Should I Kill Myself?

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You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

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    Who has been bothering you?

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Useless (20345)
112 days ago
I'm tired of letting my husband and children down. My heart hurt a lot because I keep doing wrong. And it hurt so much. My mind and my body hurt. I'm a coward and I'm tired of hiding. I had done so much wrong. I'm tired of being wrong and I can't seem to find a clear path. I'm so broke. I owe too much money. I'm scared. I'm embarrassed. I'm a loser. I don't deserve to live. Please let me die God. I am hurt a lot inside my heart
John (24608)
112 days ago
It's crazy I never thought that I would actually KNOW this is the answer I'm so ready to die im just scared to go to the other side I already know nobody will miss me when im gone every night I get closer i believe that I'm not for this world I make my wife and kids unhappy it's time just gotta work myself up to it
Michelle (26076)
112 days ago
Anyway, I've already planned my exit. Copy of signed Will, daughter will get the animals this weekend so I can be alone.
Michelle (26076)
112 days ago
People are mean and cruel as time goes on. I feel like an outsider
When I go out. No one looks at me or shows any kindness. Life never used to be like this. We should all thank Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. For all
The useless social media everyone us involved with.
joy (40368)
114 days ago
dont ever allow people make you look down on yourself.
joy (50918)
114 days ago
dhil,i understand how u feel. I also go through the same thing. Try to give people without expecting anything in return. Maybe this will work.
Dhil (98835)
115 days ago
Just tired... Sometimes you help people too much...
You start losing youself... Give alot and receive none...
Vanna (51100)
116 days ago
I'm extremely depressed, I'm angry 24/7. I'm sad the next day. Cry every night. Make my family hate me. Bullied at school. My dog died. Failed SOL's. Been to therapy once and didn't work. I've decided to not let my parents know how I feel because they get mad when I speak or whatever. So I cry at night silently and in the shower. I feel it's easier because I just ruin everyone's day when I walk in the room. No one knows I'm even suicidal, and if I did say something they'd be all like don't say that. And I'd think, I'm trying to warn you, trying to tell you. I'm just so done.....
Hurt and hoping (45694)
117 days ago
Guys honestly it's really not easy. Life is really really hard. Everyday all I can think about are the mistakes I've made. I live in constant regret. I've lost everyone and everything I've ever cared about. My friends don't call, I'm unloved and I'm so ready to be dead. But if I can help one person by not killing myself then my life will have made a difference. Tomorrow is another day. Just hold on for a minute more. Keep going. Just keep going guys. Don't give up. Even if it's dark you never know who you might help. Don't live for yourself live for others. Show them that even when it's so bleak there's always a reason to live.
Coopo Smit (75935)
117 days ago
Thank you for helping me overcome suicide
Ellie (27420)
117 days ago
Oh meh gosh, I can't believe it. I'm so deppresed ;-;
donewithlife (60482)
119 days ago
there is nothing you can throw at me that i haven't already heard.
i've finished this life..
A nothing (84118)
120 days ago
Well i really dont have nothing to do in this world anymore im just a im nothing . Im super ugly and annoying . My parents hit me and then they hit my nose for i can bleed . My peers bully me so much :( but its cool though i have so much problems in my life i tried so many times to suicide for example put chemicals in my water then drink it it didnt work cut my self ... hang myself but im too scared to suicide becauae what will people think of me ive tried to be happy :( nothing ever works out for me this one time in school my teacher screamed at me and i didnt even know the answer ive never paid attention :( because of this one boy.....all i want is to be superr smart have a scholarship have good grades be accepted into a good highschool be in honor roll not to get bullied when i get braces all i want to get in the spelling bee win trophies not to disaobey my parents get a iphone AND TO BE CAPTAIN OF THE SOCCER TEAM :( but i guess its not possible for me .. i just want to end my life :((
Savannah (69987)
121 days ago
How could you know if suicide is cowardly or courageous? Certainly running away from your problems is a cowardly tactic...or is it? When a soldier is outnumbered and outmatched, and calls an air strike on themselves, it's bravery. But when a girl faces both inner and outer demons and can't come back, how is that any different? I'm not outmatched just yet, I believe that I can win, but there are times when the pain is too much, when you have no one to fall back on, when the demons rear their ugly heads and if it happens to you, you will know true fear. Sometimes, we pull through the fear, but I'll not blame the duckling that perished in a puddle of tar for dying just because the elephant survived it.The poor people you call cowards are brave enough to face the unknown, mankind's most feared enemy, in order to escape the hell they survive every day. Who can blame them for choosing their end? The only thing you can do is believe you are the elephant, and if you are truly brave; you can save the duckling too.
Melissa (58597)
121 days ago
Please read !!!! This quiz doesn't mean anything !!! Suicide is NOT an option, it have never been , we all have problems but sooner or later it will get all better and we will get over it , just don't do it because we all have long happy lives waiting for us !!! We are all loved although sometimes it doesn't seem like it but we are!!!
I can't no more (80346)
121 days ago
I can't handle it my brothers are always mean to me
Dre (25713)
122 days ago
I will die in 10 hours. See all my dear friends soon. Glad this is over
Lizbeth (60148)
123 days ago
No it tell me to hold on i cant i give up i been deppresed since i was 10 snd i sm 13 snd i give up everybody reminds me everyday that i am a sin that i should die will if thats what they wsnt i will i just give up the pain and i csnt take this life anymore i want to cry i wsnt to scream i want to die all i feel is pain and more pain
No (71202)
123 days ago
I hate the result all I wanted to know if I should kill myself and all it did is to convince me not to. You think you understand me and write that longšŸ’—thing and all I feel is more anger and wanting to kill myself. I hate everything. You are having a good life but I'm not. Everything is being blamed on me in my life. Why should I even be living
Tribute (71245)
124 days ago
Please, send me an email - I will gladly respond in a timely matter, helping people is what matters the most to me. FYI, I'm only 21.