Should I Kill Myself?

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You are just done. You can't take anymore of those things that people keep saying. They wouldn't leave you alone, so you will make it stop. Yes, you will do it tonight. But wait...should you?

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    Who has been bothering you?

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Anna (36124)
69 days ago
I want to leave. I'm a burden to my family and past friends. I'm tired of suffering from the hallucinations, panic, migranes, and feeling empty and crushed. It hurts to move with the constant pounding headaches. I can't even speak properly anymore - my ability to speak seems to be ever so slowly draining away. The only person who brought happiness into my life, the only person who gave me a will to live... they have ignored me and seemed to disappear from my life.
I just want to go to sleep. I don't care that it will be in eternal darkness,
and thatI will no longer have any consciousness. The realm of nothingness is at least a much more peaceful place for me to rest. I can't keep suffering. I don't expect myself to still be alive by the end of this month.
At least I have something to look forward to in life, I suppose.
Unknown (55784)
70 days ago
I just don't think I should live anymore nobody likes me I have no friends my family doesn't talk to me and when they do they yell at me my mum even gave me a lecture on how I'm trash and always will be nobody loves me
what do I do!?!?!
Carrie-Ann (51300)
70 days ago
I just can’t stand the hate anymore. My anxiety and depression is taking over
Melina (23048)
70 days ago
I don’t know but life feel like nothing. Everyone just seems to hate me even my own parents, cousins and brother. Many quizzes that I took say that I have deepression. But sometimes I just feel like sucide. Sometimes I feel like living. Why. Why.

I hate myself
Amanda (08398)
70 days ago
To "Cecilia" I have experienced that. Now I'm feeling much better though. You'll have this end soon, but suicide isn't the answer.
Cecilia (08398)
70 days ago
I'm being messed with at school and nobody in my family understands me. I just got 60%.

I don't want to live.
Milena (38014)
70 days ago
So many people are alone just like everybody else. It's the devil telling us we are not good enough or just not enough period. If you are capale of killing yourself, then you are just as capable of killing someone else just like you, someone who has had a hard life also and no one to truly love them. Would you really want to kill someone like that? Or hug someone like that? If you want to harm yourself, dig deeper. See yourself as somebody else so that you may have compassion and love for yourself because YOU DESERVE LOVE AND COMPASSION. I know I do too. I'm so awesome and kind and loving yet sometimes I really hate myself but it isn't right and I end up talking myself out of it, thankfully because this hard world actually does need people like me and you in it.
suga (94771)
70 days ago
do you think this can even help? depression and anxiety are dangerous things, and you cannot cure them by words. sure, it may work for some, but it won't work for most.(esmall))
Unwanted child (18451)
70 days ago
It's not fair if they act nice around other but not me
Unwanted child (18451)
70 days ago
Why do they treat us this way
Nw (48571)
70 days ago
goodbye to all the people who put through hell, I have no one who truly cares for me, I ruin everyone's life that I come in contact with the only thing that relieved the pain was a razor and now that doesn't even help, I'm sorry
💗 (28929)
70 days ago
this is heart wrenching reading the last thoughts of people who feel more alone than me. I'm still going to kill myself however it's comforting to know that all or these commentors know about this pain, stay alive people, you are more valuable than me and more precious than you will ever understand
imdonee (81931)
71 days ago
im writing a suicide note right now
Bd (41602)
71 days ago
55 year old man. Lost job. No degree. Marriage issues several months ago... keep getting brought up. No escape. Alone. Came close several months ago. Wrote notes. Planned how and where. Then I lost my job....
Dying inside 232 (40959)
71 days ago
everything im done
Brad (41945)
74 days ago
The people on this page making jokes and telling people to kill themselves are more likely to kill themselves then anyone and are actually crying for help.... like babies
Jared (26794)
76 days ago
Where did I go wrong in life?
we are all hurting (09501)
76 days ago
i am so sorry for my spelling mistakes 😟
we are all hurting (09501)
76 days ago
"El234" neither did i , but i did my best to find those people. You don't have anyone now, but it is for now. Also there is thise site i found 1 year ago, it might be helpfull and you will always find a lostenwr there. There are real people woth real problems who understand or at least try to and they do not judge. I wish you all well, and i will none of you had to ever suffer.
El234 (20769)
76 days ago
This isn't helpful since I don't have that "one person" your talking about. I have no one and nothing.