What Warrior Clan Are You In?

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Do you belong to ThunderClan, RiverClan, Windclan, or ShadowClan - or no clan?

  • 1
    You are hunting by yourself when suddenly you hear a soft, anxious mewling nearby. After looking around for a few minutes, you discover a tiny kit by herself in the brambles. She is frightened and looks sick. What do you do?
    Get a friend to watch the kit while you search for the mother.
    Escort the kit off your territory. If she doesn't budge, just leave her there.
    Stop and question the kit.
    Kill the kit.
    Pick up the kit and take her to camp - your leader and medicine cat will know what to do!
  • 2
    You are very hungry, but before you get a chance to eat you're assigned to a hunting patrol. On the patrol, you catch a particularly plump and tempting mouse. Your stomach rumbles like a monster. What do you do?
    Wait... mouse? I hate mice!
    Eat it quickly, then wash off your mouth and catch extra prey to make up for it.
    Gulp it down without hesitation. Eat the rest of the prey you caught, too, then blame a clanmate for scaring away all the prey.
    Resist the temptation. You'll eat when you get back to camp, and no sooner.
    Wrap up the hunting patrol and hurry back to camp. Place the mouse in the fresh-prey pile for a few moments, then take it and devour it.
  • 3
    You would prefer your fur to be...
    Tan, light gray, or cream.
    A pretty shade like white or tortoiseshell.
    Whatever color it is currently.
    Dark gray, dark brown, or tabby.
  • 4
    What do you look for in a mate?
    Someone loyal and kind.
    Mate? Ha ha, no.
    Someone easygoing and humorous.
    Someone good-looking or popular who would be good for my image.
    Someone tough but compassionate.
  • 5
    What do your friends think of you?
    They trust me with their life.
    They enjoy my personality and skills.
    They like to hang with me, though my quirks might bother them occasionally.
    They adore me. If they don't, they're won't live long.
    They like and respect me for who I am.
  • 6
    At a Gathering, your littermate informs you that your crush is trash-talking you. Your reaction?
    Well, they're not MY crush anymore - at least not until they apologize.
    I wait. Later that night I give them some scars they won't forget.
    I confront my crush after the Gathering. If they seem truly sorry, I might forgive them, but if not then I'll give them the cold shoulder.
    I make my way over to them silently, and listen to what they're saying. Then I pop up behind them and ask what they were talking about.
    Crush? No. Now they're an enemy or rival as far as I'm concerned.
  • 7
    What is your relationship with your kits?
    I'm slightly nicer to them than other clanmates, but we don't do mushy stuff. I mean, really, I raised and nurtured them, now they're adults - nothing more than a friend.
    I don't really like them, but they could be *useful* to me....
    Typical. I love them and all, but we don't have a special connection or something like that.
    I enjoy hanging out or hunting with them. I'm so proud of them~
    They're close to me and I love them.
  • 8
    What element are you?
  • 9
    Your best friend has fallen in love with a loner. He begs you not to tell, but something must be done or else he'll get in trouble. What do you do?
    I kill the loner. It's the only way my friend will open his idiotic eyes to reality.
    I cover for my friend as long as I can.
    I meet with the loner herself. Maybe I could convince her to join the clan.
    I tell my leader. It's for his own good - if the affair were to go on, there would be drama and eventually disaster.
    I tell him to follow his heart - either he needs to live in the clan without her, or as a loner with her.
  • 10
    You discover that you mother was really a kittypet. Only one cat other than you knows, and she plans on telling the leader. How do you react?
    I kill the cat before she has the chance to say anything. Then I hunt down and murder my kittypet mother, and shove my father into the gorge.
    I persuade her to not tell, because I'm not sure what the leader would think.
    I couldn't care less. It's not my fault, and my leader knows that I'm not at all like a kittypet.
    I sternly tell the cat that it's a lie. I have no kittypet blood.
    I worry constantly and get no sleep. What if the clan exiles me?
  • 11
    Favorite food?
    Chinook (salmon).
  • 12
    Last question. If you had to choose a single adjective to describe yourself, what would it be?

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