Which of my Sonic fan characters are you? Part 2 (GIRLS ONLY )

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So I have 3 girls in this one

  • 1
    It's the first day of summer, you have no bathing suit, Uh-oh...
    Where do you go to buy one?
    It's ok, I have a spare one in my beach bag
    The mall! DUH!
  • 2
    You're all ready when your Boyfriend calls and invites you to a party. What do you do?
    Don't respond........
    Say no and continue going to the beach
    Excitedly say yes and get my party clothes on
  • 3
    You say yes anyways and get some party clothes on, you left you don't have any way of transportation, and your boyfriend lives far away, what do you do?
    Go back in the house and watch Sharknado 2
    Call my friend to take me
  • 4
    You call your friend and she says she is busy and doesn't have time, what do you do now?
    Just keep walking......
    Get my bathing suit back on and go to the beach
    Try to convince my friend to take me
  • 5
    Your friend finally agrees and asks where it is, you call your boyfriend but his phone is off, what do you do?
    Knock on every door and ask if it is the party
    Go to a random dance club
  • 6
    You decide not to go to the party and go to the beach, you see the meanest girl in school and she dumps your lemonade all over you, what do you do?
    Leave and go take a shower
    Punch her
    Keep calm and go wash off in the water
  • 7
    You keep your cool and just go to swim for a bit, you see a 20 ft. Great white shark lurking the waters, what do you do?
    Fight it
    Scare off the shark
  • 8
    The shark minds its own business and swims away. You see that its dark and decide to go home, you come home to find your boyfriend by the door wondering why you didn't come to the party, what do you tell him?
    Well, I thought I'd rather come to the beach. IT'S SUMMER!
    Sorry, I couldn't find it and decided to come here
    Dude, don't talk to me, we're over......
  • 9
    He understands and says it was at the beach 3 hours earlier, you get mad and try to keep cool, how do you keep your cool
    He keeps talk and you kiss him right on the lips to keep him quiet
    You bust open the bag of M&Ms you had and eat them
    Punch him in the face
  • 10
    If you chose kiss him on the lips: He accepts your kiss and kisses you back and says see you tomorrow.
    If you chose eat the M&Ms: You share some with him and talk and laugh the rest of the night

    If you chose punch him: He gets mad and throws your bag of M&Ms on the ground and runs away
    Do you like the Browns M&Ms too?
    Wow, he kissed me * smiles happily and gets excited *

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