Which of the Legendary Hero's kids you are ( GIRLS ONLY )

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I have four main fan characters that are the most legendary heroes alive. They each hero has one kid. They are all teens that are at least 18.

  • 1
    Who do you think you're going to get?
    Solar's daughter, Solia
    Jewel's daughter, Onette
    And Kai's daughter, Vinny
    Spiker's daughter, Lina
  • 2
    What is your favorite color?
    Red white and blue, god bless America
    Neon Green baby
    Pink and black ;)
    Orange of course * giggles *
  • 3
    Taste in fashion?
    AA red coat with a white tee shirt and blue pants and of course red, white and blue shoes
    A pink and black jacket with black sweat pants and pink Jordan high heels
    A neon green jacket with neon green earrings, a neon green headband, and neon green Jordan of course
    A orange tank top with a pink jacket over it ( unzipped ) and pink jeans with orange boots ( like silver's )
  • 4
    Hair style and color?
    Just like silver's hair except I'm a girl, and it is light orange
    A pony tail with bangs perfectly styled, and it is red, white and blue
    Bangs covering my left eye and the rest is long and down, and it is black
    A pony tail with pointed bangs, and it is pink and black
  • 5
    Song that activates your super form?
    Castle in the Sky
    Nightcore Monster remix ( by Nightcore )
    Eye of the Tiger ( by Survivor )
    Kyoto ( by Skrillex )
  • 6
    Neon Powers
    Solar Mind Control
    Colorful Poison
    Power of the American Spirit
  • 7
  • 8
    Favorite food? xD
    Hot dogs ( they're so American: ) )
    Cupcakes, candy, and ice cream!
    Mmmmm, I love just about anything
    Only if it's healthy
  • 9
    How would you rate this test?
    It's Okay
    Really cool
    Just plain awesome
    I hated it
  • 10
    Would you want me to create another test?
    I guess
    No....... just no.......

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