Do you like her? (Boys only!)

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That girl is soooo cute! However, you don't know if you like her, or if that girl is just a pest in your head! Need Help? Just answer these simple questions and find out!

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    Do you think you like her?

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Ike (10512)
493 days ago
Uh. We only talk online and she doesn't go to my school but when we do I get this fluttering feeling inside. I dunno.
shawn (94243)
493 days ago
I confessed to her . Got rejected. Became depressed. Got over it.I learned over summer when we were out of contact that she rejected me because she started dating someone and didn't want to break their heart so soon. But still.. does that mean she didn't like me or that she does?
Connor (72906)
503 days ago
Me and the person I took this quiz about r finally going out I built up the courage to do it :)
Leo (30893)
504 days ago
We have been together now for 3 years it all worked out thank u
Brenndon (04763)
518 days ago
ok i like a girl alot and she was one of my good friends but people told me my bestfriend slept with her and i was really sad , i got really depressed and drank bleach and she hates me ever since
Raven (40906)
518 days ago
I'm a girl and I think I have a crush on my friend but idk if she would like me that way. She doesn't know whether or not she's gay, bi, or straight Idk what to do I'm so confused. How do I know it's a crush or not?? This quiz said I might..
Noah (52946)
521 days ago
I really like this girl called cassie, she is really pretty but im not sure if she likes me... But she has smiled at me over a billion times, and laughs at nearly all of my jokes. What is the ultimate way to get a girl to like you?
U dont need to know (94807)
525 days ago
yea. im a girl too. if u guy are nervous about it. just ask her out. it doesnt hurt to try. i have helped tons of guys with there relationship issues, and the smart choice is just to try and ask her out.
Alex (76121)
527 days ago
I feel like a girl made this survey becuz not a lot of mature guys would say " boys only!"
Not in friend zone anymore (95593)
528 days ago
ShyGuy you should stay in your "Friend Zone" and then once it's been a long time you should Tell the FEELINGS you have for her tell this like after 2 years it might be long but you have to have patience if you ruin it try your Best to get it back I hope she accepts you that you love her (Always remember life is full of obstacles and am sure you will pass this obstacle of love but did you parents accepted the Girl you love tell me why guy and PEACE👍✌️✌✌
ShyGuy... (21486)
528 days ago
I think i like her and I think she may like me but i am WAY too shy to do anything. I'm always self conscious and worried i will do something wrong or badly especially because we are in 'the friend zone' and i dont want to ruin anything. i know that I sound like a girl but i dont have the courage to do ANYTHING. Even if she made a move. I'd think, "should we keep the kissing modest or play tonsil tennis? what should I do with my hands?" It feels so good to get this off my chest and if anyone has any advise AT ALL, please please get back to me.
NeverMind me (95593)
528 days ago
Omg Nick I have a crush named Isabel too (:
Nick (76677)
530 days ago
I love this girl named Isabel But I'm really nervous to ask her out the last day I was about to but she had to go home early
Josh (66247)
530 days ago
I would ask her out but im already dating a girl that im not interested in.
Leo (57612)
531 days ago
I'm thinking of asking the girl I took the quiz on out but I'm really nervous about it. I'm not even sure if she likes me like I like her. Probably gonna do it soon wish me luck.
Ethan (83193)
533 days ago
I was obsessed with her a year ago, and we recently started talking again but she is kinda starting a thing with another guy. I don't want to mess another relationship up for her, I had my chance, and I blew it. Wish me luck because I still really like her.
Jack (19006)
539 days ago
I took the quiz on this girl a while back and now we're happily married after I asked her out and things continued from there
Anthony (38194)
541 days ago
I liked her for 3 years. It was just recantly I felt love towards her. I wrote her poems. I book of them at least. And gave them to her. Now, we're close friends but I don't know how that affected my relationship with her. Because the first time she texted me first was to decline and reject me. It's sad but I absolutely adore her like her, love her. She's so amazing she's all I ever think about.
Cjlchan (38999)
543 days ago
I asked her out-we're in middle school, and SHE SAID YES! Despite the fact we never talk about anything in particular.
Everest (87824)
543 days ago
It ended out good she lives in my neighboring and our first date was at the movies. We ended up kissing for a while 😍