What is your sexuality? (Girls only)

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Girls only. Find out if you are a lesbian, bisexual, or straight!

  • 1
    Have you ever wanted to/have kissed a girl?
    Yes I've kissed a girl before and I liked it
    I don't really care I haven't and I'm indifferent
    Yes, but I didn't like it
    I've kind of wanted to... I'm curious...
    Ew! No!
  • 2
    Have you ever kissed a boy?
    I've kissed a boy and I liked it
    Ew, yuck!
    Haven't met one I wanted to kiss/don't care
    I've kissed a boy and I didn't like it
    I want to but no one likes me back
  • 3
    Would you rather be eaten by a woman or fucked by a man?
    If rather be fucked by a man
    I'd rather be eaten by a woman
    Sex is gross I'm waiting until I'm married to think about it
    I'm not sure
  • 4
    Do you see yourself dating/marrying a woman?
    Ew no! I don't like women that way!
    Maybe someday... I'm not sure...
    No, I can't see myself dating anyone.
    I have dated women and I don't want to anymore
    Yes! I can see myself adopting children and living life
  • 5
    Can you see yourself dating/marrying a man?
    I can't really see myself with a man.... Mayyybe...
    I'm not interested in marrying anyone.
    Yes! OMG we'll have babies that'll look like him and I'll live at home doing the chores!
    Not really... I can't picture my future very well...
    Hell no men are disgusting!
  • 6
    Scenario time!:
    Your female BFF invites you over for a sleepover. You go to change in the bathroom but the lock is broken. She comes in while you're changing, in just a bra and underwear. She rushes over to you, pins you to the wall, and tries to kiss you. What do you do?
    Begin kissing her back passionately
    Kiss her back shyly
    Stand there stiff as a board as she kisses you, not protesting but not joining her.
    Shove her off! Your mom and dad taught you about mono and diseases!
    Shove her away and run away screaming
  • 7
    You and your female friend are kissing in the bathroom. She unhooked your bra, and her own. She shoves you on the closed toilet lid and she sits on your lap. What happens next?
    I already ran screaming and am now safe at home away from the lesbian.
    She grabs your boob and makes out with it. You slowly run your hands over her butt.
    You begin making out with her boob and she starts to finger you.
    She begins to French kiss you and your tongue twitches a little and she feels your boobs.
    This never happened, you two are really sitting awkwardly in her dining room, not talking.
  • 8
    You and your friend have moved into her bedroom. You are now...
    She found a strap on and you two are fucking each other with it.
    You are fingering her as she makes out with your boob.
    You lie on the bed with her straddling you she's French kissing you.
    What don't you get! I'm gone! I'm at home, complaining and blushing as I explain to my mom!
    If we are in the bedroom it's me packing up my sleeping bag as she sits on the floor beside me silently.
  • 9
    Last question: which do you think is true about you?
    I like girls but guys too. They both make my heart flutter!
    I am inexperienced and extremely shy in sexual and romantic situations.
    I am prudish.
    I do not like girls. I like guy abs!
    I like girls a lot they make me happy/in love
  • 10
    Last of all: how do you feel about guys?
    Meh. Guys are just meh.
    Intimidated and angry they never like me back!:(
    Guys are super hot and sexy! Wooo!
    STD gold mines.
    I like guys as friends.

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