Race and Ethnicity

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  • 1
    Which term refers to the process in which people are viewed and judged as essentially different in terms of their intellect their morality, their values, and their innate worth because of differences of physical type or cultural behaviour?
    Institutional racism
    Relational accountability
    Racial Profiling
  • 2
    What was the Powley test used to determine?
    Whether native people can hunt lawfully without a license
    Whether native people are considered persons
    The validity of land crimes
    Whether or not a person was a reserve resident
    Valid Aboriginal ancestry
  • 3
    Which of the following includes acts by which individuals are treated differently-- rewarded or punished-- based on their group membership?
    Institutional racism
  • 4
    Where was almost half of the black population currently in Canada born?
    The United States
    The Caribbean
  • 5
    What types of racism do Canadians who are racist tend to exhibit?
    Systematic racism
    Systemic racism
    Expressive racism
    Racial bigotry
    Friendly racism
  • 6
    What dud the $500 head tax imposed on Chinese immigrants in 1903 limit?
    It limited the already-settled Chinese immigrants' opportunity to vote
    It limited the already-settled Chinese immigrants' ability to send their children to Canadian schools
    It limited the already-settled Chinese immigrants' chances of marrying a Chinese woman
    It limited the already-settled Chinese immigrants' chances for their employment
    It limited the already-settled Chinese immigrants' opportunity to return home
  • 7
    Which of the following is an example of systemic racism?
    None of the above
    The head tax levied in 1885 by the Canadian government on immigrants from China
    A realtor telling home owners to remove all traces of their culture if they want their house to sell
    An individual openly stating that immigrant drivers cause traffic accidents
    A person refusing to buy goods at a local market because the owner is Chinese
  • 8
    Language, clothing, religion, and food are part of one's what?
  • 9
    Which of the following approaches to ethnicity assumes that every ethnic group made up of a "laundry list" of traits that have been carried down from the past to the present with little or no change?
    Social constructivism
    Symbolic interactionism
  • 10
    In the history of Canada, how can we classify the treatment of Aboriginals by European settlers and their government?
    External colonialism
    Internal colonialism
  • 11
    Which term refer to a governance policy in which a European nation uses the members of a particular ethnic group as its intermediaries in ruling an area of Africa?
    Indirect rule
    Direct Rule
    Dual colonialism
  • 12
    Which theory holds the view that ethnicity is established by individuals for varying social purposes?
    Social constructivism
  • 13
    According to Porter, as far as ethnic, cultural, and religious groups are concerned, the United States is what?
    A pluralist society
    A multicultural society
    A cultural mosaic
    A melting pot
    A vertical mosaic
  • 14
    What does it mean to be a cultural mosaic?
    Class distinctions are generally blurred
    Individuals immigrating to a given country are expected to assimilate asap
    Cultures are broken down and pieced back together
    Immigration quotas tend to be extremely low
    Individuals, ethnic groups and religious groups are able to maintain a separate identity in their new country

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