Does she like you? (For boys) 😘

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Let's find out if your crush feels the same way about you!

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    First off, how are you around her?
    I give her special attention because she's a close friend as well
    I ignore her.
    A total flirt sometimes ;)
    Super nervous! I'm always blushing and can barely form a sentence around her!
    I try to act "normal" cause I'd DIE if she ever found out 😵
  • 2
    How often do you talk (as in, more that hello)?
    Uh, we only say hello....
    At every possible moment! We're best friends ❤️
    Occasionally. We're a little awkward around each other but in a good way, you know?
    Quite often, but we never have D&Ms or anything
    We don't talk.
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    Okay, do YOU think she likes you? Try to answer with your feelings aside for a minute
    We're really close so it's hard to tell
    Maybe? Hopefully...
    She could be bi, but whether she likes me....
    It's definitely possible- she gives off a lot of signs
    No way.
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    What is she like with you?
    She acts different around me to others. It's hard to describe.
    We aren't really in the same friendship group
    When she's sad she always comes to me first for comfort
    She treats me like a good friend, she's trusts in me a lot
    She teases me a lot and seems happy when I'm around
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    How are your personalities matched?
    We're complete opposites but they say opposites attract!
    Our personalities are perfectly matched and we can't bear being apart
    We're both really shy and don't really acknowledge each other
    We share many interests which is why we're so close
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    Hugs can tell so much, so what is it like when you and your crush embrace?
    The one-armed hug
    She always hugs me from behind
    Super long and drawn-out and cuddly:3
    Tight but soft at the same time and she likes to rest her head on my shoulder
    It's really quick. Like a sort of passing thing.
  • 7
    How much do you know about each other?
    She confides in me a lot and I tell her all my secrets (except this one)
    I pay attention to her much more than she does to me
    Everything- we've been best friends since kindy
    Important things. Birthdays and stuff.
  • 8
    Is she in a relationship? If so, what sort of relationship?
    No, but she's told me she's looking for someone
    Yes, and they're a perfect couple. I'm so jealous
    Yes, but they fight a lot and she always comes to me to talk about it
    No, but she talks about guys a lot
    Yes, but her relationship is kind of half-hearted
  • 9
    So you've had your "moments" together. Which best describes your moments?
    She's called me beautiful before, and sometimes she stares at me with a sad look and seems like she wants to tell me something, but can't
    She pokes me from behind and acts really playful and happy
    We laugh really hard together and have the best fun memories
    We catch each other staring all the time and the way she looks at me just makes me melt a little
    Our hands touch and we both blush
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    One word to describe your relationship with your crush would be:

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