How much do you really know about: 'The Land Of Stories - A Grimm Warning'

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Here is a fun, little quiz about the Third Book in Chris Colfer's best-selling trilogy 'The Land Of Stories'.

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    First, some questions about the series, in general...

    What are the names of the Twins that are the protagonists(main characters)?
    Rob and Mark Bail
    Alex and Connor Bail
    Alex and Connor Bailey
    Alice and Chris Bailey
    Alessia and Charlie Bail
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    Now, more about the series in general

    What kind of creature does Mother Goose fly on and what is their name?
    Other, Lester
    Dove, Lestershire
    Goose, Lester
    Duck, Lester
    Unicorn, Lestershire
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    Questions about Fairies now...
    What is Tangerina's special talent/power?
    She looks after bees which are at her service
    She has animals which are at her service
    She can propel fire out of her hands
    She sprays water and can create it
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    Ok, now we are onto questions about 'A Grimm Warning'

    Which Army are invading The Fairy Tale world and what language do they speak?
    The US army, English
    The Russian army, Russian
    The Grand Armee French
    The British army, English
    The French troops, French
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    Who is Rook? What does he do?
    A Sheep, makes wool
    A farmer's boy, works undergrounds
    Alex's farmer, makes her bread
    Alex's Servant, works for her
    Alex's Boyfriend, betrays her
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    What are the 2 groups which involve Fairies called?
    Happily Ever After Assembly, Happily Forever After Assembly
    Fairy United, Fairy Council
    Fairy Council, Fairy Godmother Assembly
    Happily Ever/Forever After Assembly, Fairy Council
  • 7
    Which creature stabs the dragon in the leg?
    Jack and Goldilocks, with their swords
  • 8
    What are the names of the 2 princesses?
    Hermionie, Ashley
    Hope, Ash
    Alex, Coral
    Sapphire, Rosie
    Hope, Ashley
  • 9
    What are the names of the 5 older children/ teens who are in this book?
    Ash, Hope, Emmerich, Rodger, Connor
    Alex, Connor, Emmerich, Bree, Rodger
    Ash, Hope, Charlie, Brian, Rodger
    Alessia, Charlie, Emily, Bree, Rookie
    Alex, Connor, Emmerich, Bree, Rook
  • 10
    Who is the Masked Man?
    The Leader of the Army
    The Dragon keeper
    The most powerful magician
    Alex and Connor's Dad

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Lani ( 0.165 )
Posted 45 days ago
The masked man is theare uncle not theire dad you tottaly had me bumed when i dident get them all and it was your own fsult! ... not to be rood or anything
Anonymous2 ( 91.31 )
Posted 49 days ago
The masked man is not Alex and Conner's dad, he is their uncle. You should probably change that question.😕😕😕
Gracie ( 1.251 )
Posted 51 days ago
I agree with all of you. It was super confusing. =(
Ashley ( 6.205 )
Posted 136 days ago
The masked man is their uncle you should really change that last question.
Anonymous ( 66.67 )
Posted 179 days ago
Alex and Connor's father is not the Masked Man, it is their uncle. You should change this question or post a notification to let people know that there is an error.
Unknown ( 02.23 )
Posted 231 days ago
The Masked Man is Alex and Connor's uncle... Yuo should really change that.
Anonymos ( 5.164 )
Posted 242 days ago
The masked man is their uncle, not their dad. Their is no answer to that question. That needs to be revised.
Rebekah ( 4.224 )
Posted 249 days ago
The masked man isn't Alex and Connor's dad, he's their uncle. That should be fixed.
Anonymous ( 16.94 )
Posted 251 days ago
The answer to "Who is the Masked Man" is incorrect. You find in the most recent book that he is their uncle, not their dad.