How would you react to random stuff?

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Are you a crazy, carefree, sensible or a nervous/scared person when it comes to scenarios?

  • 1
    A stranger comes up to you and hugs you, how would you respond?
    Freak out and punch them in the face
    Embrace the cuddle as if you felt loved
    Start laughing in an evil way and never let go of them
    Politely ask them to stop in a calm way
  • 2
    Your grandma makes you an apple pie but it tastes disgusting, what would happen next?
    Get really angry and throw the pie at her face then vomit on her
    Feel disappointed because you were looking forward to it and
    Eat it anyway because you love apple pie!
    Tell her it was bad in the most nicest way possible
  • 3
    You're at a party and your best friend accidentally spills their drink on your shirt, what would your reaction be?
    Start to cry because it was your favorite shirt and leave the party
    Get really ticked off about it and start a riot against him/her
    Who cares? never liked this shirt anyway, PARTY ON!
    Say it's alright and clean up.
  • 4
    Your crush finally kisses you for the first time in two years, what happens now?
    Start biting their lips firmly and playing tug of war like a rabid dog
    You freeze for a while then pull away running of blushing
    Keep kissing all day long until your mouth goes purple
    Gently push them away and say that was magical, thank you..
  • 5
    You're walking down the street when you see a famous celebrity heading towards you with paparazzi following close by. What would you do?
    Lunge at them and steal their purse/wallet
    You feel overwhelmed and shy then faint at their feet
    Say hi and ask for an autograph
    Walk past them as if they were invisible
  • 6
    Your neighbor asked you to look after their rabbit while they were on holiday. What will you do with it?
    Give it to someone else because you're worried and frightened that you might lose it
    Cook it up for some yummy rabbit soup- cruel I know
    Look after it as well as you can and keep it in your sight at all times
    Let it run around the house and poop everywhere while you watch TV
  • 7
    You bought a CD but your brother/sister stole it from your bedroom. What now?
    Don't bother getting it back because you don't want to cause any dramas
    They can listen to it as well, sharing is caring =D
    Go ape shit on them and thrash their room till you find it
    Keep your cool and ask for it back
  • 8
    You and your friends went to the cinemas to watch a scary movie. Afterwards, how would you feel?
    Throw drinks and food at the screen because you think it sucks.
    If it's too creepy, I will walk out respectfully and let them watch the rest of it
    That movie was AWESOME, Let's go see it again!
    Scream so loud that you wet your pants and run out of the cinema
  • 9
    At school, you are doing a maths test but it's proving to be difficult. What next?
    Try your best at finishing it even though it's hard
    Have a huge panic attack and just rush the answers
    Tear up the paper and shove it down the teachers mouth, or cheat hehehe..
    Eat the test because you were hungry
  • 10
    Finally, After doing this test, how do you feel?
    I feel like killing somebody right now....
    Yes, I rather enjoyed it
    Eh, it was alright

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