Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?

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Technetium (09375)
195 days ago
It said I was crushing hard but how do I find out if she like me
Thunder (24389)
207 days ago
YES!!! this test is accuate! apparently i am crushing her!but it says on a scale of 1-10 its 4-7 id say 7 because she is amazingly hot and gorgeous her NAME is beautiful too:)
Anonymous (99905)
222 days ago
It says that I am crushing on her. But I have loved her for 3 years. Is this accurate or not?
Blank (19855)
234 days ago
This quiz was way off it said I might but I love her with all my heart to bad she does'nt like girls.
Bobby (22809)
238 days ago
Well I asked her out and she said no but she said I have a chance wish me luck
The mysterious (38298)
247 days ago
You like her! Your are crushing hard, BUT, you don't love her! However, you have strong feelings for her, just not to the max.
Quinn (08981)
250 days ago
I can't tell her because I'm a transmale and she thinks I'm a girl :'( but she wouldn't like me anyway, so there's that.
ghostgamer (36859)
254 days ago
Now its even harder not to tell her my feelings but I know that I cannot. Also I'm homeschooled so that made the questions difficult to answer I don't have prom:(
Anonymous (43991)
256 days ago
I'm kind of not sure what to do. I have a girlfriend I love very much, and I want to be with her, but there's this girl that I met at soccer practice that I instantly started liking, so I took this test to try to figure it out. It came back saying I do like this girl a lot. I'm not sure what to do at this point. My girlfriend made me confess about this, and I know she's very upset.
Jack (76952)
265 days ago
@govek I totally agree
Poopmaster95 (13840)
267 days ago
I hop she says yes good luck
Chippy (60358)
267 days ago
I have a crush on a hot girl in my class... we talk a lot, we walk together, and a couple of other things together. I've become brave enough only to give her a love note which I will do tomorrow. Wish me luck!!
sahi (68775)
273 days ago
i really love her soo much .but as I am studying in school we don't have time to talk more often,but she also gives her looks towards me many times n a day but I didn't expressed my love to her but she also started seeing me i have a doubt that she surely loves me or not???
Govek (49207)
276 days ago
Ok. So for question 7, I am a math major in college... Might want to reconsider this question for those that enjoy math and study it in school.
Person (36602)
278 days ago
You told me it's just a fantasy, a week later we are getting in trouble for making out under the bleachers
redx (11073)
280 days ago
I LOVE!!! her and I think she likes me too but I am not sure she says she doesn't but her body language, voice, and stuff we talk about says otherwise, so I don't know what to do.
mineblitz64 (73332)
280 days ago
O. M. G. This quiz is amazing. It inspired me to ask her out, and it turns out that she had an enourmous crush on me too! THank you so much much!
Annonymos (29626)
285 days ago
Grat test! Thank you!
Not this 💗 again... (19932)
287 days ago
So I spent about 3 hours with this girl in a city unknown to both of us after taking some kind of exam (we somehow became part of a group with others from our school). Hardly knowing each other before that we talked quite a lot in the city and on the way home and discovered some similarities between us. It was a really nice afternoon with her. Right when we parted after this little journey was over an unexpected wave of sadness overcame me and since then I started listening to more love-related music and started doing these tests all over again knowing it won't change anything.
This brings back memories of the last time I had a cursh on someone 2 years ago when I was 14 which turned out not being successful.
I still don't know about my feelings towards her. I guess I'm trying to suppress my feelings to avoid cringy situations like those that happened 2 years ago.
And don't get me started on guessing her feelings towards me...
My feelings and thoughts have been and pure chaos for about a week now even after writing some of them down and I hate it.
And I'm way too shy to contact her over the 2 weeks of holidays now.
Ghost Rider (80080)
296 days ago
Please can someone tell me how to tell her that I love her