Which Hogwarts house are you in?

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What Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?

  • 1
    Why would you bother to learn this spell?
    Because it call my attention, so I will learn how this spell works, how I can use it, and what is it weakness.
    Because I need it for what I will do now.
    Because it will come in handy someday.
    Because I need to be stronger, or no one will trust me.
  • 2
    If your wand could be anything, what would it be and why?
    A normal wand, but made with the strongest material that is possible to make a wand, that way my spells would be powered up, and I would be useful.
    A maiden or a butler, he/she would dress and act like any other wizard, but I could say orders to he/she, cast spells through he/she, communicate telepathically with he/she, use another wand to say that “it’s my main wand” while I keep he/she as my secret weapon, and It would cost only a small amount of my magic when he/she cast some spell in the classes.
    A book, I could write and categorize my spells, and use it according to the battle, I could also write combo and spells sequences, then I just say it and BOOM hyper combo.
    A ring, I would never take it out, so I could react to any surprise attack, and my enemies would have problems to disarm me.
  • 3
    If you learn to do a potion, what you will do with that knowledge?
    Try to see if I can make weaker or stronger versions of it, so I could do it according to the situation.
    Try not to forget it.
    Use it when someone or some situation needs this knowledge.
    Try variations of it, maybe I can create a new and more effective potion.
  • 4
    If you had a pet, what would it be?
    A friendly pet.
    An obedient pet.
    Something that doesn’t bother me.
    Something big.
  • 5
    Which kind of sports is your favorite?
    Some competitive sport that you can play one against one, like tennis.
    Martial arts.
    Team sports.
    I don’t like sports…
  • 6
    Which one is more important?
  • 7
    Do you like books?
    Nope, they just keep saying irrelevant things to fill pages, it’s boring.
    I like adventure books.
    Maybe if it call my attention, but I feel sleepy with books.
    Yes, I like a good book with a good story or any book that have something interesting and useful.
  • 8
    If you had to duel with another wizard, which tactics would you use?
    Try to use a combo or some counter to his magic.
    Pay attention on his attacks to don’t get hit, and attack when he stops or when I have chance.
    Search for a failure in his defense or something around to use on my favor to destroy him.
    Break his defense with incessant attacks.
  • 9
    You and three friends are into a battle, which one would you be?
    The one who just attacks without think.
    The one who tries spells to discover which one is more effective.
    The one that support and defend the allies.
    The one that studies and waits for the opportunity to finish the enemy with one hit.
  • 10
    Are you a kind person?
    I think so.
    I’m kind with who I think that deserves.
    Weird would describe me better.
    I’m kind with who is kind to me.

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