Do you have a crush on him?

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This is just a short quiz to see whether you're crushing on a guy

  • 1
    How often do you think of him?
    Not very often, but sometimes I can't help it
    Maybe a few times a week
    At least once every day
    Only when I have to (eg: he's talking to you)
    Every single second that goes by, I can't stop thinking of him
  • 2
    When you see him unexpectedly, what do you do?
    Carry on with exactly what I was doing, but I won't be able to ignore the fact that he's there
    Can't help but smile to myself and stare at him, and try to impress him
    My heart beats a lot faster and I forget about everything I was doing and d go into a daydream about him
    Act more casual and keep glancing at him to see if he noticed me
    Most of the time I wouldn't have noticed he turned up
  • 3
    When you hear his name mentioned somewhere, what do you do?
    It would make me the happiest person ever and I would have butterflies for the rest of the day, I would become interested in the conversation his name was said in
    Have a huge smile on my face and feel all warm inside
    Smile slightly, but not think a lot about it
    I wouldn't really care
    I would feel a lot more comfortable and happier than I was before his name was mentioned
  • 4
    "His eyes, his smile, his personality, him."
    Who did you think if when reading that?
    I may have thought if a certain guy after I'd finished reading it
    I found it hard to think of a certain person
    I thought of more than one person, but I did think of the guy I might be crushing on
    Before I'd even read it I thought of the guy I'm taking this quiz about. I never stop thinking about him anyway
    There was one person in mind as I read it, and that's the guy I think I'm crushing on
  • 5
    When you're talking with your friends how often do you change the subject to him?
    Pretty much all the time! I can't stop talking about him, he's the only thing I ever want to chat about
    Quite a lot of the time, but usually I change it back after a while because I think they get bored
    Most of the time, it drives my friends crazy!
    I've never even spoke to any of my friends about him because I would find it boring
    I have mentioned him once or twice but they don't think I have a crush on him
  • 6
    Do you ever make special adjustments just so you could see him?
    No, I never really bother about knowing what he's up to
    All the time! I would do anything just to get a glimpse of him or to see him
    Not really, but if it doesn't take much effort I might
    Lots of the time I would go somewhere only because I know he will be there and I want to see him
    Sometimes I do, if I know what he's up to I would consider going there to see him
  • 7
    Would you ever tell him you like him, if you knew there would be a chance you two could be together?
    Maybe, but I wouldn't really mind if I didn't
    Yeah, I would, but it's not that easy...
    Yes! I would want him to know, but I'm too scared to tell him
    No, never! I don't think I'd want us to "be together"
    Yes! Definitely! I want to tell him now, I want him to know how much I like him! (or I have already told him)
  • 8
    What's the first thing you think about in the morning when you wake up?
    HIM! It's always him! I think of him from the very minute I wake up right until I fall back asleep!
    Occasionally it's him, but a lot of the time I have someone else on my mind
    Either him, and whether I will see him that day, or just random things really
    Most days it's him of course!
    What I want to have for breakfast
  • 9
    Why do you mainly like him?
    He has an amazing personality! And everything he does and says is perfect to me, his looks are amazing too!
    I don't really like him at all..
    I'm really attracted to him! And he has a great sense of humour and I like that
    There are a few things, but there's other people in my mind too
    His looks are the best!
  • 10
    Think about this carefully, can you honestly say you can imagine being in a relationship with him based on the way you both act together now?
    Yes! I think we'd be so perfect with each other and if it doesn't work, we can make it work!
    Yeah! I'm sure we could be great together!
    Umm... I wish so badly that I could say yes, but we are a lot different
    Not really, but I have other people I can imagine being with
  • 11
    In your opinion, do you think you have a crush on him?;)
    Now I've thought about it, I'm not so sure
    I think I do, but I'm taking a quiz just to be sure
    Yes yes yes! He's all I want right now
  • 12
    If he was with some other girl, would you get jealous?
    No, I wouldn't mind, but I would be a bit sad for a while
    Yes! The only person I want him to be with is me..
    No, I wouldn't even know about it probably
    As long as he is happy with her, I would be okay, but I would wish he was with me
    Of course I would be jealous! I WOULD PROBABLY CRY!:(
  • 13
    Do you catch yourself staring at him without realizing?
    No that would be weird
    Yeah I have! But it hasn't been for a long time haha
    Once or twice I guess
    Yes I have done that a few times actually, he's so amazing
    ALL THE TIME! I can't help it! He's just so gorgeous!
  • 14
    How long have you thought you had a crush on him for?
    I'm not sure, I guess a few days ago?
    Pretty much since the first time I started to like him;)
    I don't think I have a crush on him at all
    Quite a while I think
    Ages now! I still remember the first day I thought it
  • 15
    Did you only have one guy in mind through the whole of this quiz?
    Yeah there was!;)
    Yep! I think I like him a lot
    Um no I had a few
    Yes but I'm not sure I have a crush on him
    YES! There is always only one guy on my mind anyway!

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