Should I Kill Myself?

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You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

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    Who has been bothering you?

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TheLunarChronicles78 (89167)
4 hours ago
All I want to do is die. It doesn't matter that it says I shouldn't, I have no reason to live anymore................
What's the point? (51867)
7 hours ago
I would rather die than live with what I have to live with
12 hours ago
i want to die give me a go d 💗 reason to live
Useless and alone (15428)
14 hours ago
No one cares no one will ever care whats the point of living if I'm alone and no one cares for me theirs nothing left for me here goodbye I might as well not exist I'm just gonna save myself the pain and do what I should've done a while ago goodbye...
Bubbis (58945)
23 hours ago
i vant to kil me self becuse best frend svante majlo suck me of evriday i'm done with life baywhores
If I didn’t have a daughter... (76939)
I want to kill myself and have wanted to for years. Nothing ever gets better. I thought my life would be better than this. I waste my daughter to have a happy life. I am a single mom and don’t want my daughter to be sad but I think she will be better off without me. No one wants me. No one but my daughter loves me.

If I didn’t have a daughter I would already be dead.
Stephanie (94622)
90percent here doesn’t suprise me oh well bye peeps gonna go die now
NoOneThatMatters (94059)
Just honestly ready to leave but people are pretending to care for this and me
Someone (27873)
I feel I'll just wake up from this nightmare
dead inside (08283)
2 days ago
100% ok see you guys and girls at the other side if there is one bye
dead inside (08283)
2 days ago
make one for me two plase
Help (47716)
2 days ago
I think about killing myself almost every dAy I need help but if my mom finds out that I want to kill myself she kill me her self
Trash (44857)
2 days ago
I have way too many issues in my head... how is it just 40%?...
Micah (96708)
2 days ago
Can someone please give me a very good reason to live
JAYJay (21636)
3 days ago
Like how it says click here to more fun quizzes after the should I kill myself quizz 😂
I've been cutting since 2 weeks and I won't s (76266)
3 days ago
Well, seems like a lot of people here are depressed. Jokes on them, because I'm certainly not depressed haha. See? I'm happy! I laughed at my own joke.. lol
mary (87636)
3 days ago
what is this why does suicide needs to have a freaking test!
. (46962)
5 days ago
Is anyone willing to give me a reason to live
Pedro (80198)
5 days ago
Is there like a secret combination of answers to get the "YES - GO FOR IT!" result?
Santo (78315)
5 days ago
String* sorry I missed typed