Are you gay? take this quiz to find out

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This quiz is made bay me for everyone that thinks it may be LGBT ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual) . Remember this is not 100% accurate, answer the questions with 100% sincerity, the answers are anonymous .

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Simon ( 77.44 )
Posted 4 days ago
I'm gay and I'm proud of it
reese ( 3.173 )
Posted 11 days ago
I was scared were ever I was a lesbian or not as I dared both gender and still fell Nothing i towords rather gender I need help by it said I was so I'll take that for now
karthick ( 9.233 )
Posted 37 days ago
I feel like a same gender if am saw a woman
Dj melodic ( 80.29 )
Posted 45 days ago
im bi lol not lesbian , but whatever , i liked the quiz ?
BiUnicorn ( 40.67 )
Posted 70 days ago
me and my friends just have this group of our LGBT friends and we just grope each other.. yep i know its weird
Gayyy ( 20.68 )
Posted 71 days ago
Gay and proud [BEEP]es! Tbh I already knew but whatever!
Not a hater, just sayin... ( 8.217 )
Posted 77 days ago
I don't hate LGBT, i just hate the community and stuff, because of the gay pride [BEEP], i'm straight but i don't constantly flaunt it for attention. I know you are trying to get the word out, and get people to be more comfortable with coming out as gay or lesbian, but some people take it way too far.
Will fitchet ( 2.186 )
Posted 78 days ago
I'm kinda like straight/gay I had a girl three weeks ago now I just met a hot boy!
Dxmartin ( 8.250 )
Posted 87 days ago
Aww hell yeah. This quiz is so accurate. I had a boyfriend last summer, thinking it was jut[BEEP]perimentation or something, and now i know im actually gay. Watch out lgbt, cuz this 13 year old is gay, and its in you facei also found out im a what fun i will have in the future. First o.o.b

Attempt to get back with ex.
Gay ( 1.253 )
Posted 93 days ago
I'm gay how to say parents
Sara ( 21.75 )
Posted 95 days ago
I'm super lesbian but whatever, I take these kinds of quizes for fun sometimes.
LGBT is gay ( 05.93 )
Posted 103 days ago
LGBT is the gayest thing alive :D Did you know that LGBT's have a hormonal imbalance in their brains? thts y theyre abnormal the only thing i like about LGBT's is lesbian porn. yum yum!!
Proud to be gay ( 48.65 )
Posted 105 days ago
I knew I was gay just wanted to take for fun!! ;)
Owen 100% Gay!! ( 4.242 )
Posted 105 days ago
I'm 13 and I'm pretty young to take this quiz, but it was worth it! It finds out I'm gay!!!! I'm a proud gay 13 year old. I'm ready for some hot gay [BEEP] in my future. I've always know I was gay since I was like 8. I had this crush on this boy in my class! Welcome me in to the LGBTQ community!!! I'm happy and gay!
Aidan ( 39.67 )
Posted 106 days ago
I'm a trans boy, and I've always fancied boys. Girls can be cute, and I guess I wouldn't mind dating one, but boys are just too great. ;3 99% of my fantasies are with boys, although I don't find gay [BEEP] interesting, unless it's written. XD I'm weird. I know. Sorry. I plan on staying a virgin for life, not a nun, but, I don't like [BEEP] It seems unhygienic and pretty bleh. But still, men are hot. XD
Amy ( 2.225 )
Posted 110 days ago
Have cross dressed since I was 12 - this quiz proves I am a gurl and am gay. Thanks xxx
LGBT IS GAY ( 1.228 )
Posted 120 days ago
Arm ( 35.67 )
Posted 128 days ago
i thought that i'm definitely gay since i was in the secondary school. it sounds absurd and fruitless, but the man always stunned me when i first saw him. I've never judge them from their appearance. The humble manner is my logical answer.
ariana grande ( 7.216 )
Posted 128 days ago
i am a boy. not sure.... possibly bi
dddhehdh ( 7.116 )
Posted 129 days ago
the stupid test said i was gay i am 11 and i know i am a bi.I AM A GIRL. any one intrestid