Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?
    I'd rather watch grass grow
    Not really
    LIKE? I love her! She is my one and only!
    I like her
    She is OK

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Jacob ( 36303 )
Posted 314 days ago
I found out the sad truth that she's already going out with someone.๐Ÿ˜ข. Luckily I heard that the relationship wasn't going too well.๐Ÿ˜„
YelaWolf ( 98194 )
Posted 321 days ago
She starred at me when she saw at me for the first time and i had never seen her before so i didnt pay much attention and kept walking...then i suddenly felt like i love her and she was trying to talk to me by her her eyes.
Then i always used to look for her if she in the school or not and always wait see her face in the class..(best feeling i could have)..she became the reason for me to come to school...But before we could talk she leftโคโค๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
Joe ( 46663 )
Posted 335 days ago
It says I like her but I don't know if I do. I mean I know she likes me but she is like my best friend. Could I even have the guts to ask her out? Please help me I am so lost on what to do.
naly ( 12330 )
Posted 345 days ago
i really like this girl but a friend of mine likes her too i don't know what to do and don't have the balls to talk to her i got depressed and now i feel that she liked me an i did the rong thing by not talking to her like i said i don't know what to do !!!
Bradon ( 11756 )
Posted 350 days ago
This quiz didn't help me one bit because it's long distance so I can't see her, so I don't get nervous around her because we never met
Djokersis ( 89356 )
Posted 355 days ago
I do like this girl a lot. But apparently she has a boyfriend. And I am his friend. So it is a bit awkward. And I am not all too happy.
Perfectly Unique ( 63629 )
Posted 355 days ago
Corrupted Name (8.105) - I definitely second what An Important Girl (3.179) said. Yes, I do understand that this comment is about 14 late... But it does seem like she likes you! If you haven't made your move yet, I would go for it! She may just be confused about how she feels ๐Ÿ™‚
An Important Girl ( 96400 )
Posted 369 days ago
Corrupted Name (8.105) - She probably does like you, but don't wait to long to ask her out because there are probably some other boys who may make their move before you. So I would suggest either Friday or sometime next week when you are coming home from school. Don't be afraid.
Corrupted Name ( 63945 )
Posted 369 days ago
Um I liker her and crushing hard but I said hi to her and she smiled and waved and said hi she was supposed to go to another high school but she went to our neighborhood school my feelings feel stronger and she keep stareing at me and smiling from the snack line to the lunch line it's only the first week of school so I'll wait till it's time.
An Important Girl ( 71000 )
Posted 370 days ago
Epic360 (7.126) - Do you only talk to her during school/work or do you also text her.

If you only talk in school/work than there is a high chance that she is just trying to impress her friends, especially if they are close by, that also means that she could've had a crush on you and told her friends and they said that you weren't "good enough" or something for you ( that doesn't mean your a bad person it just means that her friends may not like you).

If you also text her , which most likely if you text her you have had to get it from somewhere, then in that case see if anything changes in the tone of speech ( Notice any changes between topic of conversation either pushing one in or trying to take away one. Or if something happens in school/work and you tell or talk to her about it if she reacts the same or differently from the first telling of the incident.). If that happens and it is a positive additude then she probably likes you, and if not then don't give up hope because she might still like you but there is a less chance of that and a higherchan e that she unlikely doesn't like you.

You can always change things around and get her to like you by flirting with her, complimenting her, and by not talking about other girls (You have no idea which girls could be friends of hers). Good Luck!!!
Epic360 ( 92689 )
Posted 371 days ago
I am in love with this girl and she hates me. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An Important Girl ( 71000 )
Posted 375 days ago
The beep was somehow added after typing the exact same quiz, sorry.
An Important Girl ( 71000 )
Posted 375 days ago
Hi, I am a girl who knows about what it is like to really like someone, but not be able to be with them. I was on thi💗act same quiz for girls and saw all of the interesting comments so I came to see what the boys had to say about retaliation ships and girls. And so I just have to say, that I am breath taken by the wonderful stories how all these guys actually really like these girls for who they are and are not fooled by who the girls are trying to be. I will be posting more comments here but I am so sorry for intruding on your heartfelt reactions and if you want any instant advice I would suggest scrolling through the same quiz for girls.
Flaminni ( 15579 )
Posted 379 days ago
Me and my gf have been dating for about 1month at first we were friends but I took the quiz and I felt like me and her were perfect together I second guessed my self and asked my friend he said I should of I really lover I said I do love her but she might not then he slapped me in the face and said ask her so I did and now we are dating
Ike ( 10512 )
Posted 381 days ago
Uh. We only talk online and she doesn't go to my school but when we do I get this fluttering feeling inside. I dunno.
shawn ( 94243 )
Posted 381 days ago
I confessed to her . Got rejected. Became depressed. Got over it.I learned over summer when we were out of contact that she rejected me because she started dating someone and didn't want to break their heart so soon. But still.. does that mean she didn't like me or that she does?
Connor ( 72906 )
Posted 391 days ago
Me and the person I took this quiz about r finally going out I built up the courage to do it :)
Leo ( 30893 )
Posted 391 days ago
We have been together now for 3 years it all worked out thank u
Brenndon ( 04763 )
Posted 406 days ago
ok i like a girl alot and she was one of my good friends but people told me my bestfriend slept with her and i was really sad , i got really depressed and drank bleach and she hates me ever since
Raven ( 40906 )
Posted 406 days ago
I'm a girl and I think I have a crush on my friend but idk if she would like me that way. She doesn't know whether or not she's gay, bi, or straight Idk what to do I'm so confused. How do I know it's a crush or not?? This quiz said I might..