Which dragon are you?

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Are you a fire, electric, grass, water or dark dragon? Take this test and see!

  • 1
    Favourite sport?
    Umm.. I'm not really in to sports but I like swimming
    Anything that you can run in!
    I don't do sports
    Soccer.. Or basket maybe
    I'd rather take a walk trough the forest than sporting
  • 2
    On a scale 0-6 how easy are you angered? One in your class pushes you, irritation. You respond by:
    Stop.. It...
    Push back the hardest I can! How dare he push me!
    I say: Ugh... You again
    Walk away away and cry secretly
    Say that's rude then run away
  • 3
    You are going to a party when suddenly a friend you really don't like calls you and asks if you want to go to a movie with him. You say:
    Uh... Fine then (but you actually don't want to)
    Why would I go to a movie with a idiot like you?
    Nope, sorry, eh, gotta go.. Eh ... Do something else BYE!
    Umm.. No thanks
    NO! Then ends the call
  • 4
    You see three guys pushing a much smaller girl than themselves, they laugh at her and call her bat things.
    I want to say its mean and help the little girl but I don't dare to
    I run to the guys, say that's rude, let the girl go then run away.
    I run to them and scream at the bad guys, and ill maybe start a fight if needed! GRR!
    I go say that is not okay then I walk away slowly.
    I walk past, Whatever.
  • 5
    How many friends do you have?
    0-3 Ugh, who needs friends?
    Around 7
    Oh, dear, I'm not sure...
    Kinda many.. I'm not sure HOW many though.
  • 6
    I only know one of them
    What does this mean? I get lots of texts with these weird words...
    Ugh, I've already heard too much of it.
    Is this internet language?
    Yeah! Go Go Go
  • 7
    Of these selections, as a dragon, where would you live?
    A volcano or the mountains!
    At a grass field so it would be easy to hunt! ( I'm so fast hehehe)
    Any place where I am alone and there is darkness...
    In the beautiful forest...!
    In the sea, on a beach, maybe a cliff near water or something.
  • 8
    Of these things I mostly like to:
    Go to the sea/pool
    Run, exercise.
    Read a book, maybe take a quick walk
    Sleep... Maybe sit alone and just wait for nothing...
  • 9
    You describe yourself best as:
    The Exercise guy!
    Oh, I don't know.. Maybe The Shy?
    The Leader!
    The Calm.
    Is this quiz over yet? Uuuugh...
  • 10
    Do you feel alone sometimes?
    Not really...
    No, never, I have exercising friends!
    Yes, all the time but I like it
    Umm... I don't know, I do have my friends by my side but.. Never that.. ALONE...
    No, I have my friends!

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