What Type of Girl are you?

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  • 1
    If you went out to dinner, where would you most likely go and who most likely would you go with?
    Whatever I'm in the mood for; with friends from my talented and gifted art classes
    CiCi's Pizza; with peers from student council for a fundraising event
    Starbucks in/near Books-a-Million; by myself (I'm a loner)
    Wild Wings/Outback; with sports team after a game
    Panera Bread; with my girlfriends
  • 2
    What kind of boy would date?
    Into school and extra-curricular activities (my not have time to date:( )
    Into sports and is competitive
    The hot, popular guy
    Artistic, creative, and funny
    Smart, top of his class (but I typically wouldn't get a date)
  • 3
    What do find yourself doing on yourself during spare class time at school?
    Talking with my BFF's
    Checking out my rival team for my next sport match
    Getting ahead with homework
    Finish writing my campaign speech for a class officer
    Doodling/humming a tune/making a beat with mouth and/or hands
  • 4
    What subject do you enjoy the most st school?
    Any/all art classes
    Science/Math/History/English/Language [core class(es)]
    PE/Sports medicine
  • 5
    What do find yourself doing on your spare time?
    Social networking
    Practicing my sport
    Singing to karaoke videos/drawing/dancing
    Like I really have spare time..... community service?
  • 6
    If you were on a cruise, what would you mostly do?
    Help set-up and work party nights on deck
    Find a good book and read on deck
    Go to the dance party, look at the art gallery, and sing on the karaoke night
    Tan, tan, and look gorgeous in an attempt to attract a guy
    Swim, zip-line, scavenger hunt, and relay races
  • 7
    What would you most likely wear to school?
    Everything matches! Sometimes more fancy, but mainly a T-shirt symbolizing a club and jeans
    As long as its clean and comfy, its mine
    Whatever makes me look pretty, hot, or cute (the latest trends)
    Professional-casual wear
    Something that expresses me that day! (w/ adorable socks!)
  • 8
    What do people mostly see you as?
    Busy, involved with school, and knows everyone at school
    An expressive, artistic person who LOVES some/all forms of art
    Competitive, loud, sporty person who hangs with the guys
    A shy, quiet, person who tends to keep to themselves
    A gorgeous, model-body, happy, person who dates lots
  • 9
    Where do you find yourself at most of the time?
    At a extra-curricular activity
    At school studying getting extra-help or tutoring
    On the sport field/court
    In a theater/art gallery/dance studio
    With my friends probably gossiping (seriously can't help it)
  • 10
    If you ever got in trouble for something at school, what would it most likely be?
    Not attending a club meeting because you had a different club meeting you had to be at
    Not following the dress code (to short skirts, showing too much skin)
    Not being involved enough at school
    Singing/drawing during a non-art class
    Forgetting your sports uniform at home

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