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Hey Folks!

You must be hearing things like "Let's make a difference", "Change in your hands"etc etc.

Did You know, Less than 30 % of people who talk about Change actually end up doing it!
If you ve made an effort to come here, we see you as a potential doer than a talker.

We love our interns ( See what they have to say about us, http://swasti.org/about-us/testimonials ).

Hence we want to know where you best fit in the Organisation.
You must have taken 'n'number of Facebook quizzes to find your 'future career'/ compatible job' etc etc.

Answer this '10 pack' questionnaire, and unlike what happens there..
We provide you a real opportunity to work with names that you ve probably been dreaming of until now!

Chalo! Shuru Kare.. Kaun Banega Intern? (Who will be our Intern)

  • 1
    What do you think you are best at?
    'Facebooking' ( we 're not kidding)
    Verbal Communication
  • 2
    Your preferred work space
    On Field with people
  • 3
    If asked to design a campaign for a cause, you would
    Use your artistic and design skills to come up with powerful messages ( Image, Video etc.)
    Create a strategy document
    Organize an event
    Create a viral campaign online
  • 4
    Pick one person
    Steven Spielberg
    David Beckham
    Ayn Rand
    Mark Zuckerberg
  • 5
    Among the following, what do you see yourself doing?
    A meeting to plan and develop a campaign before execution.
    Use your social presence to mobilise people for a cause
    A charity drive with your friends
    A painting/ design competition for change
  • 6
    Pick a campaign among the following
    A film festival on 'Social issues'
    A Marathon
    Ice Bucket Challenge
    A Conference consisting of veterans in the sector
  • 7
    Your take on Public service announcement, among the following
    Should be released on social media
    Better scripting
    Better editing
    Need more promotion
  • 8
    What do you prefer ( Be honest, we have requirements of all 4)
    Mostly individual
    A large team
    Flexible ( team & individual)
    A small team
  • 9
    Are you already feeling restless ( Again be honest, we accept people with all the qualities they bring)
    Not Really
    Oh the last question please!
    Wouldn’t mind the next question now
  • 10
    And the Last question!

    You are:-
    Somewhere 60-40 / 40-60 ...
    Introvert for most part
    I swing both ways ;)
    An extrovert totally

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