An insight on your relationship

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For those of you who are uncertain on whether you should take this test in fear that it will mess with your head too much and bring up to many unwanted thoughts, worry not! You and your mind are perfectly safe, this is all just a bucket of fun to solve boredom! You might even learn something

  • 1
    What are your thoughts on the amount of affection the other person shows you?
    My heart beats so fast when he/she even walks past! Is that un-natural?
    I'm a huge cuddler but he/she prefers the occasional hug or kiss
    I love it! His/Her touch always comforts me and makes me feel loved.
    We hold hands when the no one else is around (especially teachers!) if that's what you mean...
    He/She is a bit to clingy. I need my space
  • 2
    He/She comes up behind you in the school hallways and wraps their arms around your waist giving you quite the fright! You...
    Scream! Who in the world is it!
    Ahhhh! Where's my pepper spray when I need it!
    Laugh and turn around to hit their arm playfully for scaring the crap out of me!
    Jump in shock and wrap my arms around them back! Tight!
    Push him/her away, my friends will tease me for it
  • 3
    In sport you watch as he/she is hit in the head by a ball! Meanwhile your needed down the other end of the field! You...
    They'll be fine, I might get yelled at by the teacher if I run and check on them
    Yell for help and run towards them as they fall to the ground
    Oh my god! Call an ambulance! Breath, Breath!
    Leave them, they'll be fine it didn't hit them to hard. Besides I have a game to win!
    Run over and make sure they are okay, they come first before any sport.
  • 4
    Your going on a date with him/her! Where do you hope they'll take you?
    Dinner at a quiet restaurant, although they'll probably cancel again...
    Cinema, Less talking; Less awkward moments.
    Amusement park! Hugs, Kisses, Food and Scary rides. What more could you want!
    Maybe down the street for a milkshake? Wait what if they don't like milkshakes!
    On a peaceful walk in the park so I can learn even more about them!
  • 5
    They see you talking to one of your best friends of the opposite sex and become a little insecure about whether something is going on between you and your friend. To assure them you...
    Apologise for talking to the friend and hope they'll forgive you!
    Think: Oh god what have I done...
    I don't need to assure them, they should know that nothings going on
    Be honest and tell them exactly what was said to assure them you can be trusted
    Ask the friend to explain to them that nothings going on
  • 6
    Do you love them?
    Of course I do!
    If they gave me the chance to I could...
    Um I wouldn't say love but I guess I like him/her a lot?
    Love is a strong word.
  • 7
    You turn around to see them running towards you crying, you...
    Say 'Who's arse should I be kicking baby?'
    Who did this?
    Walk away and come back with a box of tissues and their favourite movie
    Open your arms and hold them close, before walking away and coming back with their favourite ice cream and two spoons
    Wonder what's wrong and ask them if they want you to get a teacher
  • 8
    If you could have one thing in the world that you would keep forever what would it be?
    An endless supply of his/her favourite ice cream and a king sized bed!
    A teleporter so I can go see him/her whenever I want!
    How is this relevant?
    A pony!
  • 9
    You receive a text from him/her saying they can't make it dinner because they are sick. You..
    Get upset, You were really looking forward to it
    Drive to their house and arrive on the doorstep with their favourite television series and a box of chocolates to share
    Get into your trackies and put on the movie: The Notebook
    Go to dinner anyway, you're hungry and the invite was only you being polite anyway
    Couldn't make it anyway.
  • 10
    What values would you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to have?
    Cute, Understanding, Loving
    Attractive, Funny and Nice
    Trust, Honestly and Loyalty
    Sweet, Caring and Supportive
    Sense of humour, Laid back and Mischievous
  • 11
    You get to their house ask what you want to do on this rainy day. You say..
    Watch Finding Nemo!
    Play cards with your parents
    Let's play snap!

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