Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?
    I like her
    LIKE? I love her! She is my one and only!
    Not really
    I'd rather watch grass grow
    She is OK

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Dylan ( 32725 )
Posted 509 days ago
The quiz stated that I might possible love her but I feel some of the questions didn't allow to give the correct answer so I had to chose the closest answer. For example i don't stare at her but neither do I avoid her. We work together and I can't not smile when I look at her. We cuddle at work and I feel very comfortable around her. I do sometimes feel like I'd rather just cuddle and say nothing instead of talking just because I feel so relaxed when I'm with her
i love her so much ( 84362 )
Posted 520 days ago
hey anonymous (whoever you are)
thank you very much for the book suggestion
Timothygabrile ( 12988 )
Posted 521 days ago
Hw far, hw was ur day i luve u
Anonymous ( 32120 )
Posted 522 days ago
@love her so much

To all these people on here having these problems, really liking/loving someone for a long time and not being able to make yourself ask her out/talk to her, check out Dorothy Tennov's book "Love and Limerence." You're probably limerent, and that sucks for you. But knowing more about it helps. And, best of luck!
Chris ( 37629 )
Posted 525 days ago
All right, for all of u shy dudes out there taking this quiz, some advice. 1. If ur taking this, U like her. It's probably obvious to anyone but u. 2. Stop trusting the internet to tell u how u feel. 3. GROW A PAIR AND TELL HER HOW U FEEL!!!!
Awsomeness ( 77248 )
Posted 530 days ago
I ended up marrying her and having lots of sex(we have 6 kids)
love her so much ( 92432 )
Posted 532 days ago
there is this girl I like and I don't know what to do, she is 2 years above me (I am 15) yet she likes talking to me, and I love talking to her. I have had a massive crush on her for about 4 years but has thought it was ridiculous that anyone as beautiful as her could ever like me. recently I saw her looking at me whilst I wasn't looking and then she snatched her eyes away. I have been wondering weather she does like me and is really shy or whether she is just miles out of my league and I am just making massive conclusions based on the fact that she looked at me once

please reply soon all you people who know what I should do as I would really appreciate it
I love her ( 96764 )
Posted 535 days ago
I just wish she was single
I love her ( 96764 )
Posted 535 days ago
I know I love her I don't might love her I do love her!!!!!!
nah m8 ( 43577 )
Posted 536 days ago
It is almost impossible to find a [BEEP] quiz that applies to Me.
Like god[BEEP] females liking females is a thing.
Like u care ( 53322 )
Posted 536 days ago
Welllll i already know that i might !!! This just confuses me more
Hopeless Romantic ( 36813 )
Posted 545 days ago
Wow, I really love her. Wish she didn't have a boyfriend and was in my grade... *sigh*
perosn not to be named ( 05986 )
Posted 546 days ago
This is so [BEEP] I love her and it says "You like her! Your are crushing hard, BUT, you don't love her! However, you have strong feelings for her, just not to the max." IT IS SO [BEEP]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peelee buttocks ( 22227 )
Posted 547 days ago
OMG [BEEP] she murdered my onesie
alex ( 30170 )
Posted 560 days ago
i still.. i'm still not sure v-v
Dominic ( 31930 )
Posted 561 days ago
Worked our great for me❤️

I got the girl
person ( 54880 )
Posted 574 days ago
well why boys only? i'm a non-binary Bisexual. would that make these answers incorrect for me? i took it because it says "do you like her" it shouldn't be linked to any gender or sexuality..
Jeremy ( 59022 )
Posted 575 days ago
Well I really like her!!! But she has a boyfriend what do I do????
The fool ( 19561 )
Posted 575 days ago
I have a nasty habit of falling for girls who have boyfriends :/
Girl ( 90456 )
Posted 576 days ago
I'm a girl and took this quiz for the girl I like, so why does it say boys only?