Who is Your Warrior Cat?

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15 Questions - Developed by: HazelFang (Tiffany) - Developed on: - 7.765 taken

Find out your name, personality, and look.

  • 1
    You are on a patrol with two of your best friends when you run into a loner in your territory. The loner looks tired, hungry, and sick. What do you do?
    Leave the loner be for now then tell your leader once your patrol is over (i don't want to do anything unless my leader approves of it)
    Attack the loner (an easy target to practice on!)
    Tell your friends you will handle the loner and send them to check on another border while you bring the loner somewhere safe and care for her/him (how would you feel if you were tired, hungry, and alone!) Attack the loner (an easy target to practice on!) Leave the loner be for now then tell your leader once your patrol is over (i don't want to do anything unless my leader approves of it)
    Run it out of your territory (who knows if that sickness is contagious!)
  • 2
    Your best friend's mate admits he/she likes you and you kind of like him/her too, what do you do?
    Stay loyal to your friend (i could never break my best friend's heart!)
    Talk to your best friend about it (she/he needs to know about his/her mate)
    Secretly become mates with him/her without your friend knowing (I can't hurt his/her feelings by saying no and I can't hurt my best friend by telling him/her)
    Kill your friend so you can be mates with his/her mate (I don't care this is the first she-cat/tom to like me in ages!)
  • 3
    You catch your mate watching another tom/she-cat while he/she is in the warrior's den, how do you respond?
    Talk with your mate after the other she-cat/tom is gone (he/she must have a reason for watching him/her)
    Overreact and attack the tom/she-cat (he/she is a threat to me and my mate’s relationship!)
    Try to get your mates attention (I want him/her paying attention to me not him/her!)
    Trust him/her (it may just be that he/she has a burr in her/his fur)
  • 4
    You are at a river with your mate, leader, and best friend when the river floods. You can only either save your leader, best friend, mate, or all three but you will drown in the process, which do you do?
    Save all three but drown (I couldn't let any of them die!)
    Save your best friend (he/she is the reason you still have loyalty!)
    Save your leader (he/she is the life of the Clan, I can't let him/her die!)
    Save your mate (he/she is my love, I could never let him/her die on my account!)
  • 5
    Your favorite color is?
  • 6
    You go on a long journey with 3 cats, each from a different Clan. Sometime in the journey, you gain a bond with all of these cats, one in particular you have feelings for. Once you reach your Clan again you are left to make the decision, which do you chose?
    You leave your Clan to be with him/her (Love comes before loyalty)
    Forget the bond with these cats (they are from other Clans and I must be loyal to my Clan)
    Hate StarClan for making the Warrior Code and end a cat in anger (they are the reason I can't be with him/her!)
    Explain to him/her why you can't be together (I can't just leave him/her without an explanation)
  • 7
    What is another of your favorite colors?
  • 8
    You see a tom/she-cat you like, from your Clan, with a she-cat/tom from another Clan in your Clan's territory. What do you do?
    You attack the she-cat/tom from the other Clan (he/she is mine not yours!)
    Stay loyal to your Clan and chase her out of your territory (I don't care how I feel for him/her, I am loyal to my Clan!)
    Alert your leader right away (he/she will know what to do)
    You act like you never saw a thing and try to forget it (I don't want to ruin their relationship)
  • 9
    You see two of your clan mates fighting in the clearing and all the cats gathered around them are cheering, what do you do?
    You go through the crowd of cats and separate the two fighting clan mates (I don't want my clan mates getting hurt!)
    Cheer with the Clan (I don't want to seem weird in front of my Clan)
    Join in the fight (Now is my chance to let out some anger and show my Clan how strong I am!)
    Tell your leader what is happening (The leader will be able to stop the fighting cats)
  • 10
    If you could have any personality in a friend, which would you want?
    Loyalty (I want to be able to trust my friend with my life)
    Caring (he/she needs to care for others like I do)
    Strong and powerful (they need to be able to take a hit and defeat any cat in their way)
    Wise (able to figure out the right way to stay true to her/himself and loyal to her/his Clan)
  • 11
    What type of mate would you like to have?
    Cunning and fast (he/she needs to be able to think fast and be fast, it's all about the fast life)
    Loyal and good-looking (I want him/her to be loyal to me and so I can have bragging rights:3)
    Caring yet strong (I want a mate who could care for me yet not be weak when it came to a battle)
    Strong, daring, and the best at everything (he/she needs to be able to battle and kill!)
  • 12
    Which would you prefer to be in a Clan?
    Medicine Cat (I want to care for my fellow clan mates)
    Warrior (I will stick to hunting and fighting for my Clan as a warrior)
    Deputy (I want to be able to support my leader and Clan)
    Leader (I want power!)
  • 13
    If a Dark Forest cat came to you in your dreams and offered to train you, what would you say?
    Of course (I will be able to use that power to take over the forest!)
    No (my Clan needs me for them, I can't waste my time training with a Dark Forest cat)
    Yes (It will make me strong and I will be able to fight for my Clan)
    NO (you are evil and will teach me nothing but ways to kill cats!)
  • 14
    If you were told by your leader that you will be a part of the next battle against BloodClan, how would you respond?
    I will go if I have to, but I would prefer to stay and guard the elders and kits (I'm more of a protector than a straight out fighter)
    I am all for it! (I am going to fight for my Clan, of course I will!)
    Of course I will! (It is my chance to learn the best ways to end cats while killing other ones!)
    Um, can I stay instead? (I think the camp will need some guarding)
  • 15
    How was this test?
    It was decent but not mind blowing
    I loved it and would take it again if I could!
    Oh, what did you say? I kind of fell asleep during it…
    It was great, I just wouldn't take it again

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