Elaborate Sex Quiz: Are you ready for anal sex?

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This is a fun and an enlightening way to find out if you are ready to take a next intimate step in your sex life. Anal sex is an act that porn shows as something hardcore and woman unfriendly act, but it's actually something quite different. Do you have the right mindset for this form of sex? The quiz is informative, and also suggest tips and tricks, among other things, it can make your anal experience more enjoyable. This test is for women and men, who are thinking about receiving anal penetration. Some answers are gender specific, but just tick the one that's most applicable for your situation. Let's find out if you are ready for anal sex.

  • 1
    What type of relationship are you in with the person you are thinking about doing anal with?
    With a long time friend, we explore each other sexuality
    With a fuck buddy
    With a long time boyfriend that I trust completely, or I'm married to this person
    With a boyfriend under 4 month together, or a boyfriend I do not completely trust that part of my body to
    Not in a relationship, or casual short relationships
  • 2
    How old are you?

    25 or older
    Between the ages of 21 to 24
    Between the ages of 18 and 20
    Between the ages of 16 and 17
    Younger than 16
  • 3
    Which of these sexual activities have you already done?
    Vaginal sex (girl)
    Oral sex and masturbation (if you're a guy)
    Vaginal sex, oral sex and masturbation (if you're a girl)
    Some exploring of my body by my lovers hand
  • 4
    Have you ever tried anal sex before?
    Kind of, we were having vaginal sex, when he penetrated my asshole by accident, or as a unannounced surprise (woman)
    No, but I've always thought (or been thinking about it for a long time) that I would try that
    Yes, but It wasn't the experience I wanted it to be, but I want to try again
    Yes, but I was drunk
    No never
  • 5
    How long are you actually thinking about doing anal?
    Just recently
    Around six months
    More than a year
    Less than three months
  • 6
    Did you ever saw an erotic anal scene for example in a movie, or read about an erotic anal scene in a novel? How did it make you feel?
    It really turned me on
    Never saw, or read something about it
    My stomach turned
    It turned me on a bit
    I was a little uncomfortable, but okay
  • 7
    Do you have a nickname for your butt hole?
    Yes, something we both use, something cute
    Yes, something only I use
    Yes, but it's something I consider offensive and rude
    Yes, something only he uses
  • 8
    Do you talk openly with your lover about anal sex?

    Just discussing if we would do it or not, but not going into detail
    Not really, I find it a bit awkward to say things like "anal sex" or "butt hole" or "do you want to fuck me in my ass" to my lover
    Yes, he knows my fears, we talk about how we're going to try it, how it can feel good for me, we talk with detail and without taboo
    No, I'm not comfortable talking about it
  • 9
    Are you afraid your lover's penis is to big for anal sex?
    No, I think it will fit in my butt hole
    My fear would be less, if his penis was a couple of inches smaller
    It's to huge for my tiny asshole, I think it will destroy my ass
    It's not huge, but I'm still afraid he will do some damage
    He is well-endowed, but with lubricant, that shouldn't be a problem
  • 10
    Have you ever gotten anal play? (Info: anal play is a very good way to relax your anus, so anal penetration hurts less)
    Yes, I've had a toy inserted in my butt hole
    Yes, a lover has inserted his finger in my anus
    Yes, a lover has licked my anus, and / or fingered me anally
    Kind of, I've stuck my finger in my butt, under the shower, to feel how it would feel
  • 11
    Do you think there will be something to warm you up before trying anal sex? (Info: Foreplay is important with anal sex, because when you're turned on, your body will be much more receptive to anal)
    A long, erotic massage, with anal play, to relax and stretch my butt hole a bit
    A bit of alcohol to relax
    No, just going to try to get a penis up there
    Vaginal sex (woman). Oral sex on you (guy)
    A massage, or something like kissing and touching all over, to relax my body
  • 12
    What kind of lubricant would you use? (Info: The rectum does not naturally self-lubricate like the vagina. Good lubrication is very important to enjoy anal penetration, you can also add lube while the penis has already entered your butt)
    Vaseline, massage oil or something like that
    Lubricant for anal activities
    Normal lubricant
  • 13
    Why are you thinking to do anal sex?
    I'm a bit curious or a friend has received anal penetration, and said it was good and that I should try it, and might explore it to satisfy my curiosity
    I don't really want to do it, but I'm tired of hearing my lover complaining about it
    I'm curious about anything sex related, and I think I could really enjoy anal, once I've slowly tried it a couple times, and I've gotten a feel for something in my butt hole
    I'm willing to try anything at least once, so I'm also open to try anal. Or I want to be desired by men, and granting them access to my ass will have that effect
    I'm scared to do it, but my lover really wants to, so I'll give it a go
  • 14
    Do you think you can enjoy anal sex? (Info: A lot of women that have anal sex, say they've orgasmed from having anal sex or that it's more intense and pleasurable than vaginal sex)
    Yes, I'm pretty certain, that's why I want to do it.
    Yes, I think I can enjoy it.
    I'm certain that I won't enjoy it
    Don't know if I can really enjoy it
    I think I can learn to tolerate it
  • 15
    Is there a special reason you want to do anal sex?
    Yes, I want to prove to him I'm not dull in the bedroom
    Yes, it's a way of convincing him to not end the relationship
    Girls: Yes, I mostly want to try it because I want to have sex, but I can still tell the world that I'm a virgin, because I'd still have my hymen. Guys: Yes, if you are gay, you just have to do anal
    Nothing that is stated here
    Yes, I mostly want to try it because I want to have unprotected sex, without having a chance to get pregnant or because I want to have sex, while being on my periods (girl)
  • 16
    How safe will you be, when you try anal? (Info: Wearing a condom will protect you against STD's and helps a bit against any stray fecal matter)
    We'll always use a condom, with lubricant, specially made for use with condoms.
    Maybe in the beginning with a condom, but after a while without a rubber
    We won't use a condom
    Most of the time we'll use a condom
    Most of the time I don't think we will use a condom, but he's my boyfriend for more than 6 months, so I know that he hasn't got STD's
  • 17
    Have you or your lover ever had an STD?
    Me and/ or my lover have had more than one STD
    I have had an STD once
    My lover has had an STD once
    had an STD scare, but didn't actually had one
  • 18
    Where will the guy come when having anal sex? (Info: Semen mixed with the contents of the rectum can sometimes give a sick feeling, but this is not with everybody)
    In the condom
    Somewhere on my body, he has to pull out
    In my butt hole, I want to know who that feels, and/ or I think my ass filled with his semen is more naughty and it's part of the anal experience.
    He can't come when we are having anal sex, because I don't want his penis to long in my butt
  • 19
    Will you do something special, the first time you have anal intercourse?
    No, I'm just going to get it over with
    Just some music to get in the mood
    Alcohol to calm me down
    No, I don't feel like I should do something special for the first time
    Yes, music, candles, a sexy outfit, a massage,... I think it's something really big step in a relationship, so let's make it special
  • 20
    Have you looked up information about anal sex?
    No, only what my friends have told me
    No, but my lover looked it up, or has prior anal experience so I trust him to know the do's and don'ts
    No, I don't know anything about it, I just want to find my way by trying
    No, I didn't even thought about looking up information.
    Yes, I looked a great deal up, to ensure I have the best and safest anal experience
  • 21
    Will there be any digital proof of your anal exploits in the future?
    He can take a picture while his penis is in there, if he want to fantasize on it later
    He can take a picture off my ass, with my butt hole visible
    Yes, he can tape while we're having anal sex
    Nope, do not want to end up on a porn site
    There is a possibility, I don't know yet
  • 22
    How do you think anal sex sessions will transpire?

    Slowly, so I have little discomfort, and might even enjoy it
    He will pound my asshole hard, although I don't really want that
    I hope as short as possible, I might even cry
    It would be intimate lovemaking, sometimes it could be slowly, sometimes it could be rougher, it will depend on what we both like
    Me just trying to take it, while he's enjoying himself, it's not for my pleasure
  • 23
    Do you think you'll try dirty talk? (Info: a big part of anal sex is that is taboo and naughty, dirty talk can enhance that feeling)
    I feel a bit weird talking dirty, I say would say things like: ow yeah, you feel so big, but nothing more, saying that is already a bit much for me
    No, I think anal sex is dirty enough
    Yes, we do it all the time in our normal sex live, so if we'd do anal, dirty talk will be included, and it would be really dirty
    Yes, but not to extreme, something like: fuck me in my asshole baby
  • 24
    When you've got used to the feeling of having a penis in your ass, How many times do you think you will have anal sex?
    It will be included in our normal sex life, so it can occur every week
    The same amount as vaginal sex, or more
    Only on a special day, like his birthday, anniversary or Valentine's day. Anal sex will be present for him, but will not be part of our normal sex life.
    If it's also giving me pleasure, once every two weeks or once a month
    I don't think I could ever get used to the feeling, so maybe once, to try it, maybe more if its tolerable, but I won't do it that much
  • 25
    How long do you think a normal anal sex session will last?
    Not that long
    Until he comes from penetrating my ass
    Until it hurts to much, because it will hurt
    A while, but I don't want him to come
  • 26
    When you are in the act of anal sex, but you want him to stop...
    I would let him go on, because I know he wouldn't stop, even if I asked him to
    I would let him go on, and when he finished, I would say it was horrible, and then he can never ask me to do that again
    I would say stop, he would stop, but I wouldn't talk about it, I would just say: "it's not for me right now"
    I would say stop, but he would keep whining that he doesn't want to stop, that he's almost there... But if I really put my foot down, he would pull his penis out
    I would say stop, he will stop, and after we will talk about what went wrong, so we could do it better in the future
  • 27
    Anal sex in your sex life (Info: The bacteria that live in the anus, could be very unhealthy for other parts of your body, and can lead to infections.)
    When we're planning to do anal sex, no other sex acts will transpire. If we have anal sex, we only do it in my butt
    We would also do other sex acts while we've planned to have anal sex, but I would never let him penetrate first my butt hole, and then my vagina or mouth, without washing or switching condom.
    We would randomly switch between my ass and vagina or mouth, just like in porn movies.
  • 28
    A little something extra for you, what would you be open to try to give you more pleasure during anal sex? (Info: Double penetration (like a dildo in your vagina and his penis in your asshole) can make anal sex a more intense and pleasurable act for a woman°
    A vibrator or dildo in my vagina
    Some kissing and touching all over
    Nothing extra, anal sex is anal sex
    He or I can masturbate me
  • 29
    A little something extra for him, if he asked, would you remove the hair around your anus?
    I don't have any hair down there
    I know he doesn't care about a smooth entry, so there would be no need for it
    Nope, if I could get comfortable to take it in the ass, than he should be comfortable with my hairy situation down there
    Yes, I would remove it completely when we plan to have anal sex, it's much more sexy for him, and I feel a bit cleaner and more comfortable
    Sometimes I would remove it for anal sex, but not always, too big of a hassle
  • 30
    If you had anal sex, who would you tell?
    I wouldn't want anybody to know, but I think he will tell a lot of people although I don't want that
    That doesn't matter to me, everybody can know about it
    Only my best friend can know about it, he can't tell anyone, or maybe only his best friend
    Me and my lover would discuss who can know about it
  • 31
    What if you get an anal injury during butt sex?
    I would get mad at my lover, and never again grant him access to that hole
    I would get medical advice, and have an open discussion with my lover about it, so it wouldn't happen again in the future
    I wouldn't care, it will heal itself
    I would let it heal, but I don't know if I ever do it again
  • 32
    Do you have the feeling " if I have to do anal sex, then he should let me stick something in his ass"?
    Yes, a bit, it doesn't seem fair that he asks me to undergo something, that he won't ever do
    Yes, but he only wants to be top, never bottom, although I would like also to be top from time to time (guy)
    Yes, totally, let's see if he still wants to do it in my asshole, if he also has to receive also something in his ass every time
    No, not at all, I don't see it as he does something bad to me, I see it as a part of sexual activities, as something we both can enjoy, He penetrating my ass, and I receiving his penis. Guys: and we would switch top and bottom
    No, but I do feel that anal sex will only give him pleasure
  • 33
    Why do you think he wants to do anal?
    I thinks a part of him is secretly gay (woman)
    I think he wants to do it because it's something we can explore together, to try something new to keep it exciting, to do something private and naughty we can both enjoy
    He wants to reclaim my virginity, because I wasn't a virgin when I met him, but I've never had anal sex (woman)
    It's something taboo and kinky, and he thinks it's going to feel awesome because it's such a tight little hole
    It's something that he's seen in porn, and wants to try it for himself. Or he just wants to dominate me in another way
  • 34
    Are you afraid of having anal sex?
    I'm pretty afraid, I will have to see how it goes
    Not afraid at all
    I have my fears, but I trust my lover
  • 35
    What are you most afraid of when you think about having anal sex?
    That it's painful AND that it's going to be dirty
    That he's going to tell everybody, so everyone will think I'm a slut
    That it's painful OR that it's going to be dirty
    Not afraid of anything
    That I think it's an act where I will feel used and humiliated
  • 36
    There are some actions you can do, so you can get used to anal penetrations. They will feel less painful, and even pleasurable. What are you open to try?
    There are some actions you can do, so you can get used to anal penetrations. They will feel less painful, and even pleasurable. What are you open to t
    Insert one finger in my ass
    Insert more than one finger, or a small object like a toothbrush in my anus
    Insert a butt plug or an anal toy in my butt hole. (Info: Butt plugs are great for preparing your anus for penetration as the get your sphincter muscles to relax.)
    The thought of a penis up there is bad enough, nothing else can enter my rectum
  • 37
    How will you apply lubrication when engaging in anal sex?
    Lube on the opening of my anus, and on his penis
    I don't think I will use (real) lubricant
    Lube on his penis
    Lube a finger deep in my anus, on the opening of my anus and on my lover's penis
  • 38
    When you are not constipated, anal sex is normally quite clean. Faeces only gather in your anus when you are about to move your bowels. To be absolutely certain you can take extra precautions. What are you open to?
    When you are not constipated, anal sex is normally quite clean. Faeces only gather in your anus when you are about to move your bowels. To be absolute
    I'm open to moving my bowels before engaging in anal sex (Info: this can be hours before you'll be anally penetrated, no new faeces will have gathered in that timespan), and take a shower to wash down my butt
    I would take a shower and wash down my butt
    I'm open to cleaning my anal area completely out with an anal douche (Info: It's a small pump so you can put water in your butt. between 5 and 20 minutes after inserting the water you will feel the urge to go to the toilet, and you'll release a mixture of water and poo that was in your colon. So your butt is completely free of poo)
    I'm open to moving my bowels before engaging in anal sex
    I don't think I would need to take extra precautions
  • 39
    How would the reactions be if there was a bit of poo on his penis when he exits your anus?
    I or my lover would be disgusted, and wouldn't do it for a long while
    I would find it dirty, but we would just clean it off, an not make to big a deal of it
    I would find it dirty, and it would kill the mood.
    SO gross! One of the main reasons I don't want to do it
    Poo is something that can happen with anal sex, we would be grownups about it, and know it can occur, and just clean it off
  • 40
    In Which positions do you want to try anal sex? (Info: The sexual position does a lot to make anal more pleasant. Doggy style is the most known with anal sex, but your anus is less relaxed than if you'd spoon, stand up, missionary or you on top)
    In Which positions do you want to try anal sex? (Info: The sexual position does a lot to make anal more pleasant. Doggy style is the most known with a
    First time a position in which I can determine the speed and how deep te penis goes in my ass, like me on top, so we both find our ideal rhythm, but after that, we would probably find one position we will use most of the time
    I didn't even thought about different positions
    Any position we can imagine
    I will sit in the doggy style position when he penetrates my butt
  • 41
    How many times are you willing to try anal sex before giving up? (Info: The butt hole is a very sensitive part of your body, because a lot of nerve endings come together there, similar to the clitoris and vagina, but for many woman and men, getting anally penetrated is not something they enjoy right away, It can hurt in the beginning. After a bit of trial and error, you find your rhythm that you both can enjoy.)
    I'm willing to try it a few times, but if it keeps hurting I would give it up
    I will try anything once, but not more
    I'm willing to try it a lot, but if it hurts a lot, that would put a hold on this little experimentation for a while, but it wouldn't mean the end of me trying anal sex
    I don't think I would give up, I'm convinced that I can enjoy it
    I think I will never really enjoy it, but if I can tolerate it, I would do it on special occasions
  • 42
    What do you find the most important when you have anal sex?
    It's tolerable and he doesn't want it to much
    It gives us both pleasure
    He enjoys himself
    It's clean
    It's something taboo and naughty
  • 43
    Who wants to have anal sex the most?
    He wants it the most, but I can see myself doing it for him
    I'm not really interested, but he really wants it
    We both do, we want our relationship to be exciting, and anal is something we can explore together
    I want it the most
    He wants it the most, but I'm also pretty curious about that new type of sexual experience
  • 44
    Thinking about you having anal sex, you feel...
    A bit afraid, because I don't really know what to expect
  • 45
    Now that you've taken this quiz you feel...
    That the only reason I would do anal is for him, but I'm okay with that
    Still pretty afraid, but I might try it non the less, I think I'm just not a fan of having something in my ass
    Now I know it's just not for me
    I'm not really afraid anymore of anal sex, because I see the benefits for me more. It's pretty likely I'll be trying it in the (very) near future
    Feel more educated on the subject, so I feel more comfortable to try it the right way, and not the porn way, but I don't want to rush it, we're going to take it really slow...

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