Are You A Lesbian or Straight?

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  • 1
    When you see a hot girl walk past, what do you think?
    I think "She's really hot!"
    I think "She's obviously a whore!"
    I think "I want to be like her!"
  • 2
    Do you like guys equally as much as you like girls?
    I like guys thank you very much! I will only go as far to kiss a girl!
    NO! Girls are way better and hotter!
    Yeah, both are attractive to me!:) <3
  • 3
    How far will you go with a girl?
    All the way! ;) <3
    Nothing! Only if I was dared to! Still yuck!
  • 4
    Do you like gay people?
    I guess so, I'm not against it! But I don't mind.
    Hell yeah! I support them in every way possible!
    NO! They are funny, but I wouldn't like to be one!
  • 5
    Rate yourself on a gay level from 1-100 <3
    50 %!
    2 %: o Maybe 0 %:/
  • 6
    Do you get jealous of gay couples?
    HELL YEAH!:( </3:'(
    Not really, I feel happy for them though:)
  • 7
    In Pretty Little Liars, which couple is the cutest?
    #Spoby! (Toby and Spencer) or #Other! (Not any of these!)
    #Paily! (Paige and Emily) or #Emison! (Emily and Alison)
    # Ezria! (Aria and Ezra) or #Haleb! (Caleb and Hanna)
  • 8
    What's the best thing about hugging a girl?
    The closeness and the smell! <3: D
    EWWW! Only as friends! I think it's awkward sometimes.
    The friendship:) <3
  • 9
    Do you think abs are cute?
    Meh. I think they are okay, not what I look for in a guy though:/
    HOT HOT HOT HOT!: D <3! LOVE EM ;)
    Not really. Abs look weird!: P
  • 10
    Has anyone thought you were lesbian?
    Yeah, not many times though.
    No. I am completely straight ;) <3
    Yeah! More than 1 or 2 people called me gay!
  • 11
    Do YOU think you're gay?
    No! This test is for fun and to see the answer!: P
    Yeah! That's why I'm taking this stupid test!
    Sort of, I think I like both!
  • 12
    Do you like both girls and boys, just girls or just boys?
    BOTH! <3 <3: D ;)
    BOYS! <3 <3: D ;)
    GIRLS! <3 <3: D ;)
  • 13
    Do you get jealous of girls?
    Not really, I don't care.: P
    No! I hate girls! They suck lol ;) Besides ME
    Yeah!:( And girl couples... </3:'(
  • 14
    Do you think that the world would be better if people could date whoever?
    Yeah, but you CAN date whoever, some people just find it gross.
    NO! It wouldn't change anything! I don't care!
  • 15
    Are you offended by being called gay?
    No! I feel guilty and I feel like it's true and I feel like everyone can see it!
    Yes! Because I am not gay!
    Yeah, but I am only offended because people think being gay is bad!
  • 16
    Would you rather date a guy or a girl?
    Girls <3
    Boys and their abs! <3 <3: P: D ;)
    Both, I don't care: P <3
  • 17
    Are any of your friends Lesbian?
    A couple, why?
    No! If they were I would not speak to them the same!
    No, but I could be the first ;)
  • 18
    Would you tell your parents you were gay?
    No! I would hide it forever and not worry about it!
    No, they won't care! It's none of their concern, I'd keep it to myself! Or a trustworthy friend. <3
    Yeah, it'll take a while to get used to but I'll manage and when I know, I will tell them calmly. <3
  • 19
    What's best about a girl?
    Probably looks, I sometimes get jealous!:( <3
    Smell and personality!
    Body ;) And personality! <3
  • 20
    Did this quiz help you?
    Sorta, thanks:) <3
    Not really.....: P

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