What Does He Think Of You?

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Are you barely acquaintances? Friends? Besties? Is he crushing on you? Could it be LOVE?

  • 1
    How often do you find yourself thinking of him?
    Rarely if ever.
    Now and again, but not a lot.
    At least once a day.
    Pretty often.
  • 2
    Does he ever touch you?
    He hugs me, holds my hand, we play wrestle, he rests his hand on my knee and if we're on a couch he'll put his head in my lap...
    He'll my hand or arm, we playfully shove each other sometimes.
    Maybe once or twice on accident...
    He might have tapped on my shoulder to get my attention...
  • 3
    How long have you known each other?
    6 months - a year
    A year - 5 years
    Just met, but dayum he's hot!
    5+ years
    A few weeks - 6 months
  • 4
    Have you been to his house?
    Like every day!
    I went there for a big party but never saw him
    A few times
    I've slept over ;P
  • 5
    Have you met his friends?
    Yes, we hang out in the same group of people
    Yes, but they don't seem to like me
    Yes, they don't really seem to have an opinion on me
    Yes, his friends love me!
  • 6
    Have you met his parents?
    Yes, they know me from school but not from him
    No / they don't like me
    Yes, they like me fine
    Yes, they love me and think I'm great!
    I've seen them around...
  • 7
    What do your friends think?
    They think we'd be cute together <3
    They tell me to stay the hell away / they don't think we'll work out
    They ask me when the wedding will be (LOL)
    I haven't asked them (DUDE. ASK.)
    They think that if we date we'll only last for a few days
  • 8
    Does he come to any of your events (Games, concerts, etc?)
    Once but he never looked at me and left before I could talk to him
    He comes to every game and a lot of practices!
    A few of the important ones...
    Yes, he comes to quite a few!
  • 9
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    Yes, they are pretty serious:(
    Not that I know of
    No but there's a serious crush:(
    No, not since we met ;P
    Yes, but they are breaking up / recently broken up
  • 10
    Do you know each other's phone passwords?
    Yes, I'm the first person he tells if he changes it!
    Yes, but his is 1234 / something equally stupid and I guessed it
    No way, he won't even let me look at his phone!
    No, but he unlocks his phone whenever I ask him to
    No, does that even matter? (I'm the question asker, thank you very little!)
  • 11
    Have you hung out? If so, what do you do?
    Yes, we just hang out at his house playing video games or sometimes we go see a movie
    Yes, we go eat out and see movies and go shopping together and do lots of things together!
    Once or twice, us and our friends went and ate at McDonald's...
    Do school activities count? (Meh...)
  • 12
    Is he a flirt/player?
    Kinda, he's had two girlfriends in the past month...
    Not at all
    He's pretty flirty...
    Not really
  • 13
    What's the longest you've ever hung out together?
    At least 24 hours
    A few minutes after school let's out
    Like 3 days!
    A couple hours
    0 hours outside of school
  • 14
    Does he ask you to hang out with him and his friends?
    Yes, but then he ditched me:(
    Yes but there were other girls
    All the time!
  • 15
    Are you sick of this quiz yet?
    Yes, but only a little. And I'm excited to hear my results!
    Nope KEEP GOING!
    Not really, but this question took up time -_-
    Yes, I'm damn near quitting
  • 16
    Does he ask for help with his homework / help with yours?
    Just with like one question
    No, never!
    We basically do every assignment together!
    Yes, we do a lot of project together
    Yes, he has before
  • 17
    Do his friends ever make jokes about you two dating?
    Yes, they do a lot
    They ask when we're getting married too! (Dude why are you even taking this)
    No / haven't met them
    Yes, but they do that with everyone...
  • 18
    Does he say you're friends?
    Yes, I don't know if it's friendzoning or not...
    No, but at least it's not friendzoning!
    No he ignores me
    Yes but he says all cute! Like whenever I help him it's "thank you, bestie" all jokingly (Also he might be gay. Go test that)
    Yes, but I think it's friendzoning...
  • 19
    Do you text / call?
    Only once or twice about homework
    No, don't have his number
    We text a lot, he's called me a few times...
    We text 24/7 and have long phone conversations!
  • 20
    Do you HONESTLY think he likes you?
    Yes, yes I do: P
    Not really
    I kinda think so...
    Not sure, that's why you're here!

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