Dilemmas of Leadership: Test your knowledge of leadership

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This quiz is based on the contents of the introductory section of the Dilemmas of Leadership textbook. You can take it to test awareness of your leader knowledge before or after studying the introduction.

  • 1
    The map for the INTRODUCTORY OVERVIEW is described as ..?

    A summary of leadership eras to modern times
    A summary of leadership traits
    A template for contents of the chapters of Dilemmas of Leadership
  • 2
    The introduction describes the concept of a POU as ..?
    A privately organized universe
    A platform of understanding
    A preconscious ontological uneasiness
  • 3
    Examination of dilemmas ..?
    Should not include imaginative assumptions
    Should reduce leadership problems to an 'either or' assessment
    Should include imaginative assumptions
  • 4
    A working definition ..?
    Is a poor substitute for a theoretical definition
    Is a poor substitute for well-established definitions
    Permits sharing of knowledge through discussion and conversation
  • 5
    The recommended system for understanding leadership is ..?
    Based on the theory of paradigms of Thomas Kuhn
    Based on studying conceptual maps
    Based on assessing the risk to reward ratio in resolving dilemma
  • 6
    The Dominant Rational Model (DRM) ..?
    Is one way of justifying the principles of project management
    Has shown charismatic leadership to be an obsolete leadership form
    Helps decide whether risk or reward is rationality dominant in any decision making process
  • 7
    Which is the false statement ..?
    The born or made dilemma is a version of the nature and nurture debate
    Leadership skills can be developed through learning from practice
    True leaders are identified through their genetic traits
  • 8
    Which is the false statement ..?
    Symbolic leadership may be explained in social constructional terms
    Trust in a leader is based on rational expectations theory
    Transformational leadership is a tamed form of charismatic leadership
  • 9
    Strategic leadership ..?
    Is no longer central to the business school curriculum
    Has similarities to project management, in its emphasis on functional structuring of its activities
    Is not needed in non-commercial organizations
  • 10
    In studying power relationships, which of the following is false ..?
    Discrimination may be studied as emerging from abuse of power-relationships
    The exercise of power is the legitimate right of the leader
    ‘Reality’ is assumed by some researchers to be socially-constructed.
  • 11
    Ethical dilemmas include ..?
    The conflict between form and function
    The conflict between pragmatism and moral belief
    The conflict between ideas and actions
  • 12
    Creativity is said to be a leader’s secret weapon because ..?

    It has to be conducted in a concealed manner
    Not many leaders realise its importance
    Successful leaders have been too modest about their achievements
  • 13
    Leadership in sport ..?
    Involves specific versions of more general dilemmas facing leaders everywhere
    Has been studied mostly in pharmaceutical laboratories
    Has not been studied as a serious leadership subject
  • 14
    21st Century leadership ideas ..?
    Have replaced old ideas with modern ones
    Are more grounded in rational thinking than the dominant 20th Century ones were
    Place more emphasis on ‘mutuality of purpose’

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