What Would You Look Like as a Girl?

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Ever wonder what you would look like as a girl? Well now you can find out.

  • 1
    What color hair do you have(or wish you have)?
  • 2
    What type of person are you?
  • 3
    How popular are you in school?
    Very Popular(The Elite)
    In the Middle
    Popular Compared to my Friends
  • 4
    What sports do you play?
    No Sports
    Hockey, Football, Soccer
    Golf, Baseball
  • 5
    How many friends do you have?
  • 6
    Do you think you are attractive?
    I'm good looking, but no Ryan Gosling
    I look different from everyone else.
    Well I ran out acne cream this week and..etc
    The ladies dig me ;)
  • 7
    What's your favorite type of music?
    Rock & Roll
  • 8
    How often do you get calls/text from girls?
    Once a month
    Once a week
  • 9
    What type of girl do you like?
    Anyone who understands me
    Someone who is funny(not necessarily the best looks)
    Hot, Sexy, Curvy, airhead,(but wants it)
    Beautiful girl with a nice personality
  • 10
    What hair style do you find Most Attractive?
    Loose Bun/Bun
    Long, Curly or Straight
    Medium Length/Curly
  • 11
    Are you confident about yourself?
    I'm very confident and often considered cocky
    Usually, but I often get let down on myself
    Very Rarely
  • 12
    Is breast size important?
    Ummm yeah no duh
    Kind of
  • 13
    If your girlfriend wants to have sex but you are still 16, would you do it?
    Yes, but it would involve serious thinking beforehand
    Without hesitation
    Sure, but oral only
    I'm saving my virginity till after marriage
  • 14
    What looks best on a girl?
    School Uniform
    Short Skirt and Tied shirt top
    No Clothes
  • 15
    How Are Your Grades?
    Average about 80-95
    Passing... Barely
    If I don't get at least a 97 I'm not allowed home
    Who cares about school

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Jay ( 15.60 )
Posted 42 days ago
I'm not an emo outcast
this guy ( 3.209 )
Posted 80 days ago
and f!@# you too quiz
i an emo outcast lol
Shadowfire gaming ( 7.222 )
Posted 80 days ago
wow 27 %of all the answers. my results were not clear. oh well guess i dont exist lol.
Chris ( 8.221 )
Posted 106 days ago
if I was a girl it says I got friends most dead but there lol,im sexy hot emo, what ever emo mean I don't no.im the hottest here if I was a girl, ya right. hey i need friends, live one's.
Eric ( 7.185 )
Posted 116 days ago
I got "the social emo outcast", sounds about right. Lol
Sans ( 0.243 )
Posted 130 days ago
I was the hottest one
Potato ( 77.81 )
Posted 148 days ago
Did anyone else come here as a girl wondering what this was?
The Human Calculator ( 8.149 )
Posted 156 days ago
I'm hottttttttttttttt.
Shaun ( 91.77 )
Posted 193 days ago
Awesome! I wonder how I turn out!