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10 Questions - Developed by: Sardor - Developed on: - 3.144 taken

I am here to give you a test to see if you truly know Transformers.

  • 1
    In the live action film who is the first Transformer that you see on the big screen?
    Sentinel Prime
    Optimus Prime
  • 2
    Who is the first Autobot to walk on Earth?
    Optimus Prime
  • 3
    Who is Orion Pax?
    Optimus Prime
    Omega Supreme
  • 4
    Who is Sentinel Prime? (Hint: Dark of the moon)
    A autobot who invented the pillars
    A decepticon
    Optimus' arch enemy
    A autobot who had great courage
    An Autobot that died in the war
  • 5
    Who is bumblebee?
    A scout
    A leader
    A decepticon
    A lieutenant
    A general
  • 6
    In ROTF what did the Fallen's brothers steal and hide from him?
    The Allspark
    The Matrix
    His staff
    The sun harvester
    The Pillars
  • 7
    Who is Galvatron? (G1)
    Megatron reincarnated
    Megatron's brother
    Megatron but with a new army and body
    Megatron's Father
  • 8
    What power does the Matrix have?
    To revive any transformer
    To create worlds, and fill them with life
    To activate the Sun Harvester and revive any transformer
    To activate the Sun Harvester
    To destroy
  • 9
    In DOTM, who 2 people found the Ark?
    Michael Bay and Shia LeBouf
    Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
    Josh Hucherson and Jennifer Lawrence
    Dwayne Johnson and Neil Armstrong
  • 10
    LAST QUESTION: Who is Devastator?
    Optimus and Sentinal Prime
    A huge pile of junk
    A robot combined with other robots
    Skids and Mudflap

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Hailey studdard ( 3.130 )
Posted 302 days ago
I love transformers!!