Year 8 Smoking Quiz

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10 Questions - Developed by: Miss Davidson - Developed on: - 4.249 taken

Take the following test to see where you stand on the issue of smoking

  • 1
    Have you smoked cigarettes?
    No, I have never tried smoking
    Yes, I smoke on most days of the week
    Yes, but don’t anymore.
    Yes, I smoke occasionally with friends
  • 2
    Your new boy/girlfriend offers you a cigarette which he/she has lit, what would you say or do?
    Take a puff and hand it back
    Say “no thanks, and I’d prefer you didn’t smoke”
    Smoke the whole cigarette
    Say “no thanks”
  • 3
    If a friend is trying to stop smoking, would you?
    Tell him/her that it is the best thing he/she could do
    Give him/her advice to help him/her stop or cut down
    Interfere with his/her attempt by offering him/her a cigarette when he/she is craving
    Ask him/her what help he/she needs
  • 4
    If you’re eating outdoors and people are smoking near you, would you?
    Cough loudly and wheeze hoping they get the hint
    Sit there and ignore the smoke
    Get up and move away from the smoke
    Ask them politely if they would mind not smoking there
  • 5
    What would you do if you found out a friend smokes occasionally?
    Tell him/her you don’t mind if he/she smokes, but prefer he/she didn’t smoke around you
    Say nothing
    Tell him/her smoking is bad for his/her health
    Have a smoke with him/her
  • 6
    If you smoked and wanted to stop or reduce your smoking, what would you do?
    I wouldn’t smoke to start with
    Stay away from situations where you normally felt like having a smoke
    Ask a friend or family member to help you
    Not tell anyone and just stop smoking completely
  • 7
    If your parents smoked in the car, would you?
    My parents would never smoke
    Do nothing
    Ask them to make the car a smoke-free zone
    Wind the window down and cough loudly
  • 8
    If you were having a party at your place, what rules would you have about smoking?
    No smoking at the party
    Smoking must be done in only one area of the house
    No rules
    Smoking outside only
  • 9
    Recently you have noticed that a friend often smells of cigarette smoke (their clothes, bag, hair…). do you tell him/her?
    He/she will get busted for smoking if he/she smells like that
    He/she smells
    You have noticed he/she is smoking more often and ask him/her if he/she wants help to stop
  • 10
    If your younger brother or sister tried or started smoking, would you?
    Say nothing
    Let him/her smoke as he/she have to try to find out for him/her self
    Tell him/her it is a waste of time and a pointless thing to do
    Tell your mum or dad

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