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Are you sick of really easy FRIENDS tests because you are soooooo addicted and in love with the characters and the show and you just want to prove to yourself how well you know them? Well this test is for you!

  • 1
    According to Chandler, what is Gunther's last name?
  • 2
    Who did the writers originally have planned for the main love interests?
    Joey and Phoebe
    Phoebe and Ross
    Monica and Joey
    Ross and Rachel
    Rachel and Joey
  • 3
    What colour is the cat that pounces on Ross when he is trying to tell Rachel about his feelings?
    There was no cat
    Black and white
  • 4
    What two names did Rachel and Ross have planned for their baby girl?
    Sandrine and Rayne
    Emma and Ruth
    Emma and Rose
    Emily and Chloe
    Isabella and Delilah
  • 5
    Ross made up a long term boyfriend for Phoebe so Mike wouldn't get freaked out...What was his name and his profession?
    Vile and Ghost Hunter
    Vikram and Kite Making
    Vincent and Rock Singer
    David and Scientist
    Tobias and Herbal Tea Expert
  • 6
    What was Rachel's boss's name that smoked and didn't like her?
    Ralph Lauren
  • 7
    Who did Rachel punch in the face when she was trying to get into Joshua's night club?
    The girl who got in because she claimed to be Rachel Greep
    Joshua for not remembering her name
    The girl who pushed her into the street post
    The girl who tried to take her umbrella
    The girl who hugged Joshua in front of her
  • 8
    Who has Monica NOT kissed?
    Richard's son
  • 9
    What is Joey's tailors name that took advantage of Chandler?
  • 10
    What actress did the writer's have in mind for the character of Rachel?
    Lisa Kudrow
    Jennifer Aniston
    Courtney Cox
    Tina Turner
    Demi Moore
  • 11
    How long were Chandler and Monica together before Ross found out?
    10 months
    2 days
    1-2 months
    4-5 months
    3 Weeks
  • 12
    What does Danny the Yetti and his Sister NOT do?
    Clean off a stain near his crotch
    Have a bath together
    Run around and tickle each other
    Take his pants off
    Make out
  • 13
    When Ross dates Janice - and he says " Now I know what you guys are going to say"...what does Phoebe say?
    You guys are going to have very hairy children
    You guys look like brother and sister
    Great, when's this wedding going to be?
    You two are just as annoying as each other
    I shot gun marrying you guys!
  • 14
    What was NOT a Halloween costume?
    Phoebe as the Solar System
    Mona as a Nurse
    Monica as Catwoman
    Ross as Spudnick
    Joey as Chandler
  • 15
    What does Gunther come as to Monica's Halloween party?
    He didn't wear a costume
    Robin Hood
    Charlie Brown
  • 16
    How did Rachel get rid of Joey's small, punching girlfriend?
    Pretended to be in love with Joey
    Kicked her in the shin
    Told her Joey was gay
    Pretended to have a crush on her
    Punched her in the face
  • 17
    Finish this song by Phoebe
    "I found you in my bed, how'd you wind up there? You are a mystery...."
    Little black curly hair
    It's lucky I don't care
    My boyfriend's little bear
    Stupid smelly cat
    Smelly little bear
  • 18
    Who was in the 'I Hate Rachel Club'?
    Ross, Will and Monica
    Ross, Will and an exchange student from Thailand
    Ross, Will and the young librarian who had a rash
    Ross, Will and Billy Trap
    Ross and Will
  • 19
    Why did Rachel miss Emma laughing for the first time?
    She was cutting up her sister's (Jill) credit cards
    Joey couldn't figure out why men have nipples
    She was giving a makeover to that stupid hippie (Phoebe)
    She was fighting with that manipulative shrew (Monica)
    She was listening to Chandler be all 'blah'
  • 20
    What is Phoebe's suggestion for Joey's stage name?
    The Hulk!
    Joseph Stalin!

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