Are you lez?

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Are you lez, bi, or straight? Take this quiz to find out! (Girls only)

  • 1
    Which would you rather go out with?
    BOYS! Boys are SOOOO hot and girl are weird- other than me of course!
    GIRLS! Guys are just mean and disgusting!
    Either their both really nice!
  • 2
    If you had a HUGE crush on someone...
    It's a boy for sure!
    It would defiantly be a girl!
  • 3
    Ok so if you were at your friends house (girl) and no one is home except you and her and you were playing a board game when she jumps on top of you and says "I love you soo much let's have sex!" Then she pulls off your top. What would you so?
    Take off her top and make out with her boob while she fingers you
    Run away screaming and getting the hell out of there!
    Lay there not doing anything while she makes out with your boobs
  • 4
    Now your both naked she wants to have sex with you. She found a whip that she wants to use- you...
    Let her fuck you but tell her not to use the whip cause it hurts too much
    Say "YES YES YES! This is gonna hurt but it'll be worth it!"
    What did I say before? I'm screaming and running- if she finds a whip then she can just use it on here self cause she is CRAZY!
  • 5
    Now you say "I should probably go home" cause it's late and she wants to keep fucking you- you say no and start getting changed while you do that she is humping you (she is still naked)you...
    Keep getting changed and let her hump away cause it feels good but you need to get going
    Start humping her back. Who cares if it's late I love this girl she loves me let's fuck harder! Plus she is soooo sexy
    Hey! I'm long gone already! But if we it was earlier and when she took my clothes off and I ran screaming I would be putting my clothes back on now while she is humping me- then I would kick her away and tell her to leave me alone
  • 6
    Ok you left her house now- but the next day you see her at school and....
    Meet her in the first bathroom stall and fuck
    Talk to her about last night and make out in the bathroom at recess
    Try to avoid her the rest of the year because she is gross!
  • 7
    Now the really hot popular boy in your grade comes and asks you out. What do you say?
    You nod your head and smile. Say sure I'll meet you at McDonald's around 6!
    YES YES YES! You are so hot I'm so looking forward to our date!
    Sorry pal, I don't like boys-that way but please tell your sister about me!
  • 8
    So you're at McDonald's and he orders a big meal and only let's you buy one thing, you..
    Only get the one thing but tell him it's not fair.
    I didn't even go on the date! But I totally hope his sister is hot!
    Only buy one thing and think in your head "that's rude" but don't say it out loud
  • 9
    Now you're at his house and again it's only you two- he does the exact same thing your friend did to you. Now what do you do?
    Fuck him SOOOO hard! And say "this is how I always dreamed it would be!"
    Again just let him do whatever he wants but you don't do anything
    It didn't happen! But if his sister did that to me that would be so hot!;-) I hope she has a squeezable ass!
  • 10
    Last question: if you found out he was bisexual- what would you do?
    Say "me too! I guess we were either meant to be or not good for each other at all"
    I don't care about that dweeb!
    Say "that's okay at least you still like girls"

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