What Warrior Cat are you?

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Hey, AllTheTesters! This is an awesome warrior cat quiz. It doesn't say your Clan or gender, because I dunno about you but I hate it when the quiz is all, "You are a tom!" and I'm like, "WHAT?" And I don't do the Clan because what if you're ShadowClan and the quiz says ThunderClan? I get really aggressive when that happens.

  • 1
    Which best describes you?
    Kind of solitary, but smart.
    Shy, but cheerful.
    Prideful, but for a good reason! I’m awesome!:)
    Kind and calm.
  • 2
    You trip and fall into a mud puddle in front of someone you kind of have a crush on. What happens next?
    You dash away, shouting over your shoulder, “That did not just happen!”
    You act like nothing happened, even though you’re embarrassed.
    You shake off the nastiness, then show off a fancy battle move to distract him/her and prove that you aren’t a total klutz
    If a cat could blush, you would. Then you clean yourself off, cursing inwardly and hoping that this didn’t change his/her opinion of you even though you’re sure it did.
  • 3
    An enemy Clan is attacking! You are:
    Driving away opponents from the leader and your few close friends.
    Knocking down cats left and right virtually unscathed: BOOM! CRASH! GET OWNED, YOU FREAKS!
    Fighting. It's called a battle and eventually I'm beating a lot of cats at once.. Duh...
    Fighting as hard as you can, despite a disability...It sounds like this- Ha! Ow. Yes! Great StarClan, that hurts!
  • 4
    Your thoughts on kits:
    Whatever, they can be cool at times, but I don’t really have a great relationship with the little ones...
    Meh. Distracting and often annoying.
    Oh, I guess they’re ok. They can be fun at times though.
    How can any cat resist them?
  • 5
    Wake up!
    *sits up perkily* Ok the other one was lying but I was definitely awake!
    *yawns* Who, me? I already was!
    Huh? What? Oh, just go away and leave me ALONE.
    DIE! I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP!(not that I’m not already beautiful!)
  • 6
    It’s in the middle of a tough, hungry leaf-bare, and all of a sudden a she-cat staggers out of the blizzard carrying a kit. “Please.” She rasps, “Take care of my kit.” Then she races away, leaving you alone with the kit. What do you do?
    Warm it, feed it, and give it to a nursing queen. You can’t let it interfere with your focus, which is needed for hunting and protecting the Clan.
    Pawn it off to another Clan that you know has a lot of food so you know that it will be safe and well-fed.
    Bring it back to camp and care for it as if it were your own.
    Dash back to camp and say that you rescued it from a fox (you had smelled some fresh fox-scent, so you were just stretching the truth a little...)
  • 7
    NOOOOOOO! A dog is in your territory while you’re out on patrol and is making a beeline for your camp! What do you do?
    First, you send away all the cats who are inexperienced and may get wounded. Then you order the warriors around you to attack!
    You order the patrol to track it and then bound back to camp to warn the leader.
    Tell the other cats to “Get away; I got this” and hope you don’t die...
    You surround the dog and devise a strategy (surround it, take turns attacking it till it runs away, etc.), but just in case make sure a cat is ready to run away for reinforcements.
  • 8
    Your hero is...
  • 9
    What pelt do you like color-wise?
    Dark and shadowy.
    A burning ginger.
    Cloudy white.
    Mottled gold.
  • 10
    This quiz was___________
    Sure, it was cool!
    Awesome and epic! Yay!

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