Should I Kill Myself?

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You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

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    Who has been bothering you?

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no one listens! (80766)
50 days ago
I think i should kill myself because i am never enough to anyone. everyone around me is leaving me suffer all by myself, even tho i tried to make them see it but they never did just like if they were blind.
soulless (37127)
50 days ago
This test is a wast of time and its always come out to the exact same results. If you actually want to help someone not live, have the decency to have a few replies ............what a wast
Lola (37127)
50 days ago
This is really difficult to write. Lets just say things are really dark for me. I have been bullied all through school, been raped, been isolated. Yeap so I said to myself this is all my fault. I will change and make thing better. So I tried real hard to be good and help everyone one out with a big smile on my face. "No one can hurt me"...Well I have tried going on 40 years and nothing much has change......So lets just say the light in the darkness is still so small that I have not found it yet.............So what is left to do, I think I have tried everything.
Goodbye (61984)
51 days ago
I've lived life for 17 years so far and it hasn't got better the 💗ty home I came from the abusive father the mother who only wanted him all the liars who said they cared about me all the foster parents who couldnt deal with me they all made things worst and worst i cant talk to anyone and i feel terrible about it because i think atleast one person cares about me but they dont do a good job at showing so I find myself taking this test plaqued with constant thoughts of suicide and now I think im willing to act on them, they say itll get better maybe for some people but I guess not me.
the banana man (30421)
51 days ago
bure in hell this is the worst thing ever
Dina- (81506)
51 days ago
-still wanna Die-:'3
Sally (23412)
51 days ago
thank you very much, this helped get through another horrible day.
💗YouWord (41331)
51 days ago
40 Years old and this doesn't get easier. Living on meds and walking an eggshells so people to freak out. Great life, I should of jumped when I was 8 years old. Would love for someone to put me on my knees and put the bullet into the back of my head.
That Girl (91865)
52 days ago
still i wanna die. you'll never stop me from doing it. thanks.
She who shall not be named (74835)
52 days ago
I'm in my fifth grade and life sucks! I keep getting depressed and stressed and I don't know what to do! I've spoken to my mom but she thinks its silly, I really want to kill myself but I cant! Someone plz help! 😓
Donald Rump (26117)
52 days ago
Everyday i ask myself the questions.....the questions keep me awake....... can a legless man walk the wrong path.... why do we park in drive ways but drive on park ways.....why does our nose run but our feet smell..... these questions keep me aliviviviviviviiiveveiveiu 420swaggitynoscopeblazeit
Help (88248)
52 days ago
I first tried killing myself when I was 8. Now I'm about to turn 38 in 2 weeks and I wish I had succeeded at 8. It has been 11+ years homeless. 8 years with someone that leaves me to do everything while she doesn't think about me at all. My mom is a horrible person. My dad is selfish and stubborn. My younger sister has custody of my little girl and won't talk to me and my older sister drives me crazy and kind of uses me too. Where did my life go? What did I do wrong?I'll tell you what I did wrong. I tried being a good person. I tried doing things for others. I never once looked at what I wanted and gave up on the idea of morality. I was homeless because I can't see working a job and paying taxes that help support this country going to war with innocent people all around the world while I see lies that take us there on the news. I can't see helpings an immoral company make it's billions while poisoning these willfully blind individuals that care about stuff more than each other.....And I should have just been selfish. Selfish and stupid like them. Lived for myself. Used them instead of letting them use me. I never cared about me as much as I did others and I believed God would love me. I was wrong. 30 years of hell is what I got doing my best to be kind and caring of even strangers. Just a year ago I gave $300 to a family begging by a wal-mart. I always give what I have but it puts you in a hole and no one and nothing will ever pull you out of it but you.
Wall from Mexico (59378)
52 days ago
Don't be a 💗 and drink some bleach
Jos (15411)
52 days ago
Tbh im so done with my life i have been cutting.I just wanna end my 💗 life and just forget abt everything.Plus i am bisexual with homophobic parents.But some part of me tells me to stay.So whoever out there reading this,no matter how uo ur life is there is someone who cares.So believe in that someone and urself.We value u.Stay safe buddy.
Donald (15691)
52 days ago
anyone reading this you are worth it. There is so much in store for you. The world is a scary place, and sometimes we fall into a dark place. But we wont be in these dark times forever. There will be happy days ahead, but you must work towards them one step at a time. You are strong and you are capable of anything. I love you, please take care.
Harmony Hall (90410)
52 days ago
I’m only 9 and I cant take it and want to kill my slef before my favorite hoilday Christmas
emily (05029)
53 days ago
honestly, at this point in the semester, I'm ready to kill myself with a eraser.
Charlie n (00236)
53 days ago
I’m 12 I’ve been thinking of sucked for about a year and every time something seems brighter it just fades away slowly and I don’t know what to do I don’t have any friends I’m homeschooled so I’m finding it hard to get any and I critsize. Myself on everything
christian matthy (61097)
53 days ago
)that dosent make me feel better at the end
evan (24509)
53 days ago
I don't know how I will be able to kill myself.