Which Doctor Who character are you?

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Will you be like the Doctor or maybe even someone else?

  • 1
    You're in your back garden when it's dark with your friends and you see a scarecrow running towards you and your friends, what do you do?
    Call for help.
    Stand holding a gun looking cool.
    Grab a shovel and knock it out.
    Hope the Doctor will come with the Tardis any second know.
  • 2
    You are invited to a party and you need to look your best, what do you wear?
    Go in your best clothes
    A cream dress.
    Your work clothes, they needed you at work.
    A top and jeans.
    A shirt with trousers.
  • 3
    You are told that the Daleks are going to exterminate you, what do you do?
    Don't panic you have the Doctor on your side.
    Get a huge gun, nobody can get through you.
    The Doctor comes to help, now you can do anything.
    Go looking for them with the Doctor.
    Warn Amy and the Doctor then go away and hide.
  • 4
    You are alone and then you hear a huge bang! What do you do?
    Hide and hope that they go away.
    Stay quite then they won't know that your there.
    Panic and phone Amy.
    Jump and remember that the Doctor is always with you.
    Grab a gun, you always have a gun handy.
  • 5
    You are at the cinema and the fire alarm goes off, what do you do?
    Contact your Mum she can pick you up.
    Teleport to the Tardis.
    Panic and run out.
    Walk out and find Amy.
    Start flirting you have seen a girl you like.
  • 6
    You hear a horrible scream, what do you do?
    Go and see who it is.
    Run in with a gun.
    Run to whoever it was and ask what is wrong.
    Get out your first aid kit you might need it.
    Ask them if they are ok.
  • 7
    There is a new makeover shop, what do you do?
    It's a dream come true you love makeup.
    Go inside you want to look stunning for when the Doctor comes home.
    Nothing you are already really, really good looking.
    Walk away makeup is not your thing.
    Take Amy on a date to there she loves makeup.
  • 8
    You are laying in bed and then you see someone looking at you, what do you do?
    Call the Doctor.
    Grab something and move Amy away.
    Stay back you have a gun.
  • 9
    You are on holiday and you fall off the side of your boat, what do you do?
    Swim back to the boat.
    You have just remembered that you cannot swim, Amy help!
    You remember that you are really good looking.
    Tread the water until you get saved.
    Swim back to shore.
  • 10
    There is a Cyberman coming, what do you do?
    Grab a gun.
    Make sure that Amy is save then run.
    Threaten the Cyberman.
    Shout for the Doctor.
    Don't panic you can get passed it.
  • 11
    You are asked if you want to go on a ghost hunt, what do you say?
    Yes as long as the Doctor can come to.
    Ok why not.
    I don't know I will check with Amy.
    Let's find a ghost!
    Ok it will be fun.
  • 12
    Someone asks you out of 10 how good looking are you, what do you say?
  • 13
    Someone tells you that you are awesome you say.
    Oh erm ok.
    Thank you.
    You are so kind.
    I know, I know.
  • 14
    When you get scared what do you do?
    Kiss and hug Amy.
    Grab a gun, always a gun.
    Call the Doctor, you always do that.
  • 15
    Are you good looking?
    I don't know.
    Do you think I am?
  • 16
    Do you get scared easy?
    I don't know?
  • 17
    Are you cool?
    Ask Amy.
  • 18
    If you could be a god what would be the percentage that you would agree?
  • 19
    What are your fears?
    Losing Amy.
    Growing old.
    Doing something bad.
    Losing your good looks.
    Losing the Doctor.
  • 20
    If you could go anywhere where would you go?
    To America.
    To Gailfray.
    To New York.
    To Scotland.
    To Wales.

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