Should I Kill Myself?

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You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

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    Who has been bothering you?

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Ronnie (33901)
93 days ago
my dad died when I was 8, my mum always used to be so happy but now I always hear her coming in late at night drunk. I can't cope with all of this anymore my mum is driving herself insane! I get bullied at school, they call me and my mum sluts, 💗es, Loners, one of the kids said "your dad probably killed himself because he couldn't stand u". I think about suicide everyday I don't know if I can do this.
Useless (79347)
94 days ago
I'm 12 and going through depression and suicide and currently hiding in my closet due to my stepmother and my father not letting me have my own personal space so I had to get used staying in the closet. It was hard seeing my family tear apart. See my older brother leave me with my perants when later getting a divorce. Later my mother got a slight drinking problem and my dad left for a year due to the divorce get married and haVe a child. Then my father started hitting me and my mother. And getting bullied. I've been getting cuts on my wrists lately because of this.
JustSomeKid (26012)
95 days ago
growing up seeing my mom and dad split apart and geting in to bad fights with my brother and mom and not being aloud to live or see my dad any more because of his drug problem a long time ago. He was the only one I felt care about me it was hard enough knowing my mom and brother didn't love me but now i feel like im alone and feel like no one will ever love me so I think theres only one way out of it
Zara Lester (02817)
96 days ago
I've tried so hard to fit in all of my life... my husband knows I have mental health problems... Bi polar but blames me and expects me to just behave as though nothing is wrong. He cannot take any criticism and is agressive. I have no one. life is too painful so why live
Andy (74754)
97 days ago
I just found out that I can order nembutal off the Internet from the manufacturer. If I haven't found my reson to live by the time it gets here I'm taking my self out of the equation of life. Sorry no sob story to add to this I just want to be done with life. The brain can only take so much and some of us can take it, I guess this is how nature is going to weed me out.
Something (15305)
98 days ago
These answers don't fully encompass my thoughts;
1.The pain I've caused and the pain I've yet to cause makes me consider this.
2. The burden on my loved ones would be greater with me still around than with me gone.
When I'm gone they can pretend I was better than I am and they will feel better.
3. They will grieve and believe they are good. Their sadness, if any, will be made up for by not having me around to make things worse.
4. No one is dependent on me.

These questions are a limited choice and force 💗 people into believing the answers because they chose the one that is closest to what they were thinking.
Choosing the answer creates a sense of ownership for it, and makes it easy for some people to convince themselves that it is what they thought the entire time.
This 'quiz' is another "Don't do it!" attempt and not really a determination on whether a person should or shouldn't kill themselves.
David (12702)
99 days ago
I'm getting hard just reading these questions mmmmmmmmmmmmmm kill me
Issy (37947)
101 days ago
Sometimes I wish I would die I got 50/50 which means I have a choice and I don't want to have a choice because if I have a choice then I pick to die but then I hesitate and I want to kill myself even more... I'm only 12
Deadman (85713)
101 days ago
I got a large amount of potassium cyanide from a friend who processes gold and am in the process o💗esting 9 grams.
Walter (60619)
101 days ago
Steph Curry just hit a deep 3 in my face to win the game in overtime
Game 7 of image NBA finails

Why shouldnt I just chop my balls off and feed it to orphans ?
your boy :D (12016)
101 days ago
it gets better all, don't hurt yourselves please, hope you have a great day!
Jace (89276)
101 days ago
I'm 20. Every day is a fight. Sometimes I win, sometimes there are little wins and sometimes I crash. I've wanted to kill myself everyday at some point for days , weeks maybe years. You have to live one moment at a time. One day of life is one victory for you. Even though you may wish you were never born you were given this human life. Which is something so inexplicably amazing and unique in our galaxy etc. live your life like a canvas and make changes to free yourself and be find happiness
Nathan (91865)
102 days ago
Hi im 9 im going through depression and everybody just ignores me i get treated differently from everyone im the last one i get rejected and i only trust people who are special to me the only one in my family is my grandparents i dont know but im done every girl ignores me im done i need advice
I-only-love-softball (70173)
102 days ago
today i got in a fight with my family. my grandpa said im a wannabe and i said yah wannabe out of this house and he said trust me we want you out of here to
Andrie (74405)
102 days ago
All the people I care and love are gone maybe I should go with them.
I_Hate_Life (44955)
103 days ago
Why I took this test?
I honestly wish I could answer. I suppose this is my way of procrastinating... I seem so desperate, and like a complete attention seeker right now I guess I wanted to be told that what I'm doing is alright even though I know what I'm about to do is the exact opposite. Thank you for trying quiz person, I suppose we can't save everyone
Hope everyone else manages a way out I've just been fighting this battle to long 🤘🏻
So long and goodnight
Ay (49232)
104 days ago
Thanks for saving my life today..
Night star mlp (21127)
104 days ago
Depressed (81381)
106 days ago
I've been cutting since I was 9 everyone thinks I'm joking but I'm clearly unhappy. I've been through heartbreak and fake friends. my brother told me that I don't need my phone but without my music on my phone I would probably be dead. he doesn't know anything about me no one does not even me. The only way I find myself happy is being dead. i just wanted to be a happy skinny little girl I guess that can't happen where I'm going.
Ahmad (76635)
107 days ago
Now I'm gona kill my self