Are you depressed or just sad?

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Okay, I'm not an expert, so you don't have to take me seriously, but if you're not sure whether you're depressed or not then this is the quiz you should take.

  • 1
    When did you first become aware that you were feeling lower than normal, more than normal?
  • 2
    How much are you sad during a day?
  • 3
    Have your family commented on your changing moods?
  • 4
    Have you noticed a change in your eating habits or a weight change?
  • 5
    Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • 6
    Do you frequently feel helpless, hopeless and loathing of yourself?
  • 7
    Is your temper quicker than normal?
  • 8
    Do you feel literally tired of life?
  • 9
    Have you ever tried any form of self harm such as cutting, starving yourself or trying to self destruct in another way?
  • 10
    Finally, what do you think you are?

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Anonymus girl (48295)
499 days ago
Don't commit a suicide .
I don't know you , but I know that you're worth living .
I tried to do it once , and I feel like idk....
I hate my life , and it sucks , really
It's a hundred times worse than yours , trust me ...
I really feel like I don't belong to die , I feel like there isn't hope for me
And however you feel don't do it
God will take it once ....
But it's not up to you to do it
Cause God maybe has a good life ,full of love and hapiness for you ...
It just needs time ...
One who lost the only girl he loved (64091)
499 days ago
I used to be so happy.. I loved a girl who made my life better... Until she had to move away.. Far away. Now, im hopeless and i don't have anyone left to TRULY love. I dont know if ill find another girl to save me from this hell... I dont know anymore, but i know it could be even worse. Because i know someone else, near my age tried to commit suicide.. I feel horrible for her.. But i feel horrible already. Do i still feel emotions? I don't know anymore.. I just dont want to commit suicide because im afraid the one i loved will come back. I just want help. I want someone to at least care for again. Please.
Anonymus g8r (48295)
500 days ago
Life sucks .
Everyone hates me .
Put I don't blame them , I hate myself too .
I'm weirdo , but acctually weirdo .
I'm not like the others.
I've got scoliosis .
My paremts are divorced .
I live with my mom and she is always yelling at me .
When I go to my dad he buys me everything but calls me ๐Ÿ’— and makes me feel miserable.
I don't have real friends.
I've got two "friends" and everyone else in school hates me.
There is noone by my side .
No one understands .
What to do ?
I want to die
Once I left suicide note .
My mom found it and locked me in room for two weeks and then brought me to psych9logist .
I think i maybe just want a little bit of love and understanding but.... Hey it's me ..... It's impossible to get it from anyone even from my parents

Someone ?
Life (96619)
510 days ago
How about you get molested by your uncle and instead of protecting you...your family protects him and blames you. I grew up as the bad person. Oh well. At least I don't go to family parties since they still invite him.
Trish (16349)
513 days ago
Hey ppl . When all of life is going down just remember this :

Elly (16349)
513 days ago
My mom is weird . She has anger problem and yells at me a lot . It has cause so much pain and fear for me . She says she loves me tho . I guess I can't blame her since she is really sick . She scolds me for being sad . Like who da hell does that ??? My classmates are nice to everyone . Almost everyone in my school is nice .
Carol (80210)
515 days ago
I'm also only eleven.
Carol (80210)
515 days ago
Everyday my family always yells at me especially my mother
Everyone at school judges my looks
I'm insecure about myself
I've only cut my sail with my nails, once, accidentally leaving a scar
I did something really bad, my sister has proof so I'm basically her slave
No one leaves me alone when I want to go to my room and mope
Everyone places the blame on me
I think my friends are annoyed/hate me.
I don't eat much anymore
No name (01414)
534 days ago
My friends have all left me for the girls who now bully me
My parents don't understand me
They call me ๐Ÿ’— and put me down all the time
I always get the urge to smash something up but I don't cause I know I'll get in trouble
Home work is killing me
There's so much to do and so little time to do it
i have sports every day after school and the weekends aswell
It's stress
I don't want to quit sports cause they are the only thing that makes my life worth living and I can take my anger out on things but at the same time I can't handle the people on my team
They all put me down and ignore
Once we were doing face pick for football and everyone got picked but me so I had to be picked but everyone turned around and started doing team strategy
Even the manager ignores me
I'm not allowed to take corners
I'm not allowed to do anything which sucks cause im a really good player
Please anyone help me I'm on the brink of madness
I've thought so many times about running away but I can't bring myself to do it
No name (01414)
534 days ago
I'm never hungry and I got to sleep having nothing to eat all day
And I don't know what's wrong with me
I get angry really easy and I'm impatient
Little things trigger my anger or my sadness yet other times I'm completely emotionless
I'm not diagnosed with depression yet I've taken to many online tests that say I'm severely depressed
I would never self harm or suicide cause I'm scared to do it but I contemplate
Life is so messed up for me now and lots of things have changed I just wish everyone would dissapear
I just want everyone to leave me alone
i want to die (75121)
546 days ago
I just want to die and go to heaven this is going to maybe lead me to self harm or suicide
not saying... :) (84274)
549 days ago
well, yeah. kinda knew i wasn't, i'm just sad 'cuz my sister is going to Interlochen for 6 weeks and we're not gonna visit (too expensive) so i can't see her for 6 weeks! :(
estrella (04268)
552 days ago
i just want to sleep and never wake up
Randomteen (21442)
554 days ago
I wish I could kill myself everyone hates me my life is over
Just a guy (81285)
573 days ago
Since the beginning of this year Iยดve been feeling sad and depressed. I used to go with some friends to the cinema but we are starting to have conflicts every time we plan an arrengemente. These events really cheered me up. On the other hand, at school, I have classmates that are quite impolite. We are always entering into new problems as a group. Also, this was much worse last year, but we used to have fun by breaking things and being destructive, yet last days were pretty calm and bored. At home, my family is really impatient with me. I am a teenager and I expect to have my privacy but I have to share my room with my little brother and Iยดm suffering every night and day because of this. My brother is always bothering me. I just want my own room, like I used to have. My family doesnt understand me, and they always justify the arguments of my ๐Ÿ’— brother. I enter into a process of anger and craziness... Thats why my parents are always a ๐Ÿ’— with me. I cant stand it anymore... I just want to get out of this house and have my own life, but I donยดt know if I will make it alive.
Someone (87804)
578 days ago
Lately I have been very sad about my experiences at school. At the beginning of this year I was very determined to get straight A's. I failed miserably, now I have mostly C's, one D and one F. It all started when I got behind in my science class, then when I was catching up on the work I got behind on another class and so on. I started failing tests and not doing homework. Now I dread each coming school day and I completely hate myself. I have started crying much more often, as well as scratching myself with an Excacto knife, I usually don't break the skin because I get scared. I feel like I have to hide my grades from my friends which is hard because many people at my school like to show their grades to others and compare grades. My friends will sometimes ask me what my grades are and I will lie and say I have mostly A's, then I will try to change the subject. My parents know about my grades and sadness, but they don't know about the cutting and how sad I really am. I know this does not seem like a huge problem compared to other people's problems, but for me since I have never felt this way before its really concerning to me. Thanks for reading.
Lorelei (20816)
579 days ago
I'm eleven years old and I recently found out that my mom has been a heroine addict since before I was born. I'm currently living at my lying, ๐Ÿ’— of a father's house and I've wanted to die ever since I was 8. I started cutting in fourth grade and it hasn't gotten any better. My dad doesn't except me bc I'm bisexual. He thinks I'm a lazy peice of ๐Ÿ’—
Anonymousgirl (43123)
584 days ago
I am an 11 year old girl who has been suffering depression since 2014.My life is totally screwed up! I mean seriously,my mom is a liar and she lied all about my dad.When I was that innocent piece of sh!t i was(a four year old),I thought my dad was not a good guy but when i heard the truth when i was at the age of 10,I felt shattered.My mother would just say ๐Ÿ’— excuses to defend herself.When I am at her house and when she says:"I love you",I pretend that i also love her.After saying how many times i want her to tell me why she lied.She finally moved to NZ and worked there.I was half happy and half sad.But then I also realized something.She loved me so much just like how my dad loved me and my brother.She never wanted to let go like the time my father worked as a chef on cruising ship.All I wanted was them to be together but everything in life is now....BROKEN...I CANNOT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE.seriously....i just wanted to get everything back but my mom's and dad's side were really different.I do not know how to feel know....I guess I'll just sit down and wait till my mom marries her new boyfriend and hang my self on their wedding infront of everyone to let her realize something my dad was depressed back then on 2009 because of her boyfriend..If she gets new kids,I'll never go near one of them even when they want to talk to me.I'll just write everything that I"ll say.Goodbye cruel world.....thanks to my mother,i'll go die
petrovich (17774)
589 days ago
Hello, everything appeared to be heading okay in my own existence until months' last couple. A coped have existed with panic going back 7 years. Life-events be seemingly difficult to cope with. This season your first kid was created in September and I came across a method to cope with it although I had been nervous. Since that time a nosedive has been taken by issues. The typical pressure was triggered by their appearance in households and that I dropped into a disagreement with the in-laws that we haven't suggested with. Fourteen days later my loved ones is whenever we all discover our step-father had compelled herself onto our handicapped sibling and made her pregnant change aside. Might work weight increases when I chose to undertake an additional task following day. I coped with-it all why I had beennot feeling nervous and that I could not work-out. Whenever we chose to go home then everything fell apart. Insomnia was of me piling the beginning. Evenings of no rest went my brain to lastly and suicidal ideas ideas of hurting my spouse and boy. It was I wound up remaining 3 months in a mental ward and cried out for aid. I was identified by them having a type-2 bipolar condition which made sense in my experience. I currently have a mood stabilizer to an antidepressant. It's been fourteen days because making hospital's convenience. Nothing is sensible in my experience there are an easy daily duties a headache. My spouse keeps encouraging me that issues can get. Two nights before the nearest member of the family that I kept to my center (my grandma) away. I therefore confused I actually donot understand if the very fact of losing her is grieving or overlooking. I disappointment the following and feel a peace about a minute then rage. I actually donot would like to get out-of mattress however I actually do. I am continually caught in not and making a choice producing one. I do want to possess an aim to mind towards but I continuously put in it and a bad considered. I am lost in concern and night however I appear to benefit from the interest it provides to my pessimism. Knocking a solid wall with my mind wont assist as nothing appears to repair this down and up rollercoaster ride. Has anybody suffers with bipolar and despair or lived via a comparable encounter and it has some concept of exactly what the way to avoid it appears like? Any help is aid that is great!
Jennifer (83335)
589 days ago
I am 16 and every day i get told how lazy and non-caring and ๐Ÿ’— i am by my mother and family But i just do not see it i do dishes i watch kids while mom is gone i have a really busy job and i cook and help on the farm i have been told by a lot of people at work that i am a hard worker. i do so much at home i try not to fall asleep at work when we are not very busy. but it is hard i have been finding my self not sleeping and crying a lot eating a lot more mostly when i am mad or sad. and it dose not help that i do not get home from work most of the time at 11:30 -12:00 and then get up in the morning at 6:30 its just not very fun anymore and it is like the same thing every week school, work, and bed then the weekend work all day Saturday got to church Sunday then work that night. I fell like i do not even have a lif i do not have anytime for friends or my boyfriend but when i do have time it is not the right time for my mother or she needs me to do something for her that day. MY LIFE ID CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!