi.
And now I kinda have a small crush on my best friend.
[BEEP] am I even bi..??!
Idk I'm lost help
Curious girl ( 62.40 )
Posted 112 days ago
I have been thinking about being bi curious lately, but when I used to take quizzes I would lie to myself on them. I've talked to my friends about me deciding if I'm curious or not, and they treat me the same still. I'm usually super outgoing and stuff, for example not,caring what other people think, but this actually scares me. Mostly because my grandfather doesnt like gay people and my mom would always call me a lesbian even though she knew I wasn't one. So... I'm curious about being bi curious. Yup.
-A ( 9.242 )
Posted 172 days ago
I'm kind of scared of coming out. I've told my two closest friends and they love me the same but I'm afraid if coming out to my parents and my other friends, especially since I have a crush on my best friend, I don't want to ruin our friendship!
flyer ( 16.47 )
Posted 211 days ago
uh........the test was okay....i guess...
Watch ( 7.133 )
Posted 287 days ago
Have da feeling Just for one girl n I am a girl. Who am I,
gaahina ( 3.222 )
Posted 292 days ago
Are you bisexual or bi-curious?

You're in the middle, of being bi-curious and bi . Do what you feel is best and what you're most comfortable with. Don't be afraid of following your heart .
Steve ( 5.210 )
Posted 297 days ago
Oh well really knew cause it was good and fun twice gave him face the second time next...
rich ( 6.126 )
Posted 340 days ago
i dident really like it id did not difriantitate the anwers very well