Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?
    I'd rather watch grass grow
    LIKE? I love her! She is my one and only!
    I like her
    She is OK
    Not really

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Killer squid ( 48092 )
Posted 537 days ago
I more than like her I love her dude you need to fix this test
Pseudonym ( 91160 )
Posted 537 days ago
How did they know the girl I'm taking this quiz about is in my math class?
Clayton ( 81725 )
Posted 537 days ago
Your test is inaccurate.
its Txiffied ( 06909 )
Posted 537 days ago
I,endid up actually liking her, and were going to the movies Saturday yayyyyy
It Is Classafied ( 10534 )
Posted 541 days ago
I knew liked her! She is so pretty with that gorgeous blonde hair and those lovely blue glasses. She is so kind and smart too.
Parker ( 00558 )
Posted 542 days ago
I took this and my answer was maybe
It'sMidnight ( 21170 )
Posted 545 days ago
Haha, boys only? I took this, me, a bisexual girl to see if I was crushing know this girl I think (?) I'm dating... Madly crushing, but not love... Sorta accurate, although I wish you had more clear options ♥
panther basketball beast 52 ( 69625 )
Posted 548 days ago
my girl is the best girl in the world i would die for her
lol ( 23170 )
Posted 549 days ago
lol im a lesbian who else haha
isaiah ( 82569 )
Posted 553 days ago
I would kill for her
Mdgingras ( 35228 )
Posted 553 days ago
I've been dating a girl for awhile and I took this for fun, I guess I don't like her completely *role eyes*
Dylan ( 32725 )
Posted 565 days ago
The quiz stated that I might possible love her but I feel some of the questions didn't allow to give the correct answer so I had to chose the closest answer. For example i don't stare at her but neither do I avoid her. We work together and I can't not smile when I look at her. We cuddle at work and I feel very comfortable around her. I do sometimes feel like I'd rather just cuddle and say nothing instead of talking just because I feel so relaxed when I'm with her
i love her so much ( 84362 )
Posted 576 days ago
hey anonymous (whoever you are)
thank you very much for the book suggestion
Timothygabrile ( 12988 )
Posted 578 days ago
Hw far, hw was ur day i luve u
Anonymous ( 32120 )
Posted 578 days ago
@love her so much

To all these people on here having these problems, really liking/loving someone for a long time and not being able to make yourself ask her out/talk to her, check out Dorothy Tennov's book "Love and Limerence." You're probably limerent, and that sucks for you. But knowing more about it helps. And, best of luck!
Chris ( 37629 )
Posted 582 days ago
All right, for all of u shy dudes out there taking this quiz, some advice. 1. If ur taking this, U like her. It's probably obvious to anyone but u. 2. Stop trusting the internet to tell u how u feel. 3. GROW A PAIR AND TELL HER HOW U FEEL!!!!
Awsomeness ( 77248 )
Posted 587 days ago
I ended up marrying her and having lots of sex(we have 6 kids)
love her so much ( 92432 )
Posted 588 days ago
there is this girl I like and I don't know what to do, she is 2 years above me (I am 15) yet she likes talking to me, and I love talking to her. I have had a massive crush on her for about 4 years but has thought it was ridiculous that anyone as beautiful as her could ever like me. recently I saw her looking at me whilst I wasn't looking and then she snatched her eyes away. I have been wondering weather she does like me and is really shy or whether she is just miles out of my league and I am just making massive conclusions based on the fact that she looked at me once

please reply soon all you people who know what I should do as I would really appreciate it
I love her ( 96764 )
Posted 592 days ago
I just wish she was single
I love her ( 96764 )
Posted 592 days ago
I know I love her I don't might love her I do love her!!!!!!