Are you gay? take this quiz to find out

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This quiz is made bay me for everyone that thinks it may be LGBT ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual) . Remember this is not 100% accurate, answer the questions with 100% sincerity, the answers are anonymous .

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Tyler johnson (17052)
91 days ago
For all those people that are LGBT u don't have 2 change who u r just bc people don't like u 4 u , u r u don't let anyone tell you different x❤️
Tyler johnson (17052)
91 days ago
I'm a girl by the way
Tyler johnson (17052)
91 days ago
I'm defo not gay but I support all those who are lgtb
Chocolate Vasia (63186)
91 days ago
I'm not GAY!!!!! But well....I don't really know what I am!😂
Sup (77269)
98 days ago
i got gay, idk why though cause ik om not! I have a boyfriend!!!!
Steven (63391)
106 days ago
Well,if you got gay,straight,bi or lesbian,dont care about what others think just be what you think makes you fell good.And I got straight at 11 tests even if I knew already I was straight , I thought for a little time I was gay,I dont have any problem with the LGBT and I am Christian and my friends are Christian and they are Gay and if a god dang forbidden person tells you that he is homophobic or that he hates people that are in a couple while being the same gender,theyre mind is just twisted,they find it wrong and immature but even if being Straight I still dont have anything against Gay couples and I even support Gay/Lesbiam couples and if you are gay,lesbian or bisexual be proud of it and dont hide it and if you know people that are the same as you incourage them,make them proud of their sexuality.
Just Saying:) (00524)
107 days ago
My test results came back that I'm......straight:)
Some kid (04332)
108 days ago
So, here's the thing, I have no idea what I am but I've taken multiple of these which either say I'm ace or pan. Even though I have no problem with that, it kind of scares me because the majority of my friends are Christian and against gay marriage being legalised. Only a few think it's okay and there is this one girl who is like my best friend but every now and then, I'll just think "what would happen if I just kissed her?" And that scares me.
Phantom freddy (34364)
110 days ago
Only foxy has one and its mangle
Elliot (43174)
118 days ago
I’m gay but honestly not too proud or love it and celebrate it, I don’t care. Still closeted but I don’t feel the need to tell everyone. Just the people that live me or care about me. Being gay sucks when your young so maybe it’ll change when I’ll be older but still.
Anymous (36677)
122 days ago
I'm gay
Austin how about this
Give me one piece of proof to say god or Jesus is real. If you can't why do you use the bible as an excuse to hate gays. I'm not a bad person I donate to charity and hey I'm not raising the population
Lol (47266)
125 days ago
"you're gay and now have a new friend" lol you'll probably hate me bc I hate the lgbtq community. Lgbt people aren't a community. They're a demographic of people with almost nothing in common. It would be like saying "the white community" when the only thing they have in common is their skin colour. Not to mention the LGBT "community" will throw you under the bus if you're even slightly right leaning even if you are gay.
Wrong (40437)
127 days ago
Well girl and I watch only gay 💗no what ? I can't answer correct here
Lilly (92745)
136 days ago
Random teen you decided your life don't let anyone or thing change you and be you and that what people will like about you yes i understand your felling your scared that people will judge you but make yourself anonymous and tell your family then need you to tell them so then can be there for you
Lilly (92745)
136 days ago
I am not gay but I support your Your choose I already have a friend that a boy tell me he is gay and I don't judge him so yeah I support you and don't care what people say let me say I never even tried to have a relationship with a girl so I can't say it bad or not and remember we are now in a free country so be who you want
Lilly (92745)
136 days ago
Umm I don't watch💗
That One Girl (81749)
142 days ago
It said I'm a lesbian, but I'm pan :)
Mr ery (53889)
143 days ago
I am gay and proud of being gay
Mr ery (53889)
143 days ago
I took the test and it sad that I am gay. I already knew that so t was no suprise! I already like one of my friends and I am proud that I am gay i am don't care what everyone else says about me
Austin (72589)
149 days ago
I disagree with LGBT, it goes against the bible, however I often fine myself thinking about the same 💗 In my opinion, LGBT is wrong, but if god isn't real, why care? I wish you said "disagree", because I don't hate y'all, but you don't need a cellebration cause you'll hop in be with annother guy/girl,💗is sex, love is love, keep it to yourself and don't cause so much BS.

My parents would absoulutely disown me, in a emotional way, they wouldn't be comfortable and stuff, and think I'm goin' down to the underworld. Honestly, being gay as a christan is pain, and depression, and don't say stuff like "You can't change your preference" or "Christans can be gay", NO, you can not be christan and gay, it's the horrible truth, we just are sexually immoral.

What is a god who gives feelings and desires like these as he tells us it's wrong? Honestly speaking, I am losing faith, because don't try to say it's ok, god just isn't likely, but the big bang is BS, I done research on so much I found myself lost, live life to live life people, just let go, familly wont agree, well 'em, ya know? They don't want you to be happy, you don't need them, call CPS and get out of there, we make our OWN paths, god or no god, we live life to be happy, what if god is the bad guy? Let's start some new theorys, and stuff, WE LIVE LIFE TO LIVE!

So, I am gay AF, and I am proud, I disagree, and am also shamed that I am betrayig what I lived for, if I'm wrong, throw me and h*ll for being happy so called "good" and "real" god, of course this is also just my mental state, so who knows.

-Austinnthe f4gg