Social Inequality

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  • 1
    Which theorist popularized the study of social class?
    Max Weber
    Emile Durkheim
    Kar Marx
    C. Wright Mills
    Talcott Parsons
  • 2
    Which of the following classes were not wealthy, according to Marx?
    The aristocrats
    The capitalists
    The petite bourgeoisie
    The proletariat
    The bourgeoisie
  • 3
    Which term did Marx use to refer to small-time criminals, beggars and unemployed?
    Petty bourgeoisie
    Non-working poor
    The capitalists
  • 4
    According to Marx, which term refers to the workers' skewed evaluation of their relative plight?
    A Lack of consciousness
    False consciousness
    Petite consciousness
    Class consciousness
  • 5
    According to Marx, which group possesses class consciousness?
    The owner class
    The priestly class
    The worker class
  • 6
    Which ideology is that set of beliefs put forward by and supportive of the powerful cultures and classes within a society?
    The trickle down ideology
    The liberal ideology
    The dominant ideology
    The American Dream
    The counter ideology
  • 7
    Which theory states that if you allow the rich the freedom to accumulate wealth and make investments, the wealth will eventually make its way down to the average worker and eventually to poor?
    Voodoo economics
    The liberal theory
    The waterfall theory
    The trickledown theory
    The poor man's theory
  • 8
    The American Dream reflects which ideology?
    The assimilationist ideology
    The conservative ideology
    The dominant ideology
    The pluralist ideology
    The liberal ideology
  • 9
    As critic of the notion of a dominant ideology, Gramsci developed which of the following concept?
    Power stats
    The service sector
  • 10
    Which of the following occurs when a sociologist studying a situation attributes all forms of oppression to class?
    Class alliance
    Class domination
    Class absolutism
    Class reductionism
    Class consciousness
  • 11
    What is the most common method of measuring strata is sociology in Canada
    Through deciles
    Through quintiles
    Though reptiles
    Through quantiles
    Through quarters
  • 12
    What does the federal government use to help to even off some of the differences between the wealthier and poorer province?
    Transfer payments
    Medical exemption
    Educational allotment
    Tax cuts
    Equalization grants
  • 13
    Which of the following is a major avenue of social mobility in society?
    Post-secondary education
    Secondary education
    College education
    Elementary education
    Law school education
  • 14
    One of the key messages of which protest was that 1 per cent of the world's population controlled 99 per cent of the world's wealth?
    Live Aid
    The wall street movement
    The British invasion
    The Occupy movement

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