Are you gay? take this quiz to find out

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12 Questions - Developed by: Alexander - Developed on: - 956.838 taken - User Rating: 3.35 of 5.0 - 94 Votes

This quiz is made bay me for everyone that thinks it may be LGBT ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual) . Remember this is not 100% accurate, answer the questions with 100% sincerity, the answers are anonymous .

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some girl ( 49912 )
Posted 295 days ago
well i am straight but why did you say i hate the LGBT? i picked a question about it and i honestly don't hate them... ( yes i picked i dont hate them ) btw this isnt a hate comment ;3
Chiffon My Mind ( 56019 )
Posted 296 days ago
I'm straight though, I'm just not afraid of acknowledging attractive women. And my girl crush is a celebrity ( I think she's awesome ) so I don't really think that the test was accurate this time, but it was still fun to try it๐Ÿ˜Š
Anonymous ( 81341 )
Posted 296 days ago
I'm bisexual and i got straight
Ally ( 90234 )
Posted 296 days ago
I got that I'm lesbian and I'm proud of it
Madi ( 10435 )
Posted 296 days ago
I know I'm lesbian but my family will not approve and I will not tell them what do I do
Mum ( 42708 )
Posted 296 days ago
I am bisexual and proud.
Identity Error ( 85634 )
Posted 296 days ago
I am not not straight bruh im bi
... ( 31690 )
Posted 299 days ago
I'm gay. And proud ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ
I'm not telling ( 31690 )
Posted 303 days ago
Gay guy ( 40796 )
Posted 324 days ago
I got i'm gay which I already knew
The one and only ( 77252 )
Posted 328 days ago
I'm straight knew I would pass
Sexy Boi ( 99694 )
Posted 330 days ago
I was born in 1998 in the Middle East. My family was also worried for my protection, wondering if they would be targeted by ISIS any time soon. I then moved to Australia, and I was happy and so where my parents. Because of this test I found that I am straight and can now accept that ๐Ÿ’— does not feel nice (a couple of Australian men were kind enough to comfort me in an alleyway whilst I was walking around, such nice people here!).
shamelle ( 10393 )
Posted 333 days ago
im 11 and can finally be proud of who i am
christina ( 06548 )
Posted 334 days ago
Im gay im proud of it and any one who is ashamed of being gay is ridiculous think of it this way you like a certain lolly but someone else likes a different lolly it litterally just a preference
Simon ( 50902 )
Posted 338 days ago
I'm gay and I'm proud of it
reese ( 87809 )
Posted 346 days ago
I was scared were ever I was a lesbian or not as I dared both gender and still fell Nothing i towords rather gender I need help by it said I was so I'll take that for now
karthick ( 60087 )
Posted 371 days ago
I feel like a same gender if am saw a woman
Dj melodic ( 22762 )
Posted 379 days ago
im bi lol not lesbian , but whatever , i liked the quiz ?
BiUnicorn ( 98291 )
Posted 404 days ago
me and my friends just have this group of our LGBT friends and we just grope each other.. yep i know its weird
Gayyy ( 85926 )
Posted 405 days ago
Gay and proud ๐Ÿ’—es! Tbh I already knew but whatever!