Are you an Alpha male?

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Are you the guy who is invited to all the parties? who is liked and respected by everyone? has plenty of friends and gets girls chasing? or a beta who does nothing with his life and has no friends?

  • 1
    How many friends do you have?
    A few
    Many good ones that I can depend on when times are tough
    Over 9000
    Friends? I have the Internet.
  • 2
    What is the definition of friends?
    People who are similar to me whom I like and love to spend time with.
    People who I hang out with.
    People who I use and who uses me to get through this shithole called life
  • 3
    You walk down the street and a random guy stops to talk to you, you talk for a while then he says something you absolutely disagree with, what would you do?
    Disagree politely and state your opinion, if you sense an argument, change the topic.
    Disagree, flip the fuck out and let that foig know how ridiculously wrong he/she is.
    Agree because arguing with a stranger is scary.
    Agree with him because correcting him is not worth your time.
    Agree politely
  • 4
    How many female friends do you have?
    Many, I am nice to everyone.
    None, it's either fuck me or fuck off.
    A few.....fine like 1
    Who needs female friends when you have male ones
  • 5
    What is the best way to attract a cute girl?
    Act like you aren't interested, that will get her chasing
    Buy her presents, do her homework and help her whenever she needs it, you want to become her prince charming.
    Talk to her like how you would talk to your guy friends, be natural, If you like her after getting to know her then ask her out, if she rejects you, no biggie.
    Act like a arrogant fuck, insult her and tear her to the ground, because she likes assholes.
  • 6
    What do you think of looks?
    Looks only matter if you think it matters, look the best you can, hit the gym and buy nice clothing, but anything beyond that is unnecessary.
    It definitely matters, but it's not everything.
    Looks are everything, if you don't have a handsome face you genes aren't meant to be passed on
  • 7
    What do girls look for in a guy?
    Ughh, I don't know? his money?
    Size of his dick
    HIS FACE, DUHHH she wants the cool looking manly face.
    Personality and boss behavior
  • 8
    What do you do with your spare time?
    Jack off to bondage porn all day.
    My passions, whatever they may be. I really enjoy my hobbies.
    I hang out with friends and do cool stuff, YOLO right?
    Stay at home, go online and play some games, life is meant to be chill.
  • 9
    How big is your dick?
    Bigger than your mom's
    Pretty small... I will never get a girl
    SMALL, but I'm proud
    BIG, and I'm proud.
  • 10
    You are hanging out with some friends, one of them has to go, what would you do?
    "FINE, LEAVE, DON'T COME BACK" then shit talk him with the rest of the group
    Say nothing
    Say "bye man, we should hang next week. peace"
    "fuck you"
  • 11
    What is your view on life?
    Meh.. I guess it's okay
    I want to die
    It's pretty good
    There are times that make you laugh, people you love, and memories that will last a lifetime, but there are also times that make you cry, problems that needs solving and endless stress, but all of this is what makes life beautiful
    My mom brought me to this shithole so I might as well just experience it.
  • 12
    Someone posted a comment talking shit about you on Facebook. you would...
    Post a negative comment back, no one talks shit to me without consequences
    Ask him/her why they said it, try to solve the problem.
    Ignore it, not worth your time.
  • 13
    Do you judge people negatively?
    Never, everyone is different, I try to make friends with as many different people as possible
    All the time.
    If they are ugly or did something stupid, or has dumbass beliefs
    Never, because if I did, I would have no friends
  • 14
    Do you make excuses?
    Never, I accept what happens and try to remember it for next time.
    Why not? it doesn’t cost me anything
    All the time, it's never MY fault this happened.
    Only when its necessary
  • 15
    What are your priorities?
    What I feel like doing at the moment because YOLO
    What's important first and what's less important afterwards
    I have no priorities.
  • 16
    Do you brag?
    Only about how big my dick is
    Bragging is for phaggits.......... fine like sometimes.
    Nope, action speaks louder than words
  • 17
    What are some characteristics of alpha male?
    Six pack, big chest and the king Arthur jawline.
    Richest, money=power and power=bitches
    Has the biggest dick in the group, that's the difference between alpha and betas
    Confident, has a sense of humor, good leader, passionate and comfortable with himself.

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dude ( 83.45 )
Posted 81 days ago
I am alpha. my opinion about being it matters. Not yours.
Lucifer ( 0.204 )
Posted 199 days ago
Good Test I find it accurate

Result : Alpha

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