Does Your Crush Like You Back?

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This quiz is to see if the guy you like likes you back. If he doesn't, don't feel bad! There are other guys out there!

  • 1
    Does he look at you when you are around each other?
    No, not really.:(
    He doesn't even know I exist! Uuugh!
    Only if I do something crazy! Which is all the time. (I'm a wacko!)
    Yes! Every time! Yaaaaay!
  • 2
    Does he flirt with you? (Tries to make you laugh, shows off)
    He's too busy flirting with other girls!
    Yeah! It's so adorable! Hee hee!
    He doesn't know me! I told you already!
    Once in a while
  • 3
    Does he leave what he's doing to talk to you?
    Only if it's REALLY important.
    Gosh! How many times do I have to tell you! HE. DOESN'T. KNOW. ME
    He does, but only to ask if other girls like him!
    Yes! This is turning out great!
  • 4
    When you talk, how are his facial expressions?
    We don't talk. You want to know why? BECAUSE HE DOESN'T KNOW ME!
    Interested and smiling. He such a cutie!
    He looks pretty focused. He'll look down at his phone sometimes.
    He's distracted by what his friend is doing.
    He's starring at the girl next to me! Jerk....
  • 5
    Does he touch you? If so, where?
    No. Only by accident.
    My hands! He lightly brushes against them!
    I don't even have to answer this one.
    My arm sometimes...
    No, but he seems PRETTY interested in that girl from math class!
  • 6
    When he's with friends, do they seem to watch you or talk about you?
    No never.:(
    He does that to every other girl in the grade!
    Yeah! They always point at me, and he blushes! Yessssss!
    Not really, he did that once or twice last year.
    NO. He doesn't know me! WHY?
  • 7
    Does he text you a lot?
    No he NEVER EVER texted me before because he DOESN'T KNOW ME!
    He texted me to tell the girl next door he thinks she's cute!
    Yes! Every day after school!: D
    He texted me a smiley face once. That's a start..... Right?
  • 8
    Does he ever leave you notes? (They don't have to be love notes)
    No he doesn't.
    He doesn't know me, my desk, OR my locker!
    Apparently, he only gives notes to babes, unlike me! GRRRRRRRRR!
    He did 2 times to remind me I have piano lessons at 4:30
    Yes. I find them in my locker!
  • 9
    Does he ever try to cheer you up?
    He asked me what was wrong when I got a bad grade on my test.
    No, but my friends are still there for me!
    He doesn't pay any attention to me because he doesn't know me!
    Yes! One time I fell and scraped my knee and he got me a band-aid! AWWWW
    Once I was crying cause my uncle died, and he laughed at me! >:(
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you? (I trust your judgement!)
    I doubt it, but I bet he likes that girl down the street!
    Maybe.... I'm not so sure.
    I don't know, that's why I took this dang quiz!
    Hmmm. Let's see, he doesn't know me so I guess that's a..... NO! DUHH! .
    Absolutely! 1 zillion times YES!

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