Should I Kill Myself?

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You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

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    Who has been bothering you?

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Rene Westinnn (45235)
48 days ago
Hi everyone, Rene Westinn here. I'm 15 years old. I have anxiety and a severe depression disorder, and I'm part of the group of people with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder, or Asperger's syndrome. I'm emo, but my mom doesn't let my buy all black clothes or dye my hair. Why? Because she's a control freak. She looms over me, a dark shadow with a sharp, cold voice, telling me "No, that doesn't match. Look at this! There's dust here, you didn't clean at all. Stop crying, you're such a drama queen. 💗 while I'm on the phone! You need to put on more makeup before you go out in public. Why are you so stupid?"My parents fight whenever my dad actually feels like doing something about my mom's emotional abuse. I have no self esteem... I actually went so far once as tying the noose around my neck before I stopped myself. "NO!" my conscience screamed at me. "Don't let them do this to you! Don't give up!" I untied the noose, went downstairs, drank some water, calmed my shaking nerves, and listened to a very fitting song, "Never Give Up" by Sia. Beautiful song with a strong meaning. I sing it whenever I feel like suicide, and it always gives me the courage to face a new day. Everyone, don't give up. Your life is worth so much more than it seems. Stay alive. Pick someone extremely important to you. Think about how they would feel if you died. Really. Think about it. I did this. I chose my best friend and crush, Chase. (I call him Beanie Boy.) HE was the one person that I thought of, the person who unwittingly made me untie that noose. He is literally MY LIFE. Without him, I wouldn't be here today. Without LOVE, I wouldn't be here today. Love conquers all pain. Love is life. I love you, Beanie Boy
Paris (12975)
48 days ago
It's going to be my last day!
Paris (12975)
49 days ago
I'm sorry......
please don't hate me!
I just want to rest.
It's killing me slowly!
I can't get this voices to go away they are to strong!!!!!!!!
Why do they need to stand in front of me telling me I'm not worth anythink??
I just want to sleep!!!
I can't deal with the pain and torture anymore day in and day out!!
No one wants or needs me!!
I'm just the PROBLEM!!
Why was I treated that way? Why was it that I was the one to be blamed for most of the PROBLEMS??
I just wanted some LOVE!!!
Someone to CARE!!!
Someone just be be there!!
My life was not a life it was PAIN!!!!!!!!
Why don't you love me Mum?
Why didn't you show me??
Did anyone notice that I'm in this much pain?
I'll be looking after you all don't you all
I'm at peace now just accept that I'm not in pain or torture anymore!!!
School killed me
The Rape killed me I was already dead inside.
I just couldn't deal with them any more
Telling me I'm better of dead and they was right I can't hurt none no more I can't disappoint you all anymore iv proven you all right that I wasn't going to get anywhere in life and your welcome to celebrate that!!!!!!
Don't cry I know you can live with out me I was just a wast of air, time and space
None need to CRY!!
All I wanted was that someone loved me and adored me for who I was!!!
I wish you all a very nice life and please just injoy the time you have!
Because my time is done I'm way over my time limit I can't deal with the pain and mistakes iv done.
I'm Nast
I'm Dirty
I'm Dirt
I'm Not Worth The Space On this World
Only one person knows what iv been through to survive.
He is my Big Love
I never felt special tell he was in my life he made me smile,laugh and happy everyday I woke up with a good morning message every morning or we would wake up to each other on Skype.
I Loved Him
I Still Love Him
He never failed to put a smile on my face.
I tolled him everythink about me the only person I could open up to and know I wasn't being judged for what iv been through or had to do.
I m saying thank you to you. Thank you for showing me what love really is!
I miss you
And I will look after you
I'll be your angel! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
pae (94655)
49 days ago
the result i got made me cry. it really helped,, thank you. this is so sweet and pure ;;
i love you all !!! you're worth it. don't do anything to harm yourselves.
Erin (66842)
49 days ago
I'm 16 and want to die, for the longest time I have wanted to. My parents are divorced and always say they love me but they pull me ever direction, they bad mouth each other 24/7, my step dad has been trying to be my dad and i know he lives me but I can't accept it deep down. I'm so mean to him and i don't know how to stop. Me and my mom are always fighting, we have gotten into physical fights, we just don't get along, and she's trying to get me to move with her two hours away from my dad. My dad and me get along okay but I don't live with him so I have no idea how we would work out, and my step mom just doesn't care about me or what I do. My older sister doesn't talk to me, and when she moved out she ignores me, it's like I'm not needed. My friends all end up leaving me in some way. I feel so alone and i just want it to end. My name is Erin, I'm 16 years old, I'm a sophomore in highschool, and i just want to die.
TormentedSoul (36966)
49 days ago
My life has always brought me pain ever since I became a teen. Back when I was a teen, there were no hangouts for me even though I had my friends in touch, no fun as I was constrained by my parents to stay home. I never really enjoyed my teenage years as I should've done and I still regret it. As days passed by, I grew depressed and felt like I was living in a prison. Even if I talked to my classmates on the phone, someone in the family would spy on me. Not only that, I was also being monitored online on social media even I knew that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I would just chat with friends and play games. I was literally forced to lead a solitary life for no good reason!

Now that I'm an adult in my mid 20s, the results of the torment have already started to become evident. I've become an introverted person, very, very different from how I used to be when I was a child, happy and lively. I've become someone who hesitates to speak and lives with the fear of being monitored everywhere. Seriously this is the main reason why I don't feel free to write fb statuses because if I did, then someone would start to criticise me in person regarding my post. I'm tired of going through such pain and restrictions, I'm tired of being yelled at, I'm tired of crying my eyes out, I'm simply tired of this life. My life is meaningless and I'm a useless person.
twisted guts (58726)
49 days ago
i just cant deal with all the toxicity in my life. everyone who says they care just ends up hurting me, using me, and leaving me. whats the point in living if theres no one to live for? i cant do it anymore. i just cant.
Drey (67999)
50 days ago
I just need someone to love so lonely
Girl96 (49504)
50 days ago
You know what is the worst thing ever ? when you are sad but you don't know why and you keep telling yourself it will get better and I will be happy but it's it doesn't get better and you will be always sad and lonely . these days I feel like I am empty and I keep asking myself why am I alive ? Why am i living . everything become boring and I don't have anyone to talk about it with and even if i have they will think i'm faking it . It is just painful I hope it will get better because I can't deal with this anymore . I just hope and pray it's will get better before it's too late .
just some random guy (61984)
50 days ago
I'm just gonna say no one truly knows what the future will bring it could be amazing and extraordinary or it could be just plain garbage dont give up on yourself now theirs so many things in life you could do if you fail at something pick yourself up and try something else you may believe that no one loves you or cares for you but people do they really do people can just do a crappy job at showing it just remember you may think your life is terrible but do you really think that your the worst off person out there I really dont belive so someone out there is having just as much or more touble than you it will probably not be for the same reasons everyone is unique and perfect in there own way because is there really a way to describe perfection i dont think there is you just goota hold on life will bring good days and bad days you just gotta weather the bad days and remember the good ones
Human Turd (03940)
50 days ago
There's no hope for me, my future is bleak, I want to end it all..
Human Turd (03940)
50 days ago
I am 25 I want end it all, I can't hold up a job, I am tired of my family they are always fighting and stuff. I don't have any friends, I never been in a relationship with a woman, I could not finish college. I can't even do a simple fast food job, always getting yelled no matter how hard I tried, I am often overlooked in favor of my younger brothers, who are like smarter and better shape then me. I feel like no matter how hard I try I can never be as good as my brothers going to universities and stuff. I have learning disabilities, I wish I was never born I burden my family constantly...
Death isnt beautiful (35044)
50 days ago
If anyone needs someone to talk to that will understand anything,.please MSG me,,I will respond and help,,,im not saying I can understand everyone's problems,.but talking always helps,,try me
Death isnt beautiful (35044)
50 days ago
Ok..I found this site by googling I wanna kill myself,,I've been threw so much in my life,,im in my mid 30s and I've lost a son ,,a relationship that completely tore me apart and yes even my freedom for a long time,,I've always been sorta prone to depression, ,even though I've had good life,,yes,,i say that even though I've been handed a 💗 hand at life,,so it seems at times,,if I can offer any advice to those wanting to end there life's,,please stop and look inside yourself,,this world ,,this life we live is fueled by love,,you don't have to love yourself,,but someone loves you,,remember that,,someone will hurt missing you,,I've missed so much of my son,,his life and who he could be,,but even though hes not with me I still feel him,,and when I feel low,,I think how I would hurt him if I gave up. We all have feelings and even if someone hurts you or you feel you are worthless,,remember it gets better! Life is not short,,I've hurt myself in so many ways,,cut myself,,burned myself,,drank myself into darkness,,took drugs to kill the pain,,even sitting here now its hard to say what I am.,because inside I wanna give up,,but tomorrow may hold such wonder,,such beauty,,don't let that escape you,,yesterday is gone,,and live for tomorrow,,take these words from someone willing to take that jump with you,,im gonna try and find the strength to seek tomorrow,,be there with me,,I've always been this wonderful guy everyone loved,,all I can do is offer myself to tomorrow,,I want to see all those who want to end this life there,,who knows I might actually see you one day and we wouldn't know we were here,,this is a dark place,,find the light and go towards it,,for me music is my blessing in this world,,it makes me cry and makes me sad.,but it also keeps me strong,,im a lover and a deep feeler,,so it hurts losing those I loved,,I love,,,but remember, ,I do,,that love is forever and those we lose are never gone forever, ,,don't be that person who loses love in there heart,,tomorrow, ,today,,go out and open up to someone,,tell them about how you feel,,people will surprise you,,there are so many good ones in this world,don't give up! Don't! Take my word for it,,fight and get threw anything that hurts you,,its worth it,,
C.C123 (05628)
51 days ago
I just want to die but i don't know how to even start. I'm just tired of faking the smiles and cutting my flesh just to feel something. It's not like I asked for this.
Dog (65692)
51 days ago
I want to die but I just can’t kill myself. I just broke up with my boyfriend today because I’m lesbian and now he won’t even talk to me because he thinks it will be akward but he’s the only person I actually care about in life besides my dog and I just need someone to talk to or I might just die
Chris (64754)
51 days ago
I need help. I don't have the balls to kill myself
❤️❤️ (04981)
51 days ago
There is someone out there for all of you!!! Just look around and talk to someone you trust!!! Just don’t do it!! Someone will always care about you!!!
Jade (31579)
51 days ago
Why the 💗 is this a thing your encouraging people to kill themselves! This is so 💗!
Melissa (44131)
52 days ago
Listen to me please !!! You might think that this is the end but it’s not !!! It’s dark and you think you can’t escape ..... I know the feeling, BUT IM 100% SURE that there IS someone that loves you and everything wil be okay soon , I’m talking from experience, i thought I would never recover but I did, there’s always tomorrow and it always gets better , you are not worthless , you are beautiful just the way you are and there are plenty of people who will come into your life and make you happy I promise, just wait a little bit longer , you are strong enough !! It’s gonna be okay I promise , whatever your problem is IT WILL GET BETTER I know from experience, you are stronger than what you think ❤️