Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?
    Not really
    I'd rather watch grass grow
    She is OK
    I like her
    LIKE? I love her! She is my one and only!

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Jack ( 19006 )
Posted 370 days ago
I took the quiz on this girl a while back and now we're happily married after I asked her out and things continued from there
Anthony ( 38194 )
Posted 372 days ago
I liked her for 3 years. It was just recantly I felt love towards her. I wrote her poems. I book of them at least. And gave them to her. Now, we're close friends but I don't know how that affected my relationship with her. Because the first time she texted me first was to decline and reject me. It's sad but I absolutely adore her like her, love her. She's so amazing she's all I ever think about.
Cjlchan ( 38999 )
Posted 374 days ago
I asked her out-we're in middle school, and SHE SAID YES! Despite the fact we never talk about anything in particular.
Everest ( 87824 )
Posted 374 days ago
It ended out good she lives in my neighboring and our first date was at the movies. We ended up kissing for a while 😍
guy ( 13158 )
Posted 376 days ago
I already know that she likes me but the sad thing is I need to go to another school :(
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davidgoliath ( 57188 )
Posted 377 days ago
my black [BEEP] cant answer this racist [BEEP] question. Fok
Richard ( 24900 )
Posted 377 days ago
I am definitely crushing! I don't know her well, but will hang out with her next school year.

P.S. She was the first one to send signals. Wish me luck! ;)
Mark ( 22326 )
Posted 380 days ago
She became my best friend about january when she broke up with her boyfriend. We texted because i was shy and she asked me out but i declined and said i didnt want to ruin our friendship. She still likes me but we keep a best friend relationship, ppl think we go out, we touch we do a lot of stuff now and together. Every who didnt bug me like close friends now bug me to go out with her but im not sure if i like or love her... I care but idk if i have the feeling or what it should feel like ?
qball2000 ( 31493 )
Posted 384 days ago
The girl I took this for is my wife now
Matt ( 03405 )
Posted 385 days ago
Thank you girl who suggested i did that now i have a girl friend!
Lover_Girl ( 26262 )
Posted 387 days ago
*BTW IM A GIRL!* All of u boys⬇that posted down there, and asked"I don't know what to do" JUST ASK HER! comming from a girl, we know how to pretend were completely not in love when we ARE so if u like her-(esspesaily me!)- she diserves the right to know, just be your self and look her right in the eye and say "(name), I really like you and I was wondering if you'd be my girlfriend?" Trust me, they WILL say yes then if they like u even if they always said they didn't like u! The only way to find out is to ask her out! [Andrew, if you see this (it's 'Taylor Swift' (yes I remember that nick name, just cus of picture day, u even wrote it on my valentine'to Taylor) if you like me... Ask me out already!!!!
Andy ( 67522 )
Posted 391 days ago
These questions don't ask if u have known her a while. Bc some of these questions would depend on how long you have known the girl.
I love her ( 69052 )
Posted 392 days ago
I love her but she doesn't even LIKE me
I am scared to ask her out because I know she will say no :(
What do I do
Isaiah Prince ( 56416 )
Posted 393 days ago
I'm to embarised plus she is to because I wrote her a note and someone told the whole math class now she won't talk or sit by me. TIP ask the girl in person!!!!!!!
OutCast ( 36771 )
Posted 396 days ago
I lov her I would kill any who looks at her
OutCast ( 36771 )
Posted 396 days ago
I [BEEP]en lov her I would kill for a look at her
r ( 21486 )
Posted 397 days ago
I would say that she does like you: Can't express my feelings ( 177.2 ), even though she said she didn't. She probably said that because she was nervous or even scared of what you would say or think. I would say she does, but it looks like she doesn't have the courage to come up and say something.
Can't express my feelings ( 12040 )
Posted 400 days ago
I've liked this girl fro a few months now, but she has a boyfriend already. But we're starting to talk more and get really close. I think she likes me, but I'm not sure. One time she told me that she doesn't like me as a crush, but then next day we were walking together and she held my hand. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???
Caden ( 37379 )
Posted 406 days ago
Well I'm moving but I hung out with this girl who've I've sat by all year in every class and i had a going away party and we saw a movie and I put my arm around her and I've liked her for about a month but I don't wand to date her if I'm gonna leave her.
Michael ( 50451 )
Posted 406 days ago
I loved this test a lot there is this girl in my class that is really pretty she smiles at me and I smile back,anyway whenever I ask her if she likes me and she always says no but then she turns to her friends and smiles and whispers something in there ear and looks at me So I'm guessing she likes me but I'm not sure. Thanks a lot for the test I liked it you should keep making more