What Friendship Do You Have

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  • 1
    How often do you argue?
    Well... as a joke?
    They mean too much to me to argue!
    Argue? That's a bit immature...
    We're both a bit chill so no, not really.
    All the time.
  • 2
    Does the friend call you names?
    If they do I don't care...
    They would never do such a thing.
    Haha yep. Not to be taken seriously though!
    Sometimes. Then they do I get seriously offended.
    Both to my face and behind my back.
  • 3
    How often do you see each other out of school?
    Every minute. Every second. Every hour of the day.
    We try our best to do things, and when we do we have the best time.
    Occasionally. I don't see the need when we have school.
    Whenever they're free I guess.
  • 4
    How supportive are they?
    They aren't too bothered. If I ask them, they'll help.
    They support me more than anybody else. No matter what.
    They joke that they won't, but I know they support me.
    They will have my back when they believe I'm right.
  • 5
    Do they exclude you?
    When I say something stupid, It’s all fun and games.
    Nah, well… I don’t realise if they do.
    They include me in everything.
    They always exclude me.
    That’s childish… why would they?
  • 6
    What do you talk about usually?
    They tell me everything, so I don’t know how to categorize it.
    Whatever’s on their mind I guess…
    Talk? Hah. We don’t talk much.
    Funny stories and stupid crap we do, they make me laugh so hard.
    School, books, movies. Whatever’s relevant?
  • 7
    Do they think you’re good looking?
    We never talk about how attractive they find me.
    Lol… who cares?
    Absolutely. They tell me non-stop.
    They call me a whale. We laugh and I call her an ugly cow back
    They call me ugly… fat… You tell me.
  • 8
    How much do you laugh with them?
    They say some funny stuff.
    That’s all we do. 24/7.
    They’re so funny <3
    We talk about more serious things… why would we laugh?
    Psh. They don’t even know what laughing is. It’s like being with a brick wall.
  • 9
    Do they come to you for advice?
    They know when they do I’ll give them a sarcastic answer.
    Occasionally, there are others they'll tell before me though.
    For everything.
    They know they can if they want to.
  • 10
    Do they buy each other things?
    They don’t have to…
    When it is appropriate. For birthdays and things.
    Joke gifts.
    A pen maybe… to replace the one they threw out the window to get me in trouble
    All the time. We’re cute like that.
  • 11
    What do you do when you’re out together?
    We don’t…
    Whatever they want, so long as they're happy.
    Hit the shops, do whatever we want.
    Watch a movie.
    Hang… I don't know
  • 12
    Your friend fails a test, do you...
    Laugh about it and tease them, nothing and hurtful though.
    Explain ways they can improve.
    Say, "Oh, too bad."
    Tell them they're stupid, then not talk for it again.
    Give them hugs and cry for them. I want them to be happy.
  • 13
    You're friend is going through a break-up, what do you say?
    "I don't care... why are you telling me this?"
    "Sorry to hear that."
    "Oh Babe! I'm here for you! Let me love you!"
    "Who can blame him, he's dating a whale! No, no I'm joking... I love you"
    "That sucks."
  • 14
    You hear a hurtful rumor about your friend, do you...
    Give them a long speech about how the person who started it is stupid and you love them.
    Tell them, not bothered about it though.
    Tell them to contact authority, tell someone.
    Spread the rumor.
    Laugh about it.
  • 15
    You're friend cries, you...
    Make them laugh.
    Cry with them.
    Look the other way.
    Ask them what's wrong.
    Be company.
  • 16
    You're friends in hospital, do you.
    Talk about their health.
    Maybe visit a couple times, see how they're going.
    Visit them and joke around like you always do.
    Not visit.
    Never leave their side.
  • 17
    Is this friend,
    Doing something else, unaware of you taking this test.
    Far, far, far away. Where they should be.
    Beside you right now, laughing with you.
    They're always with me! Where else would they be!
  • 18
    You're friend confess' their love for you. You...
    Hate them.
    Seriously consider it...
  • 19
    If you're friend was struggling in school, you would...
    Tell them some tips.
    Laugh and tell them they're stupid.
    Help them as much as you can!
    Um. Not my problem so... not care?
    Point them in the direction of help.
  • 20
    You found this test,
    A way to show you're 'friend' that you aren't true friends.
    Funny and entertaining
    I don't know... I was bored.
    A true test to categorize your friendship.
    Immature and pointless

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