What unique Mythical Creature Are You?

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A quick quiz that determines what unusual mythical creature you are. This quiz has none of the usual werewolf, vampire, unicorn answers, it will show you beasts you've probably never heard of!

  • 1
    In your free time you usually...
    Play a sport, go for a jog, something physical
    Go hiking, or mountain biking, an activity away from the noisy city and suburbs
    Visit historical sites, museums, and art galleries, any place with history
    Stay at home, read, play video games, that kind of stuff
    Hang out with friends at the mall or at their house
  • 2
    You meet a stranger asking for directions. You...
    Totally avoid them or lead them in the wrong direction. A naive person is vulnerable to your pranks!
    Give them directions and strike up a short conversation
    Give them general directions
    Lead them where they want to go
    Lead them where they want to go, and make lively conversation while walking with them.
  • 3
    Your personality is generally...
    I'm usually shy, and I like play pranks whenever possible. I'm intuitive and quiet.
    I'm determined, smart, sexy, and popular. The perfect person!
    Athletic, brutally honest, and loyal. I'm ready for anything!
    Easy going, reliable, and sometimes lazy.
    Smart, talented, and hardworking. I seek answers to everything.
  • 4
    Your favorite food is...
    Fancy and expensive meals. Only good food can pass my lips.
    Something sweet
    Meat, like steak or bacon.
    I can eat anything that's traditional, I don't mind trying new foods from different cutlers
    Anything, preferably something fresh
  • 5
    Your talents are...
    I'm really good at predicting the future and at lying
    I'm good at taking tests. I know almost everything
    Art, music, dancing
    Strategy games like chess
    Sports, the harder the better
  • 6
    Your favorite color is..
    Bright bold colors
    Pure colors like white, gold, silver, or pale colors
    Bright shades of lively hot colors
    Neutral or earthy colors like slate gray or brown
    Black, or dark shades of cool colors
  • 7
    You are a...
    ( this question doesn't really matter)
    I want to be the opposite gender of whatever I am
    Guy? Girl? Does it really matter?
    I'm a sexy chick
    Is it bad if I can't tell?
    Guy, definitely a guy.
  • 8
    Your favorite season is...
    Don't care, the seasons blend into each other
  • 9
    Your element is...
  • 10
    If you were a mythological creature How long do you think you'll live?
    50 or 60, my body will be worn out by then.
    I age twice as fast as a human. I'm reborn every 40 years up to three times
    Forever, I'm immune to death!
    I'm immune to death by disease and natural causes.
    20 years, if I'm lucky
  • 11
    If you had a power what would it be?
    Power to raise demons or move things with my mind
    The power to control people
    The power to be invincible in battle
    Power to take things from drawings and make them real
    Shapeshifting and Invisibility powers
  • 12
    My favorite weather is...
    Hot humid days
    Heavy rain
    Warm and breezy days
    Just warm enough weather
  • 13
    If your family was kidnapped you would...
    Steal your family back
    Organize a party and siege the kidnappers compound
    Blackmail kidnappers until you get your family back
    Make the bastards regret it
    Get help from the police
  • 14
    If I could choose what creature I got I would pick...
    A selkie or satyr
    A pooka or other shape shifters
    A faerie or elf
    A warlock or necromancer
    A uniandro
  • 15
    Please give your honest opinion on how good the quiz is:)
    Just good
    Could use improving

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